Do You Have To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet In Georgia?

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You must abide by all the rules and regulations when you step foot into a different state.

These could be as major as wearing safety nets in a restaurant’s kitchen or as minor as wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

One of the audience’s most searched questions concerning traffic duties in Georgia is “do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Georgia.”

Like every other state, Georgia has its vehicle code of conduct which prohibits anyone and everyone from riding motorcycles without a helmet.

Unlike certain states in the US, where a helmet is only required if you are under 21, all age groups must wear a helmet in Georgia.

There is no exemption for anyone, even if you have a hefty amount reserved for your medical insurance.

I assure you that once you are done reading this article, you will have much more knowledge about Georgia’s traffic rules and vehicle codes.

So, brace yourselves and wear your helmets while I take you on a ride concerning motorcycle helmet compulsion in Georgia.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws And Rules In Georgia

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One might think that if they are older than 21, they are mature enough to ride a motorcycle while avoiding any injury to themselves or other riders around them. However, Georgians think otherwise.

They are not ready to take the risk due to the increased number of accidents that have taken place in states like Florida after their laws revolving around the exemption of wearing a helmet after the age of 21 if they have a good amount reserved for medical insurance.

All age groups have to wear a helmet no matter what in Georgia. This is what the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards No. 218 say in the Georgian State.

If you are new in Georgia, you must abide by this rule because the penalties in this state are more fierce than in others.

Just like the other states, apart from wearing a helmet, it is also mandatory to wear gear that would protect your eyes. These need to follow the set standards of the Department of Transportation or the DOT.

The fact that this law was released in 1969 and no amendments have been made since then tells us how serious they are about protecting the lives of motorcyclists in Georgia regardless of age.

They are not ready to take the benefit of the doubt.

Motorcycle Helmet Requirements In GA

It has been established that wearing a helmet is necessary for everyone in Georgia. However, you still might find yourself being stopped by the police.

This might be because even if you are wearing a helmet, it does not align well with the DOT standards.

There are certain tests for the helmets which it needs to pass if you want to make sure that no one stops you and you can go on an adventure on your motorcycle.

These tests have been listed down below:

  • The Drop Test: To check how much energy the helmet would absorb if the motorcyclist experiences an accident, the helmet is dropped from 4 different heights. The helmet must pass all the tests.
  • Head-Form Protection Test: In this case, they analyze that if a metal striker is dropped from a height onto the helmet, then would it be able to protect the head form, or would it surpass it, leading to a head injury.
  • Position Withholding Test: A lot of weight is applied to the helmet to see if it would move from its position or not. It will pass the test if it does not move more than 1 cm. In case of accidents, helmets that do not follow the DOT rules tend to displace.

Lastly, to ensure that you do not purchase a fake DOT helmet, you need to buy a helmet with the name of the manufacturer, DOT written behind it, and also the model of the helmet must be mentioned.

Penalties/Legal Consequences

As mentioned earlier, Georgia does not go easy on anyone who does not abide by its set rules and regulations. The consequences are severe in this case, and one is better off adhering to these laws.

In case of penalties, there is no free pass for anyone who did not wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle helmet for the first time. Some states in the US provide this free pass, however.

In case of penalties, you can be given a ticket for anything above $1000. This is for every motorcyclist despite the age group they fall in. If someone takes legal action against you, the severity is different.

In this case, the legal consequences are that you have to spend around one year in jail or do community service. They can ask you to pick up garbage from different sites or other related jobs to serve society.

Insurance Necessary For Motorcyclists

There is a set standard in the case of insurance as well. If you have reserves in your medical insurance for anything below the desired amount, you would have to face the consequences.

If you only want to be insured, you would be charged $25000. In this case, if anything happens to your body during a motorcycle accident, then you will be fully insured in this case.

If you want insurance for all the passengers, say you travel with your family members, it would take around $50,000 to be fully insured.

In this case, if anything happens to you and the passenger riding with you, they will be taken care of.

If you want to get insurance for your vehicle or any property you might be carrying, that will charge you around $25,000. If you encounter an accident and your property gets damaged, you will have nothing to worry about.

Get In Touch With Experienced Motorcycle Attorneys In Georgia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is It Ok To Wear An Open Face Helmet In Georgia?

The main thing that you must keep in mind here is that you need to wear a helmet no matter what.

If you wear an open-face helmet in Georgia, it is necessary for you to wear any gear that would provide your eyes with protection. It is advised to wear a full helmet to avoid any injury, however.

Q2. How Much Is The Fine For Not Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet In Georgia?

Unlike other states in the US, where only a small amount is charged if you are not wearing a helmet, Georgians would charge you an amount near $1000.

This is a lot for something like this, but they take their laws and rules very seriously. If the accident is quite severe, you might even experience a year-long sentence in jail.

Q3. When Did Motorcycle Helmet Become Law In Georgia?

This law in Georgia was passed back in 1996. Ever since that year, the law has not changed about making helmets mandatory for all motorcyclists.

The safety of their citizens is of utmost importance to them. Only additions to the articles have been made, making the rules stricter with every passing day.

Q4. Should Passengers Wear A Helmet In Georgia?

It is absolutely necessary for all passengers to wear a helmet in Georgia if they are riding a motorcycle.

This does not change if you are an adult or a minor. You need to adhere to these rules even if your passengers are fully insured.

Your helmets and the ones worn by your passengers; all need to follow the set DOT standards. Otherwise, you will be pulled over by the cops.

Q5. Are Moped Drivers Required To Wear A Helmet In Georgia?

The Moped drivers in Georgia must be 15 years of age, and it is necessary for them to have a driving license that does not expire.

It is necessary for them to wear a helmet that is DOT approved. However, if the helmets do not have a tag on them, then it is not an issue in this case.

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We can easily conclude that every state in the US has a different law pertaining the motorcycle helmets.

If you have thoroughly read this article, then you will have complete information about the question revolving around “do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Georgia.”

I have even answered some of the most common questions as well so you could have all the information.

Lastly, I’d say please make sure to avoid encountering penalties and legal consequences attached to motorcycle accidents by adhering to these laws to the fullest.

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