Do You Have To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet In Florida?

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Imagine going to Florida and spending less on sightseeing and more on penalties experienced as a result of lack of awareness when it comes to the vehicle code of Florida.

It is absurd to enter a state without knowing the nitty-gritty of its rules and laws. In this case, you are paving your way to facing some serious jail time.

Like any other state, if you are new in Florida, you must ask yourself and the people who have stayed there longer than you that “do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Florida”. This would only save you from injuries and would settle in your favor.

The motorcycle helmet law in Florida clearly states that you need not wear a helmet if you are older than 21 years and have more than $10,000 reserved for your medical insurance.

Anyone below this age has to wear a helmet. Moreover, you need to wear eye protection gear regardless of your age.

If you are completely alien to Florida’s vehicle code, then I suggest you read this article. It would not only tell you about the consequences but also provide a solution in case a traffic police officer is currently charging you.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws And Rules In Florida

Are motorcycle helmets required in Florida? Let's find out

Like every other state, Florida motorcyclists must wear a helmet regardless of age. The parents must make sure that if their kid is riding a motorbike, for his safety, at the very least, he is wearing a helmet.

This way, it would be in his subconscious mind to never miss out on wearing it. However, there is a twist in this case compared to other places, which people tend to take advantage of most of the time.

In Florida, you are exempted from penalties if you are not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle in one particular case.

This condition states that motorcyclists must be over the age of 21 and must have more than $10,000 reserved for their medical insurance.

In some places, it is not even necessary for you to have eye protection. However, in the case of Florida, the rider must wear something to cover their eyes.

This is because the rider’s eyes are at the highest level of risk while riding a motorcycle.

After this law was imposed, where riders above the age of 21 were exempted from wearing helmets, an increase of around 46% in accidents related to motor vehicles were reported.

This means around 400-450 more deaths than what used to take place previously.

This also implies that the riders took the liberty of not having to wear helmets and, as a result, lost their lives. They did not show maturity based on which exemption was offered to them in the first place.

Motorcycle Helmet Requirements In FL

When it comes to wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Florida, it has its fair share of requirements, which if you would not adhere to, then there is no point in buying a helmet in the first place.

Firstly, you must ensure that your helmet meets US DOT standards.

The United States Authority for Transportation has some pre-set laws and standards by which you must abide. These are also called FMVSS or the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

If you want to ensure you do not fall into the trap of fake DOT helmets, try looking for ones with DOT stickers pasted on the back. It is difficult to replicate that sticker, and usually, it indicates originality.

To buy a solid helmet, try to ensure that it weighs around 3 pounds. That is the perfect weight for a helmet. It is neither too heavy nor too light for your head and gives you a good feel.

Avoid helmets that have thin or soft padding on the inside. Rather, buy a helmet with a thick inner lining to provide more room for protection against injury. This goes well with the standards as well.

Penalties/Legal Consequences

You might experience penalties and legal consequences in two cases while riding a motorcycle.

The first case revolves around you not wearing a helmet while riding it. The second case covers you not following the set DOT standards of the helmet while purchasing one.

In 90% of the cases, legal consequences are not taken against those riding motorcycles without helmets in Florida unless a third party has experienced a serious injury.

In most cases, you experience a penalty. The police hold the right to charge you with a ticket.

If legal action has been taken against you during a road accident while riding a motorcycle, you might not get enough claims even if you are a victim.

This might be because you were not wearing a helmet while riding the motorcycle makes you guilty of causing the accident.

If you experienced a penalty for the first time, the court would let you go on one condition. You would have to purchase a helmet and present it in court, costing you somewhere near $15.

All The Vehicles You Do Not Need To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet For In Florida

In Florida, certain vehicles do not require you to wear a motorcycle helmet. These are usually the ones that run at low power. If you are riding a low-power vehicle, even anyone below 18 does not require a helmet.

These low-power vehicles have been listed down below:

  • If your motorcycle has anywhere lower than 2 brake horsepower, it is considered a low-power vehicle, and you need not wear a helmet for it.
  • If you are riding a vehicle that cannot provide you more speed than 25-30 miles per hour.
  • You do not need a motorcycle helmet if the vehicle has a motor less than 50 cubic centimeters.

Get In Touch With Experienced Motorcycle Attorneys In Florida

In case you have encountered a motorcycle accident, you should get in touch with a motorcycle attorney.

They would not only help you in getting out of that terrifying situation but would also help you in increasing the financial claim from the other party.

Some of the most prominent motorcycle attorneys in Florida have been mentioned below:

1. Hog Law

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2. The Fran Haasch Law Group

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3. Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is It Ok To Wear An Open Face Helmet In Florida?

When it comes to the Floridian Vehicle code, they do not have any pre-set rules regarding the open-face helmet.

However, you must protect your eyes while riding a motorcycle. If you wear an open-face helmet, but your eyes are prone to injury, then you will be given a ticket.

Q2. How Much Is The Fine For Not Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet In Florida?

If it is your first time getting a ticket by the police for not wearing a motorcycle helmet in Florida, then you will only be charged $15 for buying a new helmet and getting an exemption.

However, if it is not your first time, you will experience a lot of penalties starting from a ticket of $30 or more followed by $15 and above administrative charges, etc.

This is quite less compared to other states, such as California, with a $250 fine. The fine might vary from situation to situation.

Q3. When Did Motorcycle Helmet Become Law In Florida?

In 2000, Floridians passed the Motorcycle helmet law in which all individuals over 21 were exempted from wearing helmets.

The condition set was that they have more than $10,000 for medical insurance and wear eye protection regardless. All individuals below the age of 21 have to wear helmets no matter what the situation is.

Q4. Should Passengers Wear A Helmet In Florida?

Just like the rider, if the passenger is below the age of 21, they need to wear a helmet and gear to protect their eyes.

If the passenger is an adult, they need not wear a helmet. However, they must have more than $10,000 for medical insurance.

Q5. Are Moped Drivers Required To Wear A Helmet In Florida?

The age criterion tends to change in the case of moped drivers. Moped drivers below the age of 16 must wear a helmet, along with eye protection gear.

However, if they are older than 16, they have an exemption. Just ensure your passenger follows the laws of 21 years and below or above.

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If you have read this article with full attention, you must have all your answers to questions like “do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Florida.” I have tried to cover all the factors in my article.

Try taking preventive measures rather than creating a need to hire an attorney. Even though they prove to be in your favor, this can all be avoided by spending some money on a DOT helmet and wearing it regularly.

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