6 Best Noise Cancelling Motorcycle Helmets

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Riding a bike with way too much noise in your ears can lead to fatigue or hearing loss after the ride. 1 in 10 people of North America has to suffer from permanent hearing damage, but this is preventable.

When buying a good helmet, you not only have to think about which one will keep your head safe, but also if it will help you with the weather, keep your head comfortable and, in this case, also help cancel noise for a more comfortable ride.

Well, fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much because here I have this article on the best noise cancelling motorcycle helmets.

6 Top Rated Quietest Motorcycle Helmets Reviews


Shoei Neotec II Helmet

Shoei Neotec II Helmet

AGV 0100-1622 Flip Up Sport Modular Motorcycle Helmet AGV 0100-1622 Flip Up Sport Modular Motorcycle Helmet


HJC C91 Helmet

HJC C91 Helmet


Bell Bullitt Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Bell Bullitt Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Arai XD4 Helmet Arai XD4 Helmet


1. Shoei Neotec II Helmet

The top product on today’s list is the ShoeiNeotec II Modular Helmet. This is among the top modular helmets in the market up to date, actually one of three top modular helmets in the world right now. This helmet has a shell built out of a fiberglass composite.

In addition, an advanced integrated matrix technology by Schuberth is used in the manufacturing process. This makes the shell extremely strong and durable, therefore able to resist impacts, and is very safe.

Moreover, the lightweight properties of this material will avoid any neck and back strain when taking a ride and after it. The aerodynamic properties of this helmet are also pretty good. The product has some extra ridges as well as a small lip on its back.

This helps make it very aerodynamic as well as stable even when going at highway speeds, keeping your head cool as well as giving the perfect fitting for safety and comfort.

Ventilation ports are placed at the exterior. The ventilation system uses two vents. One of these is placed at the top and another one for the chin. You can open or close the vent on the chin bar however you wish as well as one at the top. It has an amazing modular visor and has a great view field.

In addition, it has an amazing pin lock mechanism, also using a spring to help it seal inside the helmet. Its sun visor can be dropped down and controlled with a slider. According to the rating, this visor is just like sunglasses in reducing UV radiation. The interior also has a liner which is comfortable and very soft. The noise reduction in this helmet is also great.

However, there are some complaints by customers about receiving damaged products in the box.
  • Fiberglass composite material
  • Lightweight
  • Ventilation ports
  • High-end modular visor
  • Great noise reduction
  • Customers received damaged products

Overall, this is one of the best products in the market, and its noise cancellation properties are great.

2. AGV 0100-1622 Flip Up Sport Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Another top helmet is the AGV Sportmodular Modular Helmet. This product is made of carbon fiber, therefore making it very lightweight. Because of this reason, you won’t have to deal with any neck and back strain even after really long ides, which is a big problem with the heavier helmets.

The carbon fiber, even though it is light, is also very strong, therefore making it able to resist impacts really well. The aerodynamic qualities of this product are also pretty good.

The design is actually pretty simple and nothing too fancy. There are two ridges going along the sides, and these develop into a little spoiler at the back. These will regulate the airflow. In addition, for the dynamics, a spoiler is included in the back, and this is moveable.

Therefore you can decide whether to have it open or closed. This product has more of a sporty style, and even though modular helmets don’t usually come in sporty styles, this one does.

An EPS liner is included in the interior, and even the liner is designed in a way to promote ventilation inside. In terms of noise cancellation, this product does a really good job. Even though there are some complaints about it not being that quiet, that is actually due to the fitment.

Therefore it is best to choose the right size for yourself. Two visors are included—a smoked visor and as well as a clear visor. The clear visor is scratched and has a pin lock mechanism.

The visor can be opened in a few different positions, actually. For example, there is a cracked position that will give you some ventilation; however, it is still locked.

Moreover, the liner inside the helmet is made of two materials, a cold and a warm one. The warm one is for colder weather and the cold material to pick up all of the moisture building up in the interior. A tag will also tell you if you’re using the warm side or the cold side, so you can adjust according to the weather.

The issue with this helmet are the complaints about it being too noisy and not a good one at noise cancellation. However, this could be due to the fitting.
  • Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic
  • Noise cancellation
  • Two visors
  • Cool and warm material inside
  • Noisy

With an excellent aerodynamic system and comfortable interior, this product is an amazing pick greatly appreciated by most customers.

3. HJC C91 Helmet

Next up, I have the HJC C91 helmet. This product is built from polycarbonate composite, which is advanced. The shell includes a huge eye-port and is very comfortable, therefore giving you the best experience when riding your bike. The shell is lightweight as well, making it very convenient to use even during longer rides.

Moreover, it has a chin bar made of polycarbonate, which can be released with one button, which makes it so much easier when you’re riding a bike as you can use it using only one hand. In addition, the face shield has a quick release feature and can be easily cleaned and replaced. A pin lock visor is another feature, and this will help to reduce any fogging.

The product also fits really well and has a thicker composition, making it very comfortable to wear overall. The internal lining will wick away any moisture and can be removed to wash as well, therefore keeping the interior cool and clean.

In addition, the helmet has cheek pads that are stick-on, and these are switchable into different sizes if one wishes. What this will do is increase comfort as well as the fit, because of which any disturbing wind will be blocked.

Being DOT approved, this one meets all the required safety standards. An advanced channeling system (ACS) will control airflow as well as take care of any wind noise, therefore keeping the interior quiet. A vent present on the chin bar will help improve airflow across the visor, which will reduce fogging and cool the face down.

However, there are a few complaints about this product being too tight and therefore hurting the head, etc. to avoid this, check your proper size.
  • Polycarbonate composite
  • Lightweight
  • Cheek pads are stick-on
  • DOT approved
  • Quiet interior
  • Too tight

A lightweight, reliable and quiet helmet, this product does not only keep you safe but keeps the head pretty comfortable as well, as long as you get the right size.


This is another modular helmet, well known for its properties for blocking noise. It weighs only 1.63 kgs. Therefore it is very lightweight and will not leave you feeling uncomfortable.

However, this is not at the expense of quality, as it has been certified by both ECE and DOT. It can be used as both an open-faced and a full-faced helmet, whichever you prefer. In the crash test for SHARP, this produced scored five stars.

The chin bar did not move from the right position the whole time. This is proof that the rider will always be protected. This chin bar can be moved if you wish, with two positions, an upper one and a down one. It is best that you use both hands for its chin bar. The locking system for the chin bar will keep it in the right place, ensuring safety.

An Auto-down and Auto up mechanism for the visor will help move it easily to different positions. The design is small and round, as well as aerodynamic. Therefore, it will let the air flow in properly and then reduce any humidity or heat to build up inside of it. This small design will also decrease any wind noise, which will also be blocked using a spoiler at the rear.

A chin curtain that is magnetic will keep all of the noise out as well. The interior has a CoolMax lining which will wrap itself all around the face and the neck. For this reason, wind penetration will be reduced.

Whoever is riding the broke will therefore have a very comfortable experience. An automatic seal system in the face shield will help keep the wind noise out, leading to a quieter ride.

There are not many complaints about this product except it fitting a bit too tight. So you can check this problem before buying.
  • Blocks noise best
  • Strong
  • Aerodynamic
  • Reduces wind noise
  • CoolMax lining
  • A little bit tight

This is another great noise-blocking product on the list, which will not let you down.

5. Bell Bullitt Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Next is the Bell Bullitt full-face helmet. This product is DOT approved. Therefore it meets all of the safety standards required. In addition, it only weighs 3.5 pounds. It comes in different shell constructions, in 3K carbon fiber or a low-profile fiberglass composite, so you can choose whichever you prefer.

A closure system (Double D), as well as a strap that is padded, will help increase comfort. Another feature is the face shield which is flat. This is customizable along with the bubble one. Wind noise will be blocked with the visor, leading to a quieter ride.

However, as there is no rubber seal, you’ll experience a good airflow all on the face, keeping it fresh and cool, especially during the summer. The cheek pads come in many sizes, so, therefore, you can choose whichever fits you the best. These will also help get rid of any wind noise. In addition, speaker pockets will get rid of wind noise which can build up on the ears.

All of this makes the helmet great at blocking sound, therefore a more comfortable ride. Four vents for the forehead as well as an exhaust in the rear area are included. These will channel airflow over the rider’s head and away from ears, keeping everything ventilated inside.

However, there are some complaints about it being too loud. But this could be due to not finding the perfect fit.
  • DOT approved
  • Lightweight
  • Double D closure
  • Blocks all wind noise
  • Cheek pads come in many sizes
  • Loud

Overall, this is another great pick for reducing any sound, leading to a much quieter ride.

6. Arai XD4 Helmet

The last one on the list today is the Arai XD4 Helmet. This product has an oval-shaped shell. His hell is very aerodynamic with an amazing design that lets all the airflow in the interior, leading to a cool ride. The eye port is also pretty large, helping you to see everything clearly and perfectly, having the perfect experience.

In addition, the helmet includes a liner that is very thick and comfortable. This liner helps make the fit even better. Its interior is also designed In a way to keep everything safe. The 5mm side and cheek temple pads are very thick.

These will peel away if you want to customize the interior yourself. In addition, FCS, facial contour support cheek pads are included, which will make the helmet fit perfectly.

Due to this perfect fit, all of the wind noise will be blocked. These cheek pads plus neck rolls are also removable if one wishes. The upper vents have toggle control and are aerodynamic. Moreover, side exhausts on the side have sculpted cowling so that a better airflow will be achieved. This will also help reduce the wind noise.

Not only this, but this product also includes a visor with brown vents, which will help cool the face down without weakening the shell at all. Air channels are present at the EPS liner. These will help get rid of all the moisture that might occur due to sweating etc., in addition.

Heat will also be removed, which will be very helpful in warmer weather. Neck rolls also make the helmet more stable, and these can be removed and washed whenever a person wishes to help keep everything clean.

There are some complaints about this product being extremely uncomfortable to wear, which should be kept in mind.
  • Oval shaped shell
  • Large eye port
  • Block wind noise
  • Facial contour support cheek pads
  • Aerodynamic upper ports
  • Uncomfortable according to some customers

With another great mechanism for ventilation as well as noise cancellation, this product does not fall behind any other today. However, be sure to purchase the perfect fit for your own comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do Motorcycle Helmets Block Out Noise?

Usually, when riding a bike, the wind is pretty harsh as well as the noise on the road. Motorcycle helmets aren’t that good at blocking out noise. There are many soundproof ones available in the market.

However, these, even the best ones, will not block out the noise completely. The noise may be a quitter but not completely gotten rid of. It will also depend on the helmet which you choose.

For example, some helmets will have a whistling sound, and some a wind rushing sound, but the noise will not be 100% removed.

Q2: How Do I Get Rid Of Wind Noise On A Motorcycle Helmet?

The wind whistling in your ears can be very annoying. However, there are some ways to reduce the wind noise greatly.

For example, you could wear earmuffs under the helmets. This is a popular choice, and many bikers like doing this.

Adding some extra padding to your ears may also help block out the wind r noise. You could also insert a piece of fleece or foam.

You can do this around your ears or under the cheek pads to help reduce the wind noise to its maximum.

Q3: How Do Half Helmets Reduce Wind Noise?

Half helmets don’t usually reduce wind noise that much because they are open. However, the wind noise obviously will not be as much as riding without a helmet at all.

Basically, anything which will help to reduce the amount of wind that will enter your helmet will help reduce the noise. As half helmets are half-open, then some of the wind is blocked out, therefore reducing the noise.

The best noise-cancelling helmet, however, would be a full-face helmet, as these will block out the wind completely.

Q4: Why Does My Motorcycle Helmet Whistle?

The wind causes the whistling. It is actually due to the airflow which is above your helmet. The best way to get rid of the whistling is to change the airflow in some way. There are many ways you can do this.

First, you should start changing the airflow in your helmet from this to that to figure out what the problem exactly is.

Another way you could do that is by putting the face shield assembly at the back of the helmet. Then you can use a coin to tighten the screws.

After this, when you reattach the face shield on the helmet, this will now be very tight against the rubber gasket every time you close the shield, and because of this, a lot of the whistling will be reduced.


Wondering about what is the quietest helmet for a motorcycle? Read my blog to discover

I hope you’ve found a product for yourself to help get rid of the annoying noise when riding your bike. Also, make sure to check the durability, road protection, and if it will be a comfortable one to wear.

Considering all of the important factors, I can say that the ShoeiNeotec II Helmet is the best noise cancelling motorcycle helmet.

This is because of the extra material in the neck area and other features which make this so great at cancelling the noise. The other products on the list have also received wonderful feedback and are worth checking out.

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