Is It Safe To Ride A Motorcycle While Pregnant?

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The issue of motorcycle dangers as well as safety is a touchy subject. Many people swear that motorcycles are death vehicles and will never ride one in their lives.

Others, including riders, argue that motorcycles are only as risky as the driver in front of you. Riding a motorcycle while pregnant calls into question the entire concept of motorcycles.

So, is it safe to ride a motorcycle while pregnant? Well, riding a motorcycle while pregnant is very safe. It’s a healthy type of exercise for both you and your child. However, prevent riding a motorcycle during your third trimester since you are more likely to lose your balance.

Read this article to find out the answer to riding a motorcycle while pregnant in a more detailed way to make a safe and reliable decision.

I have also included some frequently asked questions that will help you in the decision-making.

Should Women Ride A Motorcycle While Pregnant?

Learn if it's ok to ride a motorcycle when pregnant or not

You have two beings to contemplate while pregnant: your own and the life of your unborn kid.

Many doctors ponder driving a motorcycle while pregnant as a high-risk action. Riding a motorcycle exerts a lot of stress on your body.

This is because your heart rate increases, your adrenaline, and cortisol levels rise, and your muscles put in the effort to keep you balanced.

This implies you’re placing even more strain on a body that’s already carrying the weight of two individuals.

It is also worth noting that motorcycles are dangerous, as they are involved in more deadly accidents than cars.

Many studies have been done on this subject, and many of them find that motorcycles pose far larger threats than cars which are to all riders and not just pregnant women.

Motorcycles make up merely 3% of registered vehicles in the United States, but they were responsible for 14 percent of all traffic deaths in 2014. And the death toll proceeds to increase.

Motorcycle linked deaths climbed by 58 percent between 2000 and 2014, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System.

You must keep in mind that riding a motorcycle carries the typical dangers, such as getting hit by another vehicle, which could injure you and your unborn child.

However, whether or not you ride a motorbike constantly before becoming pregnant and your level of skill will determine your safety.

How To Sit On A Motorcycle While Pregnant

If, as a pregnant woman, you wish to drive a motorcycle while pregnant, keep in mind that crouching forward is not a good intention at all, and maintaining your body upright is essential for preventing back strain.

However, things can become extra confused during pregnancy. Driving a motorcycle is stable if you start slowly and take precautions, such as adjusting your sitting habit.

When there is no scooter and a bike, numerous working women have no other alternative for getting to work.

So the issue is if riding a motorbike while pregnant is safe, and if so, how can one sit properly on the motorcycle while pregnant.

Because motorcycles lack seat belts and do not have bodies like vehicles, you are extra vulnerable to road lumps and heavy braking.

How Risky Are Motorcycles During Pregnancy?

Much data and research have been conducted on this subject, with the majority suggesting that motorcyclists pose significantly more risks than automobiles. Motorcycles are unquestionably hazardous.

Do not misunderstand, though. I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking. However, you must know that motorcycles are extremely deadly if people are careless, more than any other vehicle.

Motorcycle riding is difficult, with motorcyclist casualties occurring 27 times additional repeatedly than passenger automobile occupant casualties per vehicle mile driven.

Not only do you not have a shielding enclosure, seat belts as well as airbags on them, but some motorbike accidents send riders flying around 20 meters up to 30 meters at 80 kilometers per hour.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), keeps a channel of deadly damage in motor transportation traffic collisions and so on.

11 Tips For Pregnant Women Riding Motorcycles

Below are some of the tips I’d like to share for riding a motorcycle during pregnancy.

1. Protect Yourself By Wearing A Helmet Or Other Protective Equipment

Regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, wearing a helmet is a greatly important aspect you can do whenever riding a motorcycle.

The helmet will keep you safe from head traumas, while the different protection materials and the gear will keep you safe from wounds.

2. Don’t Use The Kickstarter Platform

Using Kickstarter is akin to hard labor, and it may jeopardize your pregnancy. Enlist the help of a companion or household member if necessary.

3. Make Sure You’re Moving At A Good Pace

Restrain the speed level for safety, whether you’re pregnant or not. Furthermore, rising rapidly while pregnant is not advised. Dismissing this reasonable suggestion could endanger both you and your unborn child.

4. Long Rides Are Not Recommended

Long rides can exhaust even the vastly physically capable motorcyclists, especially if they are pregnant. Your back will suffer, and your anxiety level will rise if you sit for long periods.

5. Avoid Traffic Jams

Motorcycles are large and cumbersome. As a result, the longer you’re in a stop-in-go circumstance, the additional endeavor it takes to keep your bike under supervision while you’re stationary.

This type of vigorous exercise that you and your child engage in regularly could endanger you and your kid.

6. On Humps, Take It Slowly

Humps exist to make you go slower. A powerful bumping shake will transpire in a miscarriage if you drive over one at increased speed.

7. Remember To Carry Your Medication And Drink Plenty Of Water

It’s critical to stay hydrated during pregnancy. So, carry a water bottle with you when receiving a pregnancy prescription and maintain your schedule.

8. Request As Well As Receive Assistance

If you’re riding with a group, don’t be afraid to tell them you’re expecting. When people realize you’re with a kid, they’ll be more than willing to assist you for your benefit.

9. Ride As Little As Possible

Staying at home, taking consideration of yourself, and getting some rest is strongly encouraged. Getting off a two-wheeler is frequently unsafe for you and your unborn child. Accept maternity break if you are a working woman.

10. Avoid Congested Areas And Highways

The more time you spend riding in congested areas, the more likely you are to encounter a large number of vehicles as well as people.

On a busy road, any deadly event can occur. To avoid an accident, visit destinations when they are less busy or ride early.

11. Observe All Traffic Signs And Regulations

Follow the regulations of the road and avoid surpassing. To prevent any accident, point your headlights in the right path.

How To Ride Safely With New Technology During Pregnancy

Your smartphone has a lot of intelligence. Your residence is technologically advanced. Your automobile is technologically advanced.

Motorcycle technology has advanced to the point where your favorite ride is now sensible and safer than ever before.

Here are some technological advancements that can make your ride safe and secure:

  • Clothing of airbags.
  • Anti-Lock Braking Systems are braking system that prevents the wheels from locking.
  • Headlights that adapt.
  • Electronic tire pressure monitors are electronic tire pressure monitors that measure the pressure.
  • Clutch and shift are both automatic.
  • Communications between vehicles.

Can You Go Off-Roading While Pregnancy?

The short answer is no. You cannot. Nevertheless, there are lots of ladies who have done so and have had no problems.

Off-roading is regarded as a high-risk action. You might be able to resist any off-roading issues if you drive unhurriedly but ride so sufficiently.

You should also avoid participating in any activity that involves a fraction of jerky and bouncing motions.

You need to note that off-roading, even at modest speeds, might put your pregnancy at risk, which is certainly something no one wants to go through.

Off-roading is not inherently risky. If you’re still thinking of getting on off-road, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor beforehand.

There are other aspects to evaluate, including your pregnancy’s health, your fitness, and any hazards related to your pregnancy.

However, if not everyone who has gotten on off-roading at the time of being pregnant has had no problems does not imply you should put yourself or your kid in danger.

Some Measures For Pregnant Women While Off-Roading

You should put up with exceptional measures if you choose to get on off-roading while pregnant. These extra steps will not ensure your or your baby’s safety, but they will assist in keeping you safe.

So with that being said, here are some tips that you should keep in mind while going off-roading while pregnant:

  • Proceed with caution.
  • Make certain that your car has doors.
  • Open your windows or turn on the air conditioning.
  • Make sure you’re prepared for anything.
  • Off-roading races should be avoided.
  • Steep paths should be avoided.
  • Avoid roads with a lot of bumps or that are uneven.

Is It Okay To Ride A Four Wheeler While Pregnancy?

ATVs, four-wheelers as well as dirt bikes should all be resisted at all costs.

Off-road driving in these types of automobiles is extremely perilous for anyone, whether you are pregnant or not. They lack doors, a roof, as well as a roll cage for this reason.

All of these safety elements, however, are included in an automobile to conserve the passengers safe.

To safeguard yourself as well as your unborn child, it is recommended that you prevent certain driving types of motorcycles while pregnant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can Ride On A Motorcycle Cause Miscarriage?

Well, riding on a motorcycle while pregnant is not going to cause a miscarriage.

However, it is worth noting that in the vast majority of situations, doctors will advise that motorcycling is harmful to the baby. The chance of falling as well as injuring yourself is too significant.

Q2. Can A Bumpy Ride Affect Pregnancy?

According to many researchers, speed bumps can result in mild brain damage in fetuses, abnormal fetal heart rates, abdominal discomfort, uterine contractions, increased uterine activity, as well as many other issues if motorcycles are ridden over quickly.

Q3. How Long Can I Ride A Bike While Pregnant?

Leah Keller, who is known to be a certified personal coach as well as the creator of Every Mother, reminds us that biking is a safe, low-impact cardiovascular exercise that may be appreciated throughout pregnancy.

If you prefer to commute by bicycle, there’s no requirement to adjust your fitness program. However, many doctors recommend stopping riding a motorcycle during your third trimester.

Q4. Can I Ride On The Back Of A Motorcycle While Pregnant?

Yes, you can. If you follow correct sitting standards, you can sit in the rear. Although it is not suggested to ride a bike when pregnant, if it is necessary, avoid driving alone.

Establish a pillion seat on the backside for your bump’s security. This will allow you more room to move around as well as protect your baby bulge from any accidents.


Pregnancy is a wonderful moment to spend with the family and appreciates as well as celebrates their company.

When it comes to the subject of: is it safe to ride a motorcycle while pregnant, you should know that it is safe, but not without dangers.

To protect you as well as your unborn child carefully and healthily, the most important aspect is to stay secure and at peace, as well as follow the guidelines mentioned in the article.

It is a frequent misunderstanding that riding a motorcycle and scooter while pregnant is dangerous.

Riding a bike is safe if you ride it unhurriedly and carry safeguards like changing your sitting habit. In addition, follow your doctor’s instructions.

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