7 Scooters That Look Like Motorcycles

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There was a time when scooters were considered a safe ride, but motorcycles always had the upper hand in style and making more purchases. It was always a standard of choice for teenagers and unmarried folks.

But as safety has become the priority of everyone, scooters have become a more popular choice. One of the biggest selling points is the new style of these scooters now.

Scooters which looks like motorcycles have begun to make more sales than a motorbike themselves, this is because the scooter itself is very reliable in terms of safety as it is auto geared, is more fuel-efficient, and it is self-starting, and has a four-stroke engine.

Here is the list of scooters that look like motorcycles:

  1. Honda Silverwing
  2. Yamaha Tmax 500
  3. Kymco Myroad 700i
  4. Aprilia RS50
  5. Suzuki Burgman 650
  6. Gilera GP800
  7. Piaggio MP3 Sports Scooter

There is a distinct difference between a motorbike and a scooter. To make a better and correct choice on what motor vehicle you should purchase, you should be able to tell the difference between the two.

This article will discuss the scooters that are much like motorcycles and should be considered for purchasing.

List Of The Scooters That Look Like Motorcycles

Find out what a scooter looks like a motorcycle for adults

Over the years, it was observed that youngsters, teenagers, and adults were more attractive to motorcycles because of their heavier and chunky curves.

However, keeping in mind the safety scooters provides, companies have made more rugged-looking scooters for youngsters and teenagers.

If you are someone who likes the way motorcycles look and also are concerned about your safety, here are a few scooters you need to look into.

1. Honda Silverwing

One of the fastest maxi-scooter is manufactured by Honda named as the Honda Silverwing. It is not just about the looks of this scooter, which appears more like a motorbike.

It was launched in 2001 and still has an amazing motor vehicle reputation. The first reason to consider this scooter is that it can go from 0mph to 60 mph in about 8 seconds and has a top speed of 105 mph.

It is one of the largest scooters on the market with a 4 valve engine of 582cc. Even though it has the looks and ruggedness of a motorcycle, it has a windshield, tail lights, headlights, and even side mirrors for the safety and protection of the operator.

Lastly, another selling feature is fuel-efficient and does not tire the operator on a longer route.

2. Yamaha Tmax 500

This Yamaha Tmax 500cc scooter can easily be mistaken for a motorbike because of its curvy body and its power.

When riding this bike, the twin-cylinder engine churns up to 40bhp, making it a comfortable ride from city to city, even in a red traffic zone.

The manufacturer enlarged the engine and made another model of 530cc scooter as well. This one has all the characteristics of a motorcycle but is still a safe and secure scooter.

The fuel capacity of this scooter is 14L which makes it very fuel-efficient. It can go about almost 157miles with a top speed of 110mph.

It has a base for easy foot support and a windshield protecting its operator from all the pollution and dirt.

With automatic transmission and a smooth ride, Yamaha Tmax 500 is rounding up to be the best scooter that looks like a motorcycle.

3. Kymco Myroad 700i

At the start of 2014, an all-new maxi-scooter was launched. It looked like a motorbike, but when the features were revealed, it was a scooter with a 699.5cc parallel twin electric with electric suspension damping adjustment.

It is available in white and black color, making it a very eye-catchy motor vehicle. This was a new era for scooters as this motor vehicle had all the deal-breakers, such as the ABS braking system, a keyless ignition, and a speed that tops at 155mph.

Even though it was all sporty and rugged, as everyone likes a motorbike bit, its safety features were also top of the line, making it among the best touring motorcycles. It was a dream comes true for all motorcycle enthusiasts.

4. Aprilia RS50

This single cylinder sports moped is nothing one would hope for a scooter to be. It has an aggressive-looking style and even a more aggressive drive as it was a born racer.

With a restricted top speed of 50km/h and a nonrestricted top speed of 105km/h, this is the fastest sports scooter ever made.

This 2006 launched scooter model can be identified as a motorbike, even by motorcycle enthusiasts.

The transmission of this scooter is with a wet clutch as a 6-speed option, with liquid cooling features. The colors of the bright sports enhance the look it comes in.

It is a more advanced 998cc engine scooter. This scooter is a sports bike rather than a sports moped and is being used in local races and cruising.

5. Suzuki Burgman 650

This high wind shielded scooter is an amazing luxury-filled scooter for daily commute. This fancy all-new luxury super large-scoot has an automatic gearbox with a continuously variable transmission.

Furthermore, this scooter can go 1/4 mile in about 16seconds. A motorcycle enthusiast would drool over this scooter as well.

With a 638cc parallel-twin engine with a 54bhp, it has a top speed of 110mph with a tank range of 130 miles. There is no comparison between its luxury and its fuel efficiency.

When it comes to the safety features, it has a seat height of 755mm, which has a wide base for foot support, an ABS braking system, and front automatic suspensions.

According to the owner’s reliability rating, this scooter has been rated 4.5 out of 5.

6. Gilera GP800

A sport bike, one would say, this scooter is pushing all the boundaries of being an amazing motor vehicle with a bigger V twin engine of 839ccthat can reach up to 120mph in seconds.

Even so, it has good stability and control. The scooter has sporty lines that give it a new look of a sporty motorbike or a sports bike.

Some say this 2007-born scooter is somewhat between the lines of a scooter and motorcycle. It has an electric starting which takes the bike 1/4 mile in about 11.1 seconds.

Even though the bike is lightweight, it is one of the best scooters for cruising or taking long-distance commutes.

7. Piaggio MP3 Sports Scooter

In 2021 an all-black matt Piaggio was launched with all the amazing features you could desire to ride your motorcycle.

It is a little too enthusiastic about having a 3-wheeled scooter with an mp3. But when it comes to its features, there is no way one could easily guess it is a scooter instead of a motorcycle.

The all-new scooter had a 4 valve engine of 493cc, which has an electric start and automatic dry clutch for transmission.

Other than that, it has an ABS braking system and ARS. The scooter is all for it in terms of safety, but it can have a top speed of 90mph with 25 horsepower.

The above-mentioned motor vehicles are scooters which are also termed maxi-scooters that have larger engines and more features than any scooter could ever have.

How Does A Motorcycle Differentiate From A Scooter?

Motorcycles and scooters are both motor vehicles that have become a practical and more popular choice for daily commute.

For a customer to make a well-informed decision, he or she must understand the basic differences between these motor vehicles.

Motorbikes look more rugged and curvy, for starters, whereas scooters are sleek-looking small, simple vehicles.

Therefore the eye catches motorcycles before it can even acknowledge a scooter.

  • Motorcycles have two wheels in general, but some motorbikes have three wheels. On the other hand, a scooter will always have two wheels.
  • Motorcycle engines start from 125cc to 250cc commonly. The most common engine for a scooter is 50cc, whereas a 1500cc engine is a rare find. There are new scooters with an engine of 250cc and look like motorcycles.
  • The tires of motorcycles help them accelerate and operate on different terrains. The common tires are 70 inches with a broad wheelbase. On the other hand, scooters have a short wheelbase and small tires.
  • On a scooter, there is a base where the operator can easily put down their feet during the commute, while when it comes to motorcycles, the operator has to keep his or her legs on the side to easily maneuver brakes and change manual gears. This makes the travel on a motorcycle a little tiresome.
  • The basic operation of a motorcycle includes changing gears along with pressing the clutch when slowing down, but when it comes to a scooter, you do not have to worry about clutch, gears, and even slowing down for a different accelerated speed. This is because all scooters are auto-geared.
  • A motorcycle is considered a heavy-weight vehicle that is not easy to control when in motion. A safer option is a scooter, a lightweight motor vehicle that can be easily controlled.
  • For motorcycles and scooters to be driven legally, they should have tail lights, headlights, directional signals, and even side mirrors.
  • Both motor vehicles have 4-stroke engines. For motorcycles, it was mandatory.
  • One of the perks of owning a motorcycle was that you could drive it on the freeways and highways because of its large engine and heavyweight, but now the new scooters can also be driven on these routes.

Safety should always be the priority in manufacturing a vehicle or operating a vehicle. Similarly, motorcycles are seen as masculine and rugged rides, but they lack safety.

So when bikes are compared to scooters, they will always be the second option in terms of safety features.

Why Choosing Scooter Over A Motorcycle?

There are still enthusiasts that would go for a motorcycle rather than a scooter because the aura of a motorcycle is more attractive to them.

But the thing the one should be concerned the most is about their safety and the safety of others riding with them.

Here is why scooters are a better option than motorcycles:

  • Scooters are lighter than motorcycles, so they are easily maneuvered and controlled even at higher speeds.
  • Scooters are fuel-efficient and will make fewer fuel stops than motorcycles.
  • Riding a motorcycle requires continuous changing of gears, clutch, and even brakes, which requires feet on the side.
  • While riding a scooter, you can relax your feet on the base and enjoy an auto-geared ride.
  • Scooters are safe as they have SBD, ARS, windshields, and ease of maneuvering.

I hope I was able to share some useful pointers about why scooters are better than motorcycles. So if you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you can purchase a maxi-scooter mentioned in the section above.


Motorcycles and scooters are both excellent options for the commute but what makes scooters better is the feature of safety.

New latest models of scooters have the outlook of a motorcycle, such as heavy engines, more speed, and even a rugged style to start with.

Scooters that look like motorcycles are the new popular motor vehicles because they have the ruggedness and the chunkiness of a motorcycle that all the youngsters like.

Moreover, it has the safety features that make you less prone to accidents and injuries. These are known as maxi-scooters and are practical, reliable, and highly fuel-efficient.

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