How To Get A Motorcycle License In New Jersey

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The reason why you need to have a license is, it lets people know that you are qualified to ride a motorcycle. It acts as a way to prevent inexperienced people from riding on the roads.

Most motorcycle licenses are earned through the same steps. The methods and details of these steps may have differences in them. This is why you need to learn how to get a motorcycle license in New Jersey.

The entire process revolves around you applying for a license and then passing all the required tests. You must do all this at the MVC, ensuring you have the correct age and documents.

If, for any reason, you are still confused, this is your sign to read the article till the conclusion. This will ensure you are well-versed in everything you need to get a motorcycle license.

Motorcycle License Requirements In New Jersey

What are the requirements to get a motorcycle license in NJ? Learn from my in-depth guide

Since each state has its variety of rules and regulations, you should be aware of the entire process in your state.

The first bit of information you should start with is how you can approach the process according to your age then you can proceed with the rest of the activities.

Knowing Your Age

You will need to know your age to apply for the correct process. This part is crucial simply because New Jersey has different processes for different ages.

Here are the age categories that you should be aware of:

Age 17 And Below

This category of ages should be able to apply for a license, but this will have a few restrictions.

Below are the documents that you should have ready:

  • You will need to provide a document to show your identification. This can be done with your ID card.
  • Provide a document detailing your place of residence.
  • Have a signed and written consent form from a parent or guardian.
  • Have motorcycle course completion documents.
  • If you did not apply for a basic motorcycle course, then you should bring your MVC Permit.
  • You may also be required to give your place of study, if any.

Age 18 And Above

18-year-olds will be given a chance to earn an unrestricted motorcycle license.

Here are the documents you should have if you are aiming for that license:

  • Show your identification. This can be done with your ID card.
  • Provide a document detailing your place of residence.
  • Your legal status.
  • Motorcycle course completion documents.
  • Your MVC permit if you did not apply for a basic motorcycle course.

Types Of Motorcycle Licenses

There are three types of licenses that you should be aware of. Apart from this, you should also know the difference between them and a learner’s permit.

I will explain all three of them here:

Type 1: Learners Permit

This permit allows you to drive your motorcycle even if you do not have a license.

It is different from a restricted motorcycle license in its purpose; to help you learn the ropes of a motorcycle. You will have this for a limited time before it expires.

Type 2: Restricted License

You can have this license for more than six months; however, there are a few drawbacks. For starters, you will undoubtedly have a set of limitations that will influence how you drive the motorcycle.

These can be either time limitations or you being forced to drive with a passenger. This passenger should be above 21 years old and have a valid and unrestricted license.

Type 3: Unrestricted License

These licenses have no restrictions on them whatsoever. They are the ideal license that you should aim to achieve.

This is because they do not stop you from driving at certain points of the day or force you to have a passenger.

How To Apply For Your New Jersey Motorcycle License

The first step to getting a motorcycle license is to apply for one. This can be done with a simple trip to the MVC.
You will have to go and do so personally otherwise it will not be done.

Step 1: Get A Driver’s License

  • The first threshold you need to pass to get a motorcycle license is getting a standard driver’s license.
  • This will also depend on many of the points mentioned above. Make sure to go through them again if you need a reminder.
  • There are two ways you can precede without getting a driver’s license.
  • The first way is to get a motorcycle permit.
  • The other way is to enroll yourself in a basic motorcycle riding course.
  • If you end up going for the driver’s license, you will have to pass a series of tests mentioned below.
  • Once you pass those tests, you will be awarded your driver’s license.

Step 2: Testing For Your Motorcycle License

You will also have to go through a few tests if you want to get your motorcycle license. Here are the tests you should expect.

1. Motorcycle Vision Test

The vision test is a standard eyesight test that will assess your seeing capabilities. You will need 20 out of 40 visions to pass this test. Additionally, you will be tested on how far you can see down range.

If you fail on your first attempt, then do not worry. You can get another chance if you come back with proper spectacles or glasses. These must be officially provided to you by a doctor.

2. Motorcycle Written Test

The next step you will have to deal with is giving the written motorcycle test. This test comprises 25 multiple-choice questions.

You will have to answer at least 20 questions right to pass the test. This test usually talks about the rules and regulations of the road in the state.

Your best bet to prep for this test is by going through the motorcycle manual provided by the state.

3. Motorcycle Road Test

The final test that you will have to pass is the road test. This will assess your road skill and finesse.

You will be asked to carry out a series of tasks on a course or public roads. These tasks include turning, accelerating, braking, U-turns, and swerving.

To prepare for this test, you should practice a lot while you have a learner’s permit. If you do not have a learner’s permit, then you can practice on private grounds.

Step 3: Collecting Your Paperwork

Now that the hard parts of your motorcycle license quest have passed, all that is left is to carry out the cleanup. This comes in the form of paperwork.

You will have to collect all of your documents that the office is willing to give back. You might also be asked to fill out further documents.

Step 4: Go To Your Local Driver’s License Office

Once all the paperwork is done, you will want to return to the license office. Over there, you will want to clear all your dues. Pay all your fees, and you should get your license within 2 to 3 weeks.

Ways To Get A Motorcycle Endorsement In NJ

The way to get a motorcycle endorsement is roughly the same as getting a motorcycle license.

Here is how you can get one:

Step 1: Register For An Endorsement

Go to the MVC and apply for an endorsement. You will want to have most if not the same documents mentioned above. You will also want to bring some cases for the fees.

Step 2: Carry Out The Tests Or Other Requirements

You must carry out all the tests mentioned above for this next phase. You can skip all tests if you have taken a basic motorcycle course.

Step 3: Collect Your Endorsement

Once all your tests have been cleared, you will have to return to the office and pay all of your fees. You will then be given your endorsement within a week or so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Long Will It Take To Get A Motorcycle License In New Jersey?

You can immediately go towards getting your license if you have a permit. If everything goes smoothly, you should have your license within 20 to 30 days.

Alternatively, if you do not have a driver’s license, you will be looking at 3 to 6 months before you can get one.

Q2: How Much Will It Cost To Get A Motorcycle License In New Jersey?

Assuming you go the traditional route and apply for tests, you will have to pay a series of fees. The fees for the tests aside, you will need to pay $24 for your license.

This is the same for an endorsement. You will have to pay a lot more if you go towards a basic motorcycle course.

Q3: Should I Have A License To Ride A Motorcycle In New Jersey?

The state of New Jersey has no exceptions regarding motorcycle licenses. This means you are required by law to have one every time you drive your motorcycle.

Failure to do so will result in issues with law enforcement. This can result in fines and even the impoundment of your motorcycle.

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A lot of people are aware of the general basics when it comes to how to get a motorcycle license in New Jersey.

With that being said, they lack the knowledge of the smaller details. With the help of this article, you should be able to get the most out of your time and effort.

This will allow you to get the information you need to easily get your license. The rest is up to you now. Make sure you practice and refer to this article if you forget anything or need a refresher.

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