How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Ride A Motorcycle?

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Are you intrigued by motorcycles but unsure where to begin? Most people underestimate how simple it is to learn to ride a motorcycle.

Motorcycles aren’t these massive, complicated things that necessitate a high level of expertise to operate. They’re just motorized bicycles that anyone can learn to ride.

If you have learned to ride a bicycle, then learning to ride a motorcycle would not be difficult for you because you know how to balance yourself on it.

But how long does it take to learn how to ride a motorcycle? Learning to ride a motorcycle is not a difficult task if you put your all into it. There are some things you might want to focus on, though, such as balance is key, then you’ll need to learn how to control the gears and the speed and especially the brakes and how to take turns. It depends on one ability to determine how long it will take since every individual is different.

In this guide, I will help you know all the basics and the important things you need to know about how to ride a motorcycle, so make sure to read until the end so you can master your motorcycle skills.

There is also a frequently asked question column at the bottom of this article, so make sure not to miss out.

How Long Does It Take To Learn? Is It Hard To Ride A Motorcycle?

Is driving a motorcycle hard? Let's find out

In less than a week, you can become a motorbike rider. Many people can understand riding a motorcycle in a matter of hours.

However, every individual is different, and it depends on one’s ability to understand. It takes just a couple of hours, while for others, it can take days, weeks, and even months.

However, you must know that the fundamentals of riding a motorcycle and riding on two wheels, in general, are usually the simplest aspects to master.

You are also good to go if you know how to ride a bicycle already, as it will be easier for you to balance yourself.

After that, you’ll need to figure out where the controls are and how to utilize them. Some people may struggle if they have never driven a manual transmission automobile before.

Still, it normally takes anywhere from a quarter to a few hours to become acclimated to the controls. The supervision of the various motorcycles is quite consistent.

As a result, after you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’ll be able to ride various motorcycles without having to relearn anything.

You must know that low-speed maneuvers, tighter curves, u-turns, and figure eights are some of the aspects that may take you a lot more time to master. But you should prepare yourself and know about these things beforehand.

Another major thing you must keep in mind is that preparing yourself mentally is important. This is because soon you will start riding on the road in traffic, so being fully aware and how to handle things is important.

When It Comes To Learning, Where Should You Start?

First and foremost, you must understand the fundamentals of how your motorcycle operates. Where can you find all the controls, and what do they do?

Here I will be mentioning some of the most crucial controls of the motorcycle so you can have a better idea.

1. Clutch

You must understand how to utilize the clutch correctly. The left-hand lever operates the clutch on the handlebar’s left side.

2. Throttle

The right hand is in charge of driving the throttle. Merely rotate the throttle control toward you to clear the throttle.

3. Brakes

The front and rear brakes will be present on most motorcycles. The right-hand lever is used to immerse the front brake.

With the right foot, the back brake is activated. A lever located near the right front footpeg should control the rear brake.

4. Gear Shifter

On the left side of the motorcycle is the gear shifter. Close to a footpeg, you can consecutively change gears. You must know that the middle of the first and second gear is neutral.

How To Ride A Motorcycle Safely

Because riding a motorbike is inherently dangerous, it is critical to understand how to do so safely.

When riding, make sure you always wear protective gear and enroll in an MSF lesson to learn in a safe and controlled environment.

Once you have your license and are ready to ride on your own, practice a lot and never attempt to go above your ability level or keep up with quicker riders.

Speed and abilities will come with time and experience; for now, just get as much time in the seat as possible.

It is also important to note that you must avoid riding in the dark or bad weather and improve your skills until you believe you are more competent on the bike.

If you think you’d benefit from some further riding classes once you receive your license, go ahead and sign up for them; there’s no such aspect as too much learning.

Remember to ride like you’re invisible and conserve a safe distance from other vehicles while on the road for the first time.

Motorcycle riders are the most vulnerable to distracted automobile drivers, so be sure to ride defensively and remain vigilant.

Keep your distance and always make sure to keep your eyes peeled in traffic, particularly at busy crossings.

If you’re scheduling a lengthier ride or even a weekend expedition, keep your daily travels low, frequently stop, and stop every 100 miles to minimize exhaustion for your safety.

Tips To Help You Learn Better And Ride Safely

  • Make sure to get a proper learner’s permit before going out on the road. This is an eye exam as well as a written test. Make sure to pass it, so you are allowed to ride your motorcycle. This may differ depending on where you reside.
  • If you are riding for the first time, you need to choose the right motorcycle. It is highly advised to avoid the BMW 1250 GS and the Harley Davidson motorcycles.
  • Always start with a small motorcycle such as Yamaha TW 200 and the Honda CB 300 F.
  • Always wear the proper safety gear because it is highly likely to get injured on a motorcycle while you are learning. Even after you are a pro at riding a motorcycle, be sure to wear safety gear.
  • Always start by riding the motorcycle on private property. It is best to practice as much as you can away from the traffic to fake your time with things and get a better hang of it.
  • It is said that learning to ride a motorcycle is not difficult for those who have ridden a bicycle. You will be able to balance yourself easily that way.
  • Learn about all the controls and how to operate them before you start riding on the motorcycle. You need to recognize where all the components are placed and how and when to use them while riding. This will enable you to learn much more quickly as well as easily.
  • Once you have mastered everything, know how to balance yourself, know about all the controls, learn at a private place as well as have the proper gear, then you can start navigating through the traffic.
  • This might be challenging and scary at first, but you can still take your time with it. Be sure to ride where there is little traffic to build up your confidence.
  • Even if you have started riding and are comfortable enough, it is still highly recommended to take some time out of your body day and practice as much as you can. This way, you will be able to learn new skills and tricks and master yourself in motorcycle riding.

What Should You Not Be Doing While Riding A Motorcycle?

When you are riding a motorcycle, you need to avoid certain things that can put you or others on the road in danger.

Some people might not even realize some things they are doing are incorrect because they never got to study about it.

You need to check your motorcycle every time before and after the ride; check for worn-out wires, tire pressure, check the oil.

Be sure to always ride with a motorcycle license. If another rider is tailgating, then it is best to let them pass through; do not brake check them.

Moreover, it is highly advised not to ride behind the limits as that can cause serious accidents on the road.

Besides that, drinking and riding is the worst thing one can do, so always avoid it no matter how good of a rider you think you are.

It is also worth mentioning that there are certain things you need to make sure are always working smoothly before riding, and they are; tires, suspension, fluid level, belt, chain as well as brakes, lights, indicators, and lastly, steering.

This is advised to be done every time before riding. Also, make sure you are not riding when you are sleepy, tired, or angry. Keep these in mind so you can ride safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is It Hard To Learn To Ride A Motorcycle?

Learning to ride a motorcycle is far less difficult than most people believe. Following that, you’ll need to learn how to handle the gears and speed, as well as how to turn and brake properly.

Don’t worry if you haven’t tried a motorcycle before. It does not take long to master the balance.

Q2. How Long Does It Take To Get Comfortable Riding A Motorcycle?

After learning the fundamentals, it normally takes a few months of regular riding before you feel confident in your abilities to control and handle the motorcycle.

Depending on how frequently you go on a ride, though, this procedure can take up to 1 or 2years.

Though you must also keep in mind that larger, more potent motorcycles might be daunting at first, and it takes time for a rider to get used to them.

Q3. Can I Teach Myself To Ride A Motorcycle?

It’s possible to learn to ride a motorcycle on your own. Many motorcycle riders, in fact, have self-taught themselves how to ride a motorcycle.

Although anyone can learn to ride a motorbike on their own, it is recommended that they take motorcycle riding classes and work with a mentor or teacher.

Q4. How Should A Beginner Ride A Motorcycle?

For a beginner, it is necessary to learn all the basics and the complicated stuff before riding. There are certain things that a rider must follow, and that usually consists of gearing up to avoid the dangers of the road.

These include; choosing the right motorcycle, learning the fundamentals of the motorcycle, such as brakes, taking turns, and so on, knowing about the clutch and throttle and lastly practicing as much as possible until the rider is comfortable enough.

Q5. How Do I Get Over My Fear Of Riding A Motorcycle?

There are various things you can do to get over your fear of riding a motorcycle. Make sure that you take the proper riding courses that teach you all the important things.

Always have the proper gear with you. Practice as much as you can so you can get familiar and comfortable with the motorcycle.

Learn how you can deal with the fear you have, have the proper and positive mindset, make sure to adapt to all the good habits and always be sure not to overdo it.


So there you have it, I hope you got the answer to the question of how long does it take to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

You can apply the tips as well as some steps I included in this article to help you learn in a better way and learn quickly as well.

However, it is best to take your time with the whole process of learning and enjoy it because if you put too much pressure on yourself or overdo it, you can end up making a lot of mistakes and not follow some steps as you should be.

This can also be quite risky on the road, so make sure to drive responsibly and safely.

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