Is The Motorcycle Test Hard? How Hard Is That…

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Before you start your travels on the motorcycle, everyone must pass the permit test. It is similar to the one you would give for a car, but there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

You might have many questions related to the test, especially if it is your first time. You must know that preparing everything and following those tips is the first thing you should be doing.

Now here comes the most important question that everyone asks: is the motorcycle test hard? Well, no, it is not. The difficulty level mainly depends on the amount of time you spend studying and preparing yourself for the test.

Plus, practicing daily can also improve your skills. If you are prepared well, it will be easy for you to pass the permit and the riding test.

If you want to learn and pass the test, keep reading because I’ll give you some advice to help you prepare better. I’ll also include a section with frequently asked questions so you’ll be well-informed.

How Hard Is The Motorcycle Test?

Is taking motorcycle test easy to pass? Let's find out

According to some, passing the motorcycle test is an easy task, whereas it can be quite challenging for some.

However, it is worth mentioning that the motorcycle test can be more difficult than the writing test for cars.

But this does not mean that you cannot pass it. With the right preparation and the proper guide, you will be able to ace it right away.

Besides that, you must know that you can get a really helpful book from the DMV, including all important material that will help you prepare and have a clear understanding of what might appear in the test.

Make sure you read the DMV book regularly and practice as well. It is also worth noting that each state will provide you with a different type of test.

This is why you must look for a practice test from the state you are from, just so you do not end up preparing for something you have no idea about.

What Exactly Does A Motorcycle Test Entail?

If you are going to give the test for the first time, you might not know what the motorcycle test is like. To begin, you must come prepared with all the important documentation.

The documents are necessary because your examiner will ask you about them before the test. You will be asked to give two main tests, first will be the permit test and then the riding test.

When it comes to the riding test, one of the most important things you must know is that the examiner, before starting the test, will ask you certain questions related to the motorcycle.

This means that they can ask you about the front brakes or the rear brakes, left or right turn signals, the gear shift peg, the clutch lever, and so on.

The examiner mainly wants to see if you have the ability to identify certain areas and components of the motorcycle or not.

Besides all that, the examiner will be walking alongside you while you are riding the motorcycle. You will also be riding through cones in a slalom and figure-eight course.

Other than that, exercises consist of walking and riding U-turns and the use of motorcycle stands.

Advice For The Written Motorcycle Test

Many people do not take standardized tests when it comes to giving tests. It is important to mention that it is not unusual for someone to feel worried, tense, or even scared about taking a written test.

Some people might be able to do well in the road test while others in the written test.

However, the purpose here is to provide readers with a couple of tips about how to put up with a written test to lessen as well as eliminate the test-taking anxiety.

So with that being said, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you take a good full night’s sleep a day before the exam, so you do not feel tired.
  • Prepare yourself beforehand by fixing a date and making sure to appear on that certain date.
  • Do not panic! When the test appears in front of you, make sure to take your time by breathing. You must calm your nerves, so you do not feel anxious or nervous when you look at the test.
  • One of the oldest tricks is that if you feel like you are getting stuck on a certain question, do not waste your time and energy on it. Instead, move on to the next questions. You can do this repeatedly and come over to those problematic questions at the end.
  • If you see questions that are hard to answer, you can always maneuver through the test to find hints which might help you remember.
  • To limit your answer to a positive guess, try following the procedure of elimination. You can frequently reduce responses to 50-50 likelihood. While this isn’t favorable, it’s preferable to a 1 in 5 possibility because some responses aren’t ruled out.
  • The last and one of the most important tips is that do not pressure yourself into passing the test on the first try.
  • If you do pass, then that is great, but if you do not, then it is okay because you can appear again. Did you know that in Indiana, you can appear for the test after 24 hours of waiting?
  • This is for your betterment because now you will be sufficiently prepared as you have got the experience already.

These tips will help you mentally and physically prepare yourself for the test, so be sure you keep them in your mind when appearing and follow them step by step as well.

What To Expect During Your Motorcycle Riding Exam

Well, now that you have a clear understanding of the permit written test, you should also know about the riding test.

This is said to be one of the scariest tests out of the two. It is mainly because you will have to apply and present your riding skills to the examiner to pass it.

You will also have to show the techniques you understood in your written test.

It is worth noting that the most common things you will be doing in your riding test include the brake levers, changing the gears, idling, as well as the following distance.

Do keep in mind that you might be doing it in front of multiple examiners, so make sure that you follow all the steps as they should be and avoid accidents.

You should take your time with things you are uncertain about. After all, it will be your first time giving the test.

Advice For The Motorcycle Riding Test

Before I start, you must know that every state will have different requirements and rules for the riding test. Just make sure you are practicing for the state you are from.

The purpose here is to provide you with a clear knowledge of things you should expect during the test and to help you feel less anxious.

So with that being said, here are some tips you should know about:

  • On your test day, it is best to show up at the center early. It will help calm down your nerves because you will be getting familiar with the place, plus you might also get done with the test early.
  • It is suggested that if you get nervous easily, you can start walking around the center if you show up early. It will give you a sense of relief and build more confidence for the test.
  • If you are giving the test for the first time, then make sure you know all the skills that the examiner might ask you of.
  • Practice those skills daily so you can perform them accurately without any mistakes.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for the test and be well aware of what you are expected to do.
  • It is best to slow down and take your time, especially when, during the test, you are required to shift, take turns as well as apply the brakes.
  • Make sure to stay active and alert whenever something is being announced.
  • Before the test, as well as during the test, you will have to listen to the instructor very carefully so you can easily apply them.
  • During the test, just make sure you are relaxed and alert.
  • It is highly recommended to take your time, especially if you are unsure about how to perform a certain task.

I hope you can rely on these tips and be able to apply them when needed.


The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Preparation

To provide some context, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 1973 and backed by several major motorcycle manufacturers in the United States.

They conduct research into the most effective and safe methods of teaching motorcycle riding, and their teachers are often well-trained. Former motorbike racers have also been known to show up.

Moving on, you must know that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) proposes motorcycle rider training classes throughout the country, and it’s the ideal approach to pass the DMV’s riding abilities section.

They are normally two-day sessions which are said to be usually held on the weekend, that include in-class riding concepts as well as skill definitions as well as tons of on-bike experience in a safe setting. It is a worth-having class, especially for beginners.

Is The Motorcycle Test Easier Than The Car Test?

The car test is much harder than the motorcycle test, but for some, the motorcycle test is harder. This is because there is no real answer to a question like this. But the real answer mainly depends on the person giving the test.

Some people might find it difficult to maneuver a car, while for some people, it might be difficult to handle a motorcycle.

You must also know that there are some skills that you will not be doing on the motorcycle, but only in a car, and some, you will be doing on a bike but not in a car.

The skills such as you will not be required to reverse park the motorcycle or reverse around a corner like you would be required to learn in a car.

Additionally, it can be difficult to balance oneself on the bike, especially if it is your first time, but in a car, you are seated. It also depends on the person’s ability to learn.

If you are someone who can quickly adapt to things, then you might be able to learn both right away. Many people were able to pass both car and motorcycle tests on the first try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Easiest State To Get A Motorcycle License?

According to various sites, it is stated that Nevada, as well as Alabama, is one of the easiest states you can get a motorcycle license in.

However, it is worth mentioning that in Nevada, you can obtain it much more easily because they offer various ways to do so.

Q2. Is The Motorbike Test Hard In The UK?

Well, no test is hard if you have prepared yourself with the right knowledge, practiced it multiple times, and are fully confident in it.

Do keep in mind that you will be required to do the full bike test, which expects you to know everything about the road and traffic and what you must do.

Q3. How Do I Pass A Motorcycle?

Passing a motorcycle is not as difficult as you may think it is. In many states, there will be a lane provided just for the motorcycles to pass. The best way to pass through another motorcycle you must pass using a different lane.

Do not use the same lane as the other motorcyclist. Moreover, if you are in traffic, then it is recommended to pass using the left lane if possible, but if you are alone, then using the right will be ideal.

Q4. Is A motorcycle Harder Than A Car?

Whether it is riding a motorcycle or driving a car, both these depend on the skills and knowledge of the person. However, you must know that in a car, you are required to use the steering wheel, brakes as well as acceleration.

In a motorcycle, though, you will be using these along with changing gears as well as balancing yourself on them. This can be quite difficult to deal with, especially for the first time.

Q5. Can I Ride A Motorcycle With A Car License?

There are only certain types of motorcycles you can ride with a car license. It is worth mentioning that you can drive a moped motorcycle that has 50cc on them without having to give a moped test as well as using L plates.

You can also drive a motorcycle if you have a full car license and the bike has 125cc. Just make sure to complete the CBT.

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I hope now you got the answer you were looking for the question, is the motorcycle test hard. Do keep in mind that the test is not hard if you have the right skills and knowledge for it.

I made sure to include some tips that can help you during the test, and one important thing is that if you use the resources listed above, it will also assist you in improving a technique set that will be more than what is required to approve the written and riding test. It will also ensure and give you the confidence to ride on the street safely.

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