Best Motorcycle Helmet Colors For Safety & Visibility

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One of the most crucial and frequently debated topics for motorbikes is safety. Nobody wants to have a motorbike accident.

This is why it’s always a good idea to take the best safety precautions possible, and those safeguards can come in various forms.

One of them is wearing the proper motorbike helmet in the right color. Even if you’re going for a quick spin, you should always wear a helmet.

Your helmet should be a great fit for you to keep it from falling off your head. In addition to the size, the color of the motorcycle and the helmet is important in terms of visibility.

However, what is the best color for motorcycle helmet? For a motorbike helmet, white is the ideal option. Bright hues, such as yellow or orange, are recommended in general.

While individuals may prefer different colors of helmets, the visibility provided by a white helmet is unrivaled.

There is still a lot to learn about a motorcycle helmet and its colors. Make sure to read this article until the very end. There is also a frequently asked questions section at the bottom of this article, so be sure to read that.

Does The Color Of Your Motorcycle Helmet Matter?

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The color of the motorcycle helmet matters a lot. The main reason it is important is because of safety, visibility, and styling. The fundamental goal of a motorbike helmet is to keep you safe.

They can be cumbersome, uncomfortable, and inconvenient to carry around, but in the event of an accident, you should be wearing one.

If you ride a motorbike, you should be aware that accidents can occur at any moment and for any reason.

This is why safety should be the main priority. You should do all it takes to avoid getting injured in an accident. It’s a question of visibility when it comes to safety when comes to color.

Some colors are easier to see than others for some people. When the colors of objects contrast with their surroundings, humans are more likely to notice them.

This is why most troops don’t wear bright pink uniforms when they go to combat. When it comes to visibility, contrast is crucial, so consider it when choosing a helmet color.

Colors that contrast with their surroundings are far more likely to be noticed, but colors that blend in with their surroundings, particularly at night, are less likely to be noticed.

How To Choose The Right Helmet Color

Choosing a color for a motorbike helmet is far more crucial than you might believe. Helmet color plays a critical part in your safety.

Here I will be discussing some important factors that you must look into while choosing a color for your motorcycle helmet.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Helmet Color That Provides Visibility

The most important factor to consider when picking the color of your motorcycle helmet is the level of visibility; in most circumstances, white is the greatest choice for most individuals because it provides the highest level of visibility.

However, keep in mind that this isn’t always the case. For example, if you reside in Canada, where there is a lot of snow, a white helmet will not apply.

Still, an orange or red helmet will be appropriate in locations where there are grey skies and rain because other people on the road will easily notice it.

So it depends on where your bike is, and it’s crucial to know what kind of weather you’ll be riding in most of the time.

You must also know that if you know you’ll be riding in rainy conditions with grey clouds, red or orange colors would be a decent option because they stand out more to other riders.

If you reside in a hot climate with plenty of sunny days, riding with a white helmet is ideal for maximizing visibility.

And if you reside in a snowy area, a black helmet or any other color other than grey and white may be preferable to make your helmet more apparent.

2. The Amount Of Heat And Sunlight That Is Absorbed

When selecting a helmet color, how much heat it absorbs is another thing to think about.

White or bright colors, in general, are reasonable in this situation since, as you may know, bright colors absorb considerably limited heat from the sun than dark colors, which can be even worse in some circumstances where the light is strong.

It will be quite impossible to ride in the summer with a black helmet with vents due to the heat it consumes.

This can also be quite uncomfortable to ride with and cause serious accidents on the road. You should also know that the closer the helmet color is to black, the additional heat it will absorb.

However, the closer it is to white, the minimum heat it will absorb. So, if you truly don’t want to be hot when riding, the best thing you can do is invest in a clean white helmet.

3. The Importance Of Contrast

The colors that contrast the most will vary depending on where you are. A green motorbike helmet would stand out compared to the landscape if you reside in the desert, where foliage is scarce.

However, if you reside in a forested location or somewhere else where there is a lot of green, a white, orange, and a yellow helmet might be better contrast.

If you want to choose the ideal color for motorcycle helmet visibility, think about where you ride and what colors are most typically seen there.

You’ll be as comfortable as possible if you obtain a motorbike helmet with as much contrast as feasible to those colors.

Pros And Cons Of Motorcycle Helmet Colors

You must learn about each color’s advantages and disadvantages so you can evaluate by yourself which is the accurate color for a motorcycle helmet.

So with that being said, let’s get into it.

White Helmet

  1. One of the best as well as known to be the safest color.
  2. It is known to be visible for everyone to see on the road in any weather condition.
  3. Not the perfect choice if you live in a place where there is a lot of snow.
  4. White does not absorb heat at all and keeps you cool.
  5. The color white is said to fit most people’s safety gear as well as safety equipment.

Black Helmet

  1. It is said to be the worst color for a helmet.
  2. It is a dangerous choice and is not safe at all.
  3. Other people will not be able to notify you if you ride in this color, especially at night.
  4. It is a color that absorbs heat the most, especially on summer days which can be super uncomfortable to ride with on the road.
  5. It is one of the most beautiful colors, and many people still own it despite it absorbing a lot of heat or being non-visible.

Purple Helmet

  1. It is one of the prettiest colors.
  2. Whether you choose a light color or a dark color, they are said to be non-visible to ride on the road.
  3. Purple is also likely to absorb a lot of heat since it is a dark color.

Red Helmet

  1. Red is known to be a dominant as well as a pretty color.
  2. This color is said to fall in both the light as well as dark colors category.
  3. Many people choose this color because it is a dominant color.
  4. It is best to choose a bright red color because it will be visible in the nighttime.
  5. The red color is the best choice for Honda motorcycles.
  6. The color does absorb heat but not as much as the color black.

Orange Helmet

  1. Orange is one of the safest as well as a simple color.
  2. It is known to be a bright color.
  3. One of the greatest things about this color is that it is extremely visible, so people will easily notice you on the road.
  4. It is the best choice whether in the snow, grey weather, rainy days, and especially in the sunlight.
  5. It does not absorb as much heat as other colors because it is a bright and light color.
  6. The orange helmet is the perfect choice for a KMT motorcycle.

Yellow Helmet

  1. Yellow does not absorb heat at all.
  2. Yellow is one of the most dangerous colors to ride with because it is not visible at all at night time.
  3. It is known to be the perfect choice for daytime as it is a bright color.

Green Helmet

  1. Green is one of the most popular colors.
  2. Green does not absorb heat at all.
  3. It is said that you can ride with the color green anywhere.
  4. It is advised to choose a bright green color rather than a dark green because it will be more visible.

Blue Helmet

  1. The color blue is one of the pretty and prominent colors.
  2. Blue is said to be the perfect choice for Yamaha motorcycles.
  3. It is best to choose light blue because it will be brighter.
  4. Dark blue is like absorbing a lot of heat.
  5. Dark blue does not glow in the night, so if you choose a dark blue, it will be less visible.
  6. It is best to choose a light blue color because it will glow at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Safest Color For A Motorcycle Helmet?

Brighter colors are more likely to be noticed by drivers and have a lower probability of being pertained to in an accident.

According to the findings of the study, a white motorcycle helmet is said to be a lot safer than a black one, but yellow as well as orange motorcycle helmets are the safest of all.

Q2. Does Helmet Color Make A Difference?

Yes, a helmet color can make a huge difference while you are riding on the road.

The WHO Helmet Manual mentions a study that claims that wearing a white helmet lessens the danger of an accident by 24% correlated to wearing a black helmet.

The most visible color in the daylight is said to be green, and the most apparent color at night is said to be yellow, according to

Q3. Are Black Motorcycle Helmets Hotter?

On the surface, black motorcycle helmets are known to be hotter than white helmets. They can absorb more solar energy because of the black coating.

However, since the helmet’s padding and liner cushion your head, the discrepancy inside the helmet is minimal, if not invisible.

Q4. Do White Helmets Keep Me Cooler?

Yes, white helmets are known to be cooler than black helmets. They are less likely to absorb heat and will keep you comfortable and cooler while riding on the road in sunny weather.

Q5. Is It Safe To Put Stickers On Motorcycle Helmets?

Stickers, as well as vinyl cutouts on your helmet, are typically considered safe. This is a popular technique for riders to personalize their helmets. Others use reflective tape to increase visibility on their helmets.


There you have it; I hope you now know what is the best color for a motorcycle helmet so you can make the right decision.

When you decide on buying a helmet and are confused with the colors, it is best to keep safety as well as visibility in mind.

It is best to choose the color white because it is the safest and brightest color and will keep you visible on the road, whether in the daytime or at nighttime.

However, do keep in mind that the color you choose also depends on the place you reside, so be sure to choose wisely.

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