Do You Need A Motorcycle License For A Honda Grom?

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Honda Grom is a small motorcycle that is known to be quite a popular motorcycle according to the 125 cc variant.

It is also one of the best bikes to ride in as a starter for people who want to learn and have the best experience. Moreover, it is one of the easiest motorcycles to ride on and handle and quite affordable.

However, people tend to ask questions like, “Do you need a motorcycle license for a Honda Grom, mainly because it is a small bike, so people tend to get confused. So you also might be wondering if you need a license or not?

Yes, you certainly need a license for your Honda Grom so you can officially ride on it. This bike has a 125cc variant which is why it is said that every motorcycle that is installed with a 125cc engine system will require an A1 license so they can ride without any problems.

In this article, you will be learning about the Honda Grom license and so much more related to the bike to have a detailed understanding. So be sure to read until the end. I have also included some FAQs that you do not want to miss out on.

Can You Drive The Honda Grom Without License?

Wondering if you can ride your Honda Grom without a license? Then read my in-depth guide

Many people assume that a small bike like the Honda Grom can be easily ridden without any license.

Well, unfortunately, that is not the case. This is mainly because the Honda Grom is equipped with a 125cc engine.

Like any other motorcycle, the Grom would also need to be registered, insured, and require a license.

It is also worth mentioning that the rules might be different in some states, so you must always keep yourself up to date with the state laws you are living in.

Besides that, in certain states, people are allowed to ride scooters and mopeds that are said to be below 50ccs.

But do keep in mind that it is necessary to have at least a normal driver’s license to be familiar with the roads you drive on.

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Is Honda Grom A Scooter Or Motorcycle?

This is a question that people often ask. For your information, the Honda Grom surely looks like a motorcycle, but it is entirely a scooter.

Even though the structure, frames, small engine system, and headlights might resemble a lot with the motorcycle, it is still a scooter.

The main reason why the Grom is considered to be a scooter is that it is powered by the identical air-cooled, sole cylinder engine system that is said to be established in the firm’s Wave scooters.

Moreover, one thing different about this bike is that, unlike scooters, it consists of a four-speed manual transmission system. Remember that scooters do not have any gears or clutches, but the Honda Grom does.

Can You Ride Honda Grom With An M1 License?

One of the great things about an M1 license is that it is considered a special license, and once you get it, you are permitted to ride every kind of motorcycle with it, which means yes, you can also ride the Honda Grom with the 125ccs.

But do keep in mind that since it has a 125cc engine, you must have an A1 license. You can easily get it at the age of 17, so there aren’t any issues.

Is The Honda Grom Street Legal?

The Honda Grom completes and consists of all the requirements a bike needs to be ridden on the road in the city and on the highway.

Since this bike has 125ccs along with a disk brake setup, it will surely deliver excellent performance while riding. Because the Honda Grom is frequently straight on the rope, this is crucial information to learn.

To ride on the motorway in many jurisdictions, such as Florida and California, an engine with a displacement of approximately 150cc is required.

Others require only 125cc. Other districts may not retain expulsion requirements, rather relying on minimum speed limitations, which the Grom can generally fulfill.

Speaking of the speed limits, the Honda Grom has a top speed of 117km/h, which is said to be sufficient for city traffic and motorways.

However, it is worth mentioning that the main purpose of this bike is to call up new riders to expand the community.

People who ride the Honda Grom will ultimately upgrade to a proper Honda motorcycle equipped with a stronger engine, a larger chassis, and larger tires. The Honda Grom was simply an introduction to the realm of motorcycles.

How Much Is The Insurance For The Honda Grom?

To start, you must know that the insurance on the Honda Grom mainly depends on the supplier as well as on the services they offer.

However, the annual insurance on this bike/scooter will cost you around $100 up to $600. In addition to that, it includes all the services as well as installations.

On another note, since this bike is mainly ridden by students from high school or universities, they are provided with additional facilities by insurance companies. If you can keep your GPA above 3, you can easily get a 15% discount.

Pros And Cons Of Riding A Honda Grom

If you are planning on riding a motorcycle but want to start with the Honda Grom to learn, then you exceptionally need to know about the pros and cons so you can make an accurate decision.

So with that being said, here are some advantages and disadvantages:


1. Small Structure

Since it is a bike for beginners, the small body design of the Honda Grom makes it extremely easy for bikers to ride on and handle, especially for those who are starting it for the first time.

It is also easy to accelerate on the road, and one of the great things is that you can easily find parking for it as well.

2. Performance

According to various experts, this motorcycle is not only easy to ride but also fun. This is mainly because it is equipped with a powerful engine system as well as the four-speed manual transmission system.

Many riders have said that they had a smooth and reliable ride. Moreover, the Honda Grom also has the capabilities to improve fuel efficiency as well as performance.

3. Mechanics

Just like other high-quality motorcycles, the Honda Grom’s level of mechanics is said to be delightful and done excellently.

The Honda Grom is the only bike out in the market that gives young riders as well as new learners the perfect experience like other heavy bikes do.


1. No Space

Due to its small size, many riders would be left with no space for luggage or other items to carry at all.

Compared to other motorcycles, this bike doesn’t have any additional space at all, which can be a major drawback for many people who love to ride with extra items.

2. Dangers On Highway

According to various sites, it is said that this motorcycle is not the ideal choice for people, especially beginners, to take on the highway.

It can be extremely dangerous to handle it on the highway than in the city, though, which is mainly due to the traffic.

3. Low Lifespan

Compared to other heavy-duty, off-road motorcycles, the Honda Grom is not greater than them at all. After all, this is a bike that is mainly used by people who want to learn and then transition to bigger bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I Need A Motorcycle License To Ride A Grom In California?

Yes, you need a license for the Honda Grom to be able to ride in California. This is because of the 125 cubic centimeters engine of this motorcycle.

Q2. Do I Need A Motorcycle License To Ride A Grom In NY?

Yes, this bike is already over 50cc, and all the bikes that have an engine above the 50cc are required to have a license made, must be registered and insured as well.

Q3. Is A Honda Grom Easy To Ride?

Yes, the Honda Grom is one of the easiest bikes to ride on. It is also fun for people who are just starting as it can also be easy to handle.

Q4. Can Honda Grom Go On The Highway?

Unfortunately, the Honda Grom is not advisable to be ridden on the highway. However, in some states, it is said to be highway legal.

Q5. Is Grom Street Legal?

Yes, the Honda Grom is generally a street-legal motorcycle as it can handle and accelerate pretty well. Just be sure not to drive on the highway, though.


Well, that’s all there is to know about the question “do you need a motorcycle license for a Honda Grom”.

In a nutshell, the Honda Grom is a small motorcycle with excellent mechanical performance as well as handling. This is the main reason why, in recent years, this bike has become quite popular.

Moreover, it is the most reliable and ideal bike to learn to ride on before transitioning to a bigger motorcycle. It is also worth mentioning that they are cheaper than other motorcycles as well.

Now, I hope you will be able to skillfully make the decision based on the facts presented in this article.

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