39 Best Lightweight Touring Motorcycles Comparisons

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While any motorcycle can do the job, a select group of motorcycles are built specifically with touring in mind.

These motorcycles usually come with a high degree of weather protection and large fuel tanks, but this does not mean that they should be lacking in performance, speed, and comfortability.

The more features you add to the motorcycle, the heavier it gets, which hurts the touring of a motorcycle.

In this article, I will talk about the best lightweight touring motorcycle and list others that I believe are good competitors to it.

Here are just some of the light and fast touring motorcycles that I could find:

  1. KTM 790 Adventure
  2. Peugeot Kisbee
  3. Harley Davidson Road Glide
  4. Honda Gold Wing
  5. Norton Superlight 650
  6. BMW G310GS
  7. Mash Dirt 650
  8. Ducati Scrambler Icon
  9. CCM Spitfire Bobber
  10. Suzuki DR650S
  11. KTM 890 Duke R
  12. Suzuki VStrom 650 XT
  13. KTM 390 Adventure
  14. Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen
  15. Triumph Speed Twin
  16. Suzuki VStrom 250
  17. Yamaha MT07
  18. Honda XR650L
  19. KTM 690 Enduro R
  20. Kawasaki Versys X300
  21. Royal Enfield Himalayan
  22. Yamaha MT 03
  23. Aprilia Dorsoduro 900
  24. Ducati Multistrada 1260
  25. BMW F850GS
  26. BMW K1600GT
  27. Kawasaki Z650
  28. Yamaha Tenere 700
  29. Ducati Hypermotard 950
  30. Honda CBR250R
  31. Yamaha Super Ténéré 1200
  32. Kawasaki Z400
  33. Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX
  35. Yamaha Tracer 700 GT
  36. BMW R1250GS
  37. Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200
  38. Triumph Street Twin
  39. Honda CB 500X

I will go over all of these motorcycles in detail, so make sure to read this article in its entirety.

Full List – Top 39 Lightweight Touring Motorcycles

Finding out what are some of the small motorcycles through my list

Apart from discussing these motorcycles listed above, I have created a table as well, which gives you the statistics of them all for your convenience.

#1: KTM 790 Adventure

While not the lightest vehicle in this article, I believe that the KTM 790 Adventure is probably the best lightweight motorcycle here, and for a good reason.

This motorcycle has great handling and a low-down fuel tank which lowers its center of gravity, making it great for touring. It also offers the best when it comes to its price range, providing great performance and being decently lightweight.

#2: Peugeot Kisbee

Since this list is about lightweight motorcycles, it is only fitting that I talk about the Peugeot Kisbee here, as well as it is the host of the lightest body in this list, being less than 200 pounds. While it does suffer in regards to speed and performance, it is still a solid motorcycle for touring.

#3: Harley Davidson Road Glide

Every bike enthusiast loves a good Harley Davidson because of its amazing performance and handling. While its weight may be a concern due to the nature of this list, it still stands on top of a lot of other motorcycles on this list, boasting impressive horsepower and a stable drive which makes it great for touring.

#4: Honda Gold Wing

Following the trend of the Road Glide, Honda’s Gold Wing also may raise some concerns when being talked about but remains a top tier motorcycle that deserves to be on its list, being extremely stable and powerful, making it great for touring and anything else you would want to do with a motorcycle.

#5: Norton Superlight 650

This motorcycle dials the weight back a lot compared to the last two models but raises the price bar through the roof. This is because only 50 of these motorcycles exist globally, making it a very lucrative motorcycle with solid performance, low weight, and stable handling.

#6: BMW G310GS

Prioritizing everything related to the touring capabilities of a motorcycle, the BMW G310GS focuses more on the comfort side of touring, which is why it is on the higher side when it comes to motorcycles on this list.

However, it is still light enough compared to other motorcycles and is a good choice if looking for a touring motorcycle.

#7: Mash Dirt 650

Simple and ultra-light, the Mash Dirt 650 takes the best of the best when it comes to French design and uses Chinese manufacturing to produce a decently performing but incredibly light motorcycle that comes at a good price and goes above and beyond when it comes to value.

#8: Ducati Scrambler Icon

Extremely fun to ride and boast a classic styling that makes it instantly attractive, Ducati’s Scrambler Icon, along with less overall weight, comes with great suspensions and a comfortable seat, all of which are integral for touring. While it does not fare well off-road, on the road, it is a force to be reckoned with.

#9: CCM Spitfire Bobber

Coming with solid authenticity and a laid back style that many Americans will recognize, CCM’s Spitfire Bobber takes the best of what you can get in an adventure bike and puts it into a motorcycle which is, while on the heavier side, is a good choice if you are looking for a touring motorcycle with great comfortability.

#10: Suzuki DR650S

Suzuki has been pushing its DR650S motorcycle for more than 30, during which the motorcycle has seen little no changes or improvements.

This is probably because it can faire quite well without all the fancy features such as fuel injection, ABS, and electronics, making the motorcycle simple, light, and effective for touring.

#11: KTM 890 Duke R

KTM is an Australian manufacturer that has had a lot of experience in making lightweight motorcycles, so you can expect great things from the KTM 890 Duke R, which stays ultra-lightweight but also packs a lot of power and performance, which is the reason why it is not as light as it could have been.

#12: Suzuki V Strom 650 XT

Suzuki seems to have adopted the model where if nothing bad happens, it does not need any improvement or fixes, which is why just like the previous Suzuki motorcycle, the V-Strom 650 XT has not changed for 20 years but still manages to retain its lightweight body & dependability.

#13: KTM 390 Adventure

Another bike from the Australian manufacturer, the 390 Adventure, offers great value to its users as apart from being lightweight, it has a lot of amazing features such as traction control, TFT display, and slipper clutch, many of which have never been seen before on a bike as lightweight and small as this.

#14: Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen

What used to be a Swedish company is now owned under KTM. The brand has transformed from its old days of off-road motorcycles to lightweight performance motorcycles, which are wonderful when it comes to touring, being as light as a feather and powerful. It uses a mix of Swedish Australian parts.

#15: Triumph Speed Twin

Blending the look of classic motorcycles and using modern-day systems and components such as suspension components and braking systems, Triumph’s Speed Twin is old school biking mixed with today’s technology which makes it a near-perfect motorcycle that comes at a great price point and builds which makes it a worthy touring motorcycle.

#16: Suzuki V Strom 250

I have already discussed the V-Strom 650, so I might as well discuss its entry-level motorcycle, the V-Strom 250, which comfortably sits in the middle of this list when it comes to weight classification. Packed with great engine quality and reliability, it is a motorcycle that is worth considering.

#17: Yamaha MT 07

Yamaha has a lot of experience in manufacturing motorcycles, which is why it was a surprise to see a motorcycle such as the MT 07, which had decent weight but none of the features you would normally see from the company, making this motorcycle simple to use.

#18: Honda XR650L

Honda is known for its reliability, which it brings with the XR650L, one of the lighter motorcycles on this list. It boasts clever engineering and comes at half the price of other expensive motorcycles on this list, making it a solid touring motorcycle for its cost.

#19: KTM 690 Enduro R

While marketed as a travel motorcycle, the KTM 690 Enduro R is a solid example of a lightweight touring motorcycle. The motorcycle has its fair share of issues, such as the price and high seat, but it is a great motorcycle nonetheless and one you should not overlook.

#20: Kawasaki Versys X300

The bike was manufactured on the same platform as another motorcycle from the company but feels completely distinct, which is a good thing as this motorcycle is extremely comfortable and elegantly refined. It is a perfect touring motorcycle for on the road purposes, but it can be difficult to ride off-road.

#21: Royal Enfield Himalayan

This motorcycle was built with classic Italian styling in mind, which the design reflects completely to the user. Despite being a bit heavier than it should be, it has less power which is even more surprising as it has a decent engine. Despite this, it gets the job done and provides a great touring experience.

#22: Yamaha MT 03

Another Yamaha motorcycle, this one also follows the same trend as the previous one. It is extremely simple and barebones, which you don’t expect from the company’s motorcycles. Still, despite this, the motorcycle is extremely competent and works well for touring due to its lightweight and retro-styling.

#23: Aprilia Dorsoduro 900

Aprilia’s Dorsoduro 900 is on the heavier side of the motorcycles on this list, so it is not as agile as the motorcycles mentioned above and below. Still, its increased weight does mean a variety of different safety features which provide a safe touring experience.

#24: Ducati Multistrada 1260

There is quite a variety of Ducati Multistrada motorcycles in all shapes and sizes, but this version of the lineup of motorcycles is the lightest and most mobile. This mobility is well complemented by its suspension system, ensuring that the rider has a great riding experience while touring or otherwise.

#25: BMW F850GS

Despite not having a lot of power, the BMW F850GS is extremely lightweight and maneuverable, making it perfect for both on the road and off-road travel, but this does not mean it is a weak motorcycle as it can push out a lot of power when it needs to.

#26: BMW K1600GT

Featuring the legendary build quality that BMW is known for, the BMW K1600GT features a vast catalog for the series, which gives users a lot of variety when it comes to the motorcycle of their choice, among which is an array of lightweight models which you should no doubt consider purchasing.

#27: Kawasaki Z650

One of the best all-rounder motorcycles on this list, the Kawasaki 650 is a motorcycle that people of all experience levels can enjoy. Whether beginner motorcycle riders or seasoned riders, everyone can get a good and enjoyable experience while riding this motorcycle.

#28: Yamaha Tenere 700

This is a Yamaha motorcycle that people will undoubtedly recognize as one as it contains many different features that makes the motorcycle flourish; however, despite being marketed as an adventure bike, there are a few kinks that make it a better touring motorcycle than an adventuring motorcycle.

#29: Ducati Hypermotard 950

Having a powerful engine and a decently lightweight body to boot, the Ducati Hypermotard 950 is yet another great all-rounder motorcycle that you can purchase at a reasonable price that does everything you want it to do and can do exceptionally well while being incredibly manageable as well.

#30: Honda CBR250R

The Honda CBR250R is affordable, comfortable, and good for long hours of riding, making it a great vehicle for anything you can think of. The motorcycle is comfortable and revels in its simplicity, having few features and saving on weight wherever it can, all while providing a fuel-efficient motorcycle.

#31: Yamaha Super Ténéré 1200

Highly praised by its owners, who just love it for all of its capabilities, the Yamaha SuperTénéré 1200 is a solid and economical alternative to all of its high-end motorcycle models and is more than capable of providing a comfortable and fast ride as far as you want to go.

#32: Kawasaki Z400

Loaded with extremely refined features, the Kawasaki Z400 might look like a small beginner bike. It provides its owners with a lot of power that it can push out despite its small and lightweight body. It also has modes readily available, further increasing its touring experience.

#33: Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX is one of the top sports tourers on the market, which comes with a supercharged, high-power engine that you would not think could provide a great touring experience. Still, the opposite is true, as the Ninja H2 comes with many features and gadgets that heighten the experience.

#34: Triumph Tiger 800

Featuring superior reliability and capable of traveling both on and off-road, Triumph has done it again with the introduction of the Tiger 800, which delivers solid power, all while having a decent weight that is enough to match its performance wise.

#35: Yamaha Tracer 700 GT

Another solid all-rounder motorcycle on this list, The Yamaha Tracer 700 GT, has punchy performance and great value, which has been improved for 2020, featuring a new look, lighter body, and a variety of different features which amplify any touring experience.

#36: BMW R1250GS

Another motorcycle that was marketed as an adventure motorcycle, the BMW R1250GS, also functions as a great touring motorcycle with both a large fuel tank and high-performance suspensions, making it an incredibly motorcycle.

#37: Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

Incredibly powerful and incredibly comfortable, Triumph’s Tiger Explorer 1200 offers remarkable performance on and off the road and comes with enough power that the rider has enough flexibility and maneuverability to easily ride wherever they want. This flexibility is mostly the product of the motorcycle’s lightweight build and body.

#38: Triumph Street Twin

Capable of delivering amazing performance at such a low weight, Triumph’s Street Twin is another great motorcycle made by the company that provides a lot of power, comfort, and value to its user, making it a great all-purpose vehicle.

#39: Honda CB 500X

The Honda CB 500X has a lot less power when compared to other motorcycles on this list, but you don’t need power or high performance for touring. All you need is a small light build, off-road capability, and capable suspension, which this motorcycle can easily provide.

KTM 790 Adventure 8,500 rpm 416 lbs 105 hp 799 cc $12,699
Peugeot Kisbee 8,000 rpm 198 lbs 4 hp 50 cc $1,422
Harley Davidson Road Glide 3,500 rpm 820 lbs 100 hp 1863 cc $22,249
Honda Gold Wing 5,500 rpm 787 lbs 125 hp 1833 cc $25,300
Norton Superlight 650 6,800 rpm 434 lbs 49 hp 650 cc $64,700
BMW G310GS 9,500 rpm 374 lbs 34 hp 313 cc $5,795
Mash Dirt 650 6,000 rpm 359 lbs 40 hp 650 cc $8,515
Ducati Scrambler Icon 5,750 rpm 427 lbs 73 hp 803 cc $9,595
CCM Spitfire Bobber 5,500 rpm 297 lbs 55 hp 600 cc $13,930
Suzuki DR650S 6,400 rpm 366 lbs 43 hp 644 cc $6,799
KTM 890 Duke R 9,000 rpm 365 lbs 115 hp 890 cc $11,999
Suzuki VStrom 650 XT 8,800 rpm 470 lbs 70 hp 650 cc $8,799
KTM 390 Adventure 9,000 rpm 392 lbs 43 hp 373 cc $6,199
Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen 9,000 rpm 332 lbs 43 hp 373 cc $3,200
Triumph Speed Twin 6,750 rpm 463 lbs 97 hp 1200 cc $12,200
Suzuki V Strom 250 8,000 rpm 417 lbs 24 hp 250 cc $7,190
Yamaha MT 07 9,000 rpm 399 lbs 74 hp 689 cc $7,599
Honda XR650L 6,000 rpm 346 lbs 44 hp 644 cc $6,999
KTM 690 Enduro R 7,500 rpm 335 lbs 74 hp 699 cc $11,899
Kawasaki Versys X300 11,370 rpm 386 lbs 39 hp 296 cc $5,799
Royal Enfield Himalayan 6,500 rpm 439 lbs 21.8 hp 411 cc $4,999
Yamaha MT 03 6,000 rpm 375 lbs 48 hp 459 cc $4,799
Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 8,750 rpm 467 lbs 93 hp 896 cc $10,999
Ducati Multistrada 1260 9,200 rpm 417 lbs 150 hp 1198 cc $22,095
BMW F850GS 8,250 rpm 504 lbs 95 hp 853 cc $14,545
BMW K1600GT 7,750 rpm 652 lbs 160 hp 1649 cc $22,545
Kawasaki Z650 8,000 rpm 412 lbs 68 hp 649 cc $7,349
Yamaha Tenere 700 9,000 rpm 452 lbs 72 hp 689 cc $10,000
Ducati Hypermotard 950 9,000 rpm 450 lbs 114 hp 937 cc $13,395
Honda CBR250R 9,900 rpm 368 lbs 24 hp 286 cc $4,950
Yamaha Super Ténéré 1200 7,250 rpm 575 lbs 108 hp 1199 cc $16,299
Kawasaki Z400 8,000 rpm 364 lbs 44 hp 399 cc $4,999
Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX 14,000 rpm 476 lbs 310 hp 998 cc $19,000
TRIUMPH TIGER 800 2,000 rpm 474 lbs 94 hp 799 cc $15,700
Yamaha Tracer 700 GT 9,000 rpm 432 lbs 74 hp 689 cc $9,761
BMW R1250GS 7,750 rpm 549 lbs 134 hp 1254 cc $20,920
Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 9,350 rpm 534 lbs 139 hp 1215 cc $14,300
Triumph Street Twin 7,500 rpm 464 lbs 55 hp 900 cc $9,300
Honda CB 500X 74000 rpm 430 lbs 49 hp 471 cc $6,699


The KTM 790 Adventure stands out in my eyes as one of, if not the, best lightweight touring motorcycles on this list.

It offers a perfect balance of lightweight, speed, endurance, and performance, making it a great vehicle in its own right.

Still, the price point at which it stands compared to other motorcycles around its price range is superior to theirs.

While other motorcycles do bring a lot to the table, they also bring a lot of weight, which is why this one stands in a position of lightweight superiority and high-quality performance.

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