Can You Buy A Motorcycle Without A License?

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Owning your very own motorcycle is a huge feat that many people want. It is not only a fuel-efficient way of transport but is faster too, as it allows you to go through traffic without any issues.

The thing with motorcycles is that they need a license to drive. You cannot take them on the road without proper training.

So, the question arises, can you buy a motorcycle without a license? Yes, you can! No law prevents dealerships from selling you a motorcycle without any license. So, you can purchase one right now, and no one will be asking you any questions.

Although your question has been answered, there are still many other things that one must know about motorcycles and licenses.

This article will be covering all of them and much more. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about this topic.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

How To Purchase A Motorcycle Without A License

Learn if you need a license when purchasing a motorcycle or not

Although this question was answered in the introduction, there are some other things that one must keep in mind to make sure that a motorcycle purchase is hassle-free.

Although it can be bought without any issues, many people become tempted to ride their new rides as soon as they get them and that is illegal.

You will be charged a hefty fine for driving without any license. Regardless of whether you know how to ride a motorcycle or not, you can cause an accident, resulting in serious injuries or even death.

But it may be the case that you are purchasing a motorcycle for a loved one, for example, a spouse. You may not ride, but they do.

So, it is completely logical that you want to surprise them. Well, you can go ahead. You will not be restricted in doing so. You will not be asked for a license because it is not needed.

Some dealerships ask for identification, but that is for their records only. They want to make sure that the sale is legit and there are no risks when giving you the motorcycle.

Identification can be made by showing them your I.D. card or your regular driving license. Either of them will work.

Purchasing A Motorcycle Using Financial Services

There are many people out there who want to buy a motorcycle for their loved ones or themselves but cannot wait.

Well, they can apply for a loan that can help them purchase the ride as soon as possible. Moreover, the following would be required for the procedure.

  • As loans are granted by banks only, you need to contact them for it.
  • They will check your credit score and credit card history, but you will be cleared in no time.
  • A loan will be issued, which can be put towards your new motorcycle purchase.
  • As for dealerships themselves, if they offer financial services, they will not ask for your driver’s license.
  • You will be asked to display your identification card because they need to verify your information before providing financial assistance.
  • It must be noted that financial services are valid only for 18 years or older people. If you are underage, you cannot expect to purchase a motorcycle via a loan.

What About Insurance Without A License – Can You Get One?

Now, this is interesting. The reality is you will have a really hard time finding an insurance company that will ensure an unlicensed motorcycle.

But some things can be tried to get insurance:

  • Name someone else as the primary driver after getting their permission
  • Exclude yourself from the policy

The second option can be considered because the insurance company will only be insuring the motorcycle without using your name. You can always get the policy rewritten after you finally get your license.

Insurance of the motorcycle is compulsory before driving it because it is legally required. Unless you live in Florida, Montana, and Washington, insurance is required for legally operating the motorcycle.

Ideal Ways Of Transporting A New Motorcycle Without A License

Although it is not ideal, you may need to tow your motorcycle back to your place. This should only be opted for if the delivery service of the dealership is unable to reach your address or if it is too expensive.

Different ways can be done to get your motorcycle home. A tow dolly, a motorcycle carrier, or a simple trailer can be used.

Towing Trailer

A towing trailer is least likely to be used because it needs to be owned if it is put to use. The process is simple.

All you need to do is connect the vehicle to the trailer, load the motorcycle on it, and set off. Using a trailer is the most effective method because it is visible to other drivers.

Motorcycle Carrier

A more convenient method of getting the motorcycle to your residence is a motorcycle carrier. Now, I know this is unheard of, but motorcycle carriers exist.

They are pretty much like bicycle carriers but have been designed to house motorcycles without them touching the vehicle’s trunk. A motorcycle carrier is more convenient because it is not a tag-along, such as a towing trailer.

Tow Dolly

So, what needs to be done? One option that many of you may not have thought of is a tow dolly. It is pretty effective and will allow you to easily take your new motorcycle.

No need to risk not having a driver’s license. All you need to do is secure the motorcycle’s front tire to the dolly, and you should be good to go. The motorcycle will be transported effortlessly.

You do need a vehicle license to use these accessories. If not, then you need to find someone who is. Otherwise, you will have no other option rather than get the motorcycle delivered.

Considering Getting A License Before Your Purchase

Now, I know that some of you may be itching to buy a motorcycle. The reality is, there is no stopping you from buying it, but if you try to ride it, it can be extremely dangerous.

Whether you have reached the age of eighteen or finally gathered enough cash to buy one, you may not want to wait to get your hands on a new ride.

Not only are you risking a hefty fine, but you can also injure someone or even yourself. Not to forget, motorcycle parts can be expensive, depending on which brand you have bought from.

So, this is something to keep in mind before you try to ride off into the sunset.

If you are reading this article because you want to buy a motorcycle for yourself but don’t have a driver’s license, it would be better to hold off for a little while longer.

You may not be able to control yourself after your purchase, and it is not worth it.

If the motorcycle you are getting is low-powered, let’s suppose a moped, then you can drive it with a provisional license. Yes, this is another form of a license and can be granted when teenagers reach the age of 16.

A provisional license can only be issued after basic training is completed. A CBT certificate is issued, which allows 16-year-olds to get used to riding a motorcycle.

So, if you are underage and are looking to learn to ride a motorcycle but don’t have a license, this is the best way to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Register A Motorcycle Without A License?

The fact of the matter is, yes, you can! There is no need to present your driver’s license to get your new motorcycle officially registered. All that is needed is your identification card and the required fees.

The motorcycle will be registered in your name. When you get a license, you should carry it with you, as the authorities can verify that you are the owner.

Q2. Can I Ride A Motorcycle If I Am Banned From Driving?

If you are driving under the influence or convicted, your driving privileges may be revoked for some time. The question arises, can a person ride a motorcycle if he is banned from driving? No, they cannot.

The ban is effective on all types of transportation except for public ones, where you are not in control. You can use a bus or a train, but you cannot drive any vehicle.

Q3. Are Provisional Licenses Considered For Driving A Motorcycle?

Now, this is an excellent question. Yes, provisional licenses are considered, but they are valid for only mopeds and scooters. Anything that can output more than 50 HP cannot be driven with a provisional license.

So, how is a provisional license useful? It can be issued to 16-year-olds, which means there will be ample time for learning traffic and how to ride a motorcycle.

Q4. Is A License Required For Driving A Dirt Bike?

No, it is not. A dirt bike can be driven without a license, but it is not recommended. One thing that must be kept in mind is that the motorcycle must be insured.

This makes sure that you and your motorcycle will be protected in the case of an accident. A dirt bike also uses a different plate, a green and white one.

But if the motorcycle is to be used on a highway, then a license is required.


Although you may have asked the simple question of can you buy a motorcycle without a license, not only was it answered in detail, but many other things were covered, all of which provided vital information.

It is possible to buy a motorcycle without a license, but if you are buying it for yourself, it is recommended to wait until your license is ready. Then you will be able to drive your new ride however and wherever you want.

I hope this article helped clear up some confusion and helped you understand the importance of a driver’s license.

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