What Are Forward Controls On A Motorcycle?

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Normally motorcycles are available in a wide range of designs. Some motorcycles are stronger than others, whereas some are designed to be more comfortable.

However, riding a motorcycle is always enjoyable, regardless of the type of motorcycle. You also get to admire all of the advantages of riding when you’re on a motorcycle. However, this liberty comes at a cost.

You must be cautious and aware of your surroundings. Being cautious implies having prior motorcycle experience and understanding. Forward controls on a motorcycle are something you should be familiar with.

So, what are forward controls on a motorcycle, you may wonder? Footpegs, floorboards, brakes, and shifter supervisions are all located in the forward section of the vehicle. Forward controls are most commonly seen on cruiser or chopper bikes.

Forward controls provide excellent opportunities for long-distance cruising, additional space, reduced stiffness while riding, and more relaxed journeys.

Now that you’ve learned what forward controls are, continue to learn about their advantages. I’ll go through forward controls in greater detail later, so keep reading.

How Do Motorcycle Forward Controls Work?

Learn the topic of mid-controls vs forward controls

As you may know, a motorcyclist’s foot influences most motorcycles’ shifting and rear braking.

Those controls are usually situated just under the rider’s seat, keeping the rider erect and vertical. The rider’s knees must be bowed to utilize the controls.

While this is great for short journeys around town, it might be inconvenient on longer travels.

Forward controls use extensions that authorize the replacement of the actual pedals and levers to move the bike’s important controls forward.

This permits the rider to extend his/her legs while still being able to reach the controls, allowing the passenger to sit in a more relaxed position.

How Can You Install Forward Controls?

It is not at all difficult to install forward controls on a motorcycle. It depends, however, on the motorcycle and the gear you bought. Bolt-on kits, which are very straightforward to install, are highly recommended by specialists.

This upgrade completely expands the levers as well as the pedals, which are then bolted to the stock mounting.

The stock components are then positioned in front, at the other stop of the extension, thereby transforming it into the forward control.

Assume that your motorcycle’s brand and model do not have any equipment available. Then the front controls will need to be installed by a skilled mechanic.

Advantages Of Forward Controls

1. Introducing A Comfortable Ride That’s Ideal For Long-Distance Cruising

This is one of the major reasons many people love installing forward controls. You will be able to enjoy the ride comfortably for a long period.

Some motorcycles will come with the forward controls already installed on them, mainly on chopper bikes and cruisers.

Moreover, it is the perfect option for people with long legs or who often wear boots. It’s comfortable because it offers extra space to move around and makes it easy for riders to navigate.

2. More Area Means More Room For Large Feet

When shifting or braking, having large feet with riding boots can be problematic. There is no mistaking where the lower, upper gear peg, and the floorboard are now that the forward controls have greater space.

3. No More Knee Or Lower Back Pain Or Stiffness

It is said that the forward controls enable the leg to expand, making the ride more pleasant and less stiff. It makes you more attentive and physically able to respond to traffic dangers.

4. Offers An Extra Relaxed Ride

It is known to be more comfortable and relaxing for people with long legs. That’s not all.

It is also quite comfy for backseat passengers because it allows them to have their own space to move around without disturbing the motorcyclist navigating the road.

One Major Disadvantage Of Forward Controls

You have two choices when riding a motorcycle: comfort or control. Please keep in mind that there will be a learning curve after you get forward controls fitted because you will have to adapt to the new location.

Turning, stopping, and starting the motorcycle can be intimidating at first, but with practice, you will become used to it.

Some riders believe using forward controls alters the overall riding experience and makes corners feel completely different.

It is highly advisable not to ride your motorcycle for long periods after installing the forward control equipment until you’re comfortable with the new riding posture, so be sure to follow for better results and the safety of yourself and others on the road.

What Is The Difference Between Mid Controls And Forward Controls?

Mid controls offer slightly nicer control, but this matter in day-to-day riding, depending on how much you ride for sport.

Naturally, the flexibility to switch between highway pegs and mid-mounts can improve satisfaction over longer distances. Whereas for forward controls; it is said that they give longer-legged persons more space.

It is also worth mentioning that forward controls are one of the most sought-after motorcycle aftermarket additions, so the fact that they are already fitted on the motorcycle might add to its appeal.

It is also worth mentioning that forward controls assist you in obtaining the extra money for your motorcycle, and forward controls can also assist you in selling it faster.

Is It A Good Idea To Have Forward Controls?

If you are someone who is quite tall and who does not have sufficient legroom on the motorcycle, you might want to contemplate obtaining forward controls.

You can also alter the position of the handlebars to sit higher and more comfortably if you have forward controls.

After that, when you establish forward controls, the ergonomics will appear excellent for your riding attitude.

On another note, it is said that the handlebars can be adjusted for a higher as well as extra comfortable seat.


Now that you comprehend what are forward controls on a motorcycle, you will not have trouble deciding whether or not to use them.

However, you must know that if you are someone who loves to go on long journeys on the motorcycle, installing forward controls will be the best idea.

This is because you will be able to feel more at ease as well as enjoy your future motorcycle journeys.

It is the best way to achieve extra room as well as comfort, especially if you are tall and have long legs. It can also be adjusted according to your preferences, so everything will be perfect while riding.

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