How To Wear A Bandana For Motorcycle Riding

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There is no other experience like riding a motorcycle free from any world’s worries. However, some things make the experience more fun, safe, and all-around, like wearing a bandana.

Bandanas not only look cool, but they protect your head from the sun, wind, road debris, etc. But the question arises: how to wear a bandana for motorcycle riding?

A bandana is a headscarf. First, you fold it diagonally to form a triangle. Now place it on your forehead, and tightly knot the two ends of the scarf at the back of the head.

For further information and elaboration, read the entire article, in which I will explain the entire process of wearing a bandana in great detail.

A Quick Guide On How To Wear A Bandana Like A Biker

Learn why bikers like to wear a bandana

Bandanas come in different shapes and sizes. You can make any old cloth like a napkin into a bandana. The material used isn’t important.

However, packing up at least two bandanas that will come in handy across your motorcycle journey is important.

Before starting your ride, flip on one of those chosen bandanas across your forehead properly, as described below.

1. Choosing The Right Cloth

A proper piece of cloth must be chosen. Fortunately for us, a lot of clothing items fit the criteria.

You can choose a napkin, eye mask, torn piece of a sleeve, handkerchief, and many others to be a suitable material for your bandana.

2. Folding It

The main thing to note here is to fold your bandana diagonally to form a triangle. It is key to getting the right fold on your bandana.

The more accurate the fold is, the better the overall surface your bandana will cover on your forehead and head. After folding it as accurately as possible, you should smooth the crease to make it more well-defined.

3. Gripping The Bandana

After you are done folding the bandana properly, we come to the next step. You must grab each corner or end of the triangle using both hands.

This may seem easy, but if the grip loosens during the process of tying the bandana, all the work done previously will become undone.

4. Placing A Bandana On Your Head

Once you have properly folded and gripped the bandana, it is time to bring it to your head. Here you have a few choices.

The best choice and the one I would recommend is the middle of the forehead. This covers most areas that need to be protected without bothering our vision.

However, you can adjust it higher or lower on your forehead, according to your preference and liking.

5. Tying The Bandana

Now comes the most important step. After choosing the place to tie your bandana, it is time to tie the knot. Cross over the two ends of the gripped bandana and tie them tightly.

Please note that the knot shouldn’t be made so tight as to cause pain in the head or hair or that it makes it difficult to untie the knot anytime you want to take the bandana off.

6. Adjusting Bandana

After you have finally tied up your bandana, you can adjust it any way you want. However, it is recommended that the top of the triangle be roughly at the back of the head, ensuring that the entire crown is covered.

Then you can tuck the top of the triangle under the ends or place it between them. After adjusting your bandana, tie the ends again, so it doesn’t fall off during your ride.

4 Reasons For Wearing Bandanas

It may be considered a bit old-fashioned, but bandanas have plenty of benefits that are even relevant in the modern world.

Let’s look at them!

1. Absorbing Sweat

There is a lot of sweat generated during a motorcycle ride. This can mess with the driver’s vision, leading to a potential accident or crash.

A bandana absorbs a large part of the sweat near the eyes. This drastically reduces the chances of sweat entering the eye ducts and leading to harm.

This fact can also be used when doing strenuous physical activities like hiking or running. A bandana would also keep your sweat in check in all these other cases.

2. Keeping Your Head Cool

Absorbing sweat doesn’t only give the benefit of preventing accidents. It also helps in keeping your forehead cool.

This is particularly useful in the hot, humid summer, where the heat can really mess with your brain and vision.

Thus, keeping cool really helps in the summer days, as it also aids in preventing sunburns.

Like I said before, this fact comes in handy for other physical activities, especially those performed under the scorching sun like cycling.

3. Avoiding Potential Risks To Head And Hair

Apart from keeping cool, a bandana helps in protecting your head from the sun and wind. This reduces not only the chances of sunburns but also strokes.

Asides from this, prevention is also gained against some miscellaneous things like road debris and bugs, which can not only cause accidents but also cause more damage in the case an accident happens (like your head rubbing against some road debris).

4. Just Looking Amazing

A bandana adds so much to a biker’s look and personality. Even though it is considered a modest accessory for a biker, it is one of the most trusted and loyal friends of a biker.

Apart from providing all the benefits listed above, it really adds to your look as a biker and provides limitless functional utility along the way.

Other Common Ways To Wear A Bandana

Apart from the forehead, you can wear a bandana in numerous other ways, as it provides a lot of utility.

In this section, I am going to discuss some other ways bandanas are worn, even by bikers.

1. Around The Face Covering The Mouth

Wearing the bandana over the mouth is not just a fashion move to make you look awesome (which it does).

It comes in handy when there are strong winds or a lot of dust and other particles in general that can cause harm if inhaled.

This can also help in the modern day with covid involved, as then your face and mouth is covered, so no need to worry.

All the steps are the same for tying a bandana this way, except for tying the bandana across right behind the nose.

2. Over Your Neck

This doesn’t have to do with bikers per se but is a place where they can tie up their bandanas when not placed on their head.

A bandana is tied around the neck here, with the main triangle body of it hanging above. There is a risk of the shape being distorted in the front if there is a gust of wind or it isn’t tied properly.

3. Around Your Arms

It is like tying a bandana around your neck in that it is done in the case when this garb isn’t being worn on the head. It can be tied over your arm in any way, above or below it.


A bandana is something that you should look to purchase, even if you are not a biker, but especially if you are a biker who is going to be riding a motorcycle in the summer. Even in other seasons, bandanas are of high utility.

Bandanas are cheap as well. You can even make your own with numerous types of cloth that will most probably be in your home.

And as to how to wear a bandana for motorcycle riding, it isn’t too difficult. As I discussed, the main thing to do is to tie a bandana where required, and you’re good to go.

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