Do You Have To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet In Missouri?

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Helmet laws are a hot topic of discussion among people who ride bikes. Should we be required to wear helmets and what about the safety of our heads being exposed?

In reality, helmets are crucial for our safety, and the law ensures that every biker uses them. The states in US have different helmet laws. This makes things very confusing for those that have recently shifted states or are new motorcyclists.

Out of all, one commonly asked question is: “Do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Missouri?” The answer is yes, but this only applies to people 25 years or younger.

The law may seem very simple, but there is much more to it. This article will go into the details of the helmet laws of Missouri, so you can know everything important.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Motorcycle Helmet Laws And Rules In Missouri

Did Missouri repeal the motorcycle helmet law? Let's find out the truth

Missouri is one of the few states that have recently revised their helmet law.

The state decided that only riders under the age of 25 were required to wear a helmet when on the road, but if above 25, you need health insurance to ride without a helmet.

The original law required all riders to wear helmets regardless of health insurance or a proper license. That is a pretty big change in legislation.

However, introducing that law proved to be a not-so-great decision. You will read below why introducing this law was not a good decision.

In 2020, Missouri decided that only riders under 25 must wear a helmet when on the road. This change was made because motorcycle accidents are more likely among young drivers and riders than older ones.

Motorcycle Helmet Requirements In MO

Missouri has some of the most stringent laws regarding motorcycle helmet safety. All riders must wear helmets that have been tested and meet the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) standards.

These helmets have been tested thoroughly before being available for consumer use. So, all you need to do is find one with this specific DOT approval sticker. If it does, then you have nothing to worry about.

These helmets greatly reduce your chances of suffering a serious head injury in an accident.

The best part is that these helmets are readily available at all motorcycle dealerships, so you won’t have to break the bank just to keep yourself safe!

Penalties/Legal Consequences

If you are over 25, you don’t need to read this section. But, if you are not, and you’re caught not wearing a helmet in Missouri, you’ll be fined a maximum of $25.

And I know what you’re thinking: “That’s it?” The truth is that the state does not enforce the law. Missouri considers this a secondary offense.

So if you were pulled over for weaving in and out of traffic or speeding through a school zone, the officer would still have to issue a ticket for breaking the helmet law before moving on to other issues.

Strangely, the state has a recently revised law for helmets but is still not enforcing it too much. This can be called negligence and is dangerous for the public, as people don’t wear a helmet as often.

Why Missouri’s New Helmet Law Was The Wrong One

The public well received Missouri’s new motorcycle helmet law, but it also led to more accidents.

As people became aware of the law, they started using helmets less often, resulting in more accidents. According to a report in 2021, the number of accidents increased by 33% after the law was passed.

While some may argue that this is a good thing because it will force motorcyclists to be more responsible for their safety, others don’t feel it is right to take away their freedom of choice regarding their health and safety.

Regardless, the increase in accidents suggests that introducing this law was not a good decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is It Ok To Wear An Open Face Helmet In Missouri?

The only requirement for motorcycle helmets in Missouri is that they be DOT-approved. This means they meet specific safety standards the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) set.

There are no other requirements for the style or design of a helmet, so you can wear any kind of helmet you like, including an open-face one.

Q2. How Much Is The Fine For Not Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet In Missouri?

The fine for not wearing a motorcycle helmet in Missouri is up to $25. That may seem not that much, but you risk getting your license suspended if you are under 25 and keep violating this law repeatedly. So, you should keep one on your head at all times.

Q3. When Did Motorcycle Helmet Become Law In Missouri?

Until recently, the state required all motorcycle riders to wear helmets. However, in 2020 the law was revised to allow riders that were above the age of 25 to drive without wearing a helmet. The old law had been around for quite some time and forced all people to wear a helmet.

Q4. Should Passengers Wear A Helmet In Missouri?

In Missouri, only people under the age of 25 are required to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. This law applies to all riders, regardless of whether they are driving or being driven by someone else. In addition to this law, anyone riding without a helmet must have medical insurance coverage.

Q5. Are Moped Drivers Required To Wear A Helmet In Missouri?

Unlike other states, which enforce the same motorcycle laws on mopeds, Missouri does not require moped drivers to wear helmets.

However, it is still recommended that a helmet be worn to ensure riders are safe in case of an unfortunate accident. It should be DOT approved for maximum protection.

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The answer to the question of “Do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Missouri?” is yes, but only if you are 25 or younger. It’s the law, and it’s there for your own protection.

The state of Missouri has some pretty poor statistics when it comes to motorcycle accidents. This means that wearing a helmet is more than just a good idea—it’s a necessity, regardless of what the law states.

You should opt for a DOT-approved one, so your chances of a serious head injury go from 100% to 31% only. Yes, that’s how much of a difference a helmet can make. So, make the right decision and wear one wherever you go.

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