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If you’re a biker, you’ve probably heard of us before—and if not, now is the perfect time to get acquainted with our website. Beast Riders is about helping bikers find the information they need safely and comfortably.

We have free content covering many genres, including motorcycle reviews and maintenance tips, as well as articles on riding gear like helmets.

Our goal is simple: to be your trusted resource for everything biking-related. We’re excited about our recent acquisition of Maple Motorcycle Jeans, a popular business that manufactures high-quality motorcycle denim.

This acquisition gives us another way to extend our reach across followers of MapleMoto (who are likely already interested in motorcycles), allowing them access to high-quality information that will keep them safe while they ride!

It might still be unclear why exactly we acquired this website. Maple Moto’s website was popular, but it was abandoned by its original manufacturer, and the website was taken down after not being maintained for a long time.

This was because the business went defunct in 2015. Beast Riders realized this is a resource not worth wasting, so we acquired it.

What Was Maple Motorcycle Jeans About?

You may not have heard about this brand, especially if you are a new biker. As it has not existed for the better part of the year, many people have already forgotten about it. Beast Riders is here to make sure that Maple Moto’s legacy does not get wasted.

Maple Motorcycle Jeans was a company that made high-quality motorcycle denim, and they did it all by hand. Their jeans were reinforced and protected, with built-in hip and knee protectors that kept their customers safe while riding.

All of their jeans were handmade, contoured, and tailored to fit each individual customer’s body type perfectly. Intricate stitching for a unique look was one of the hallmarks of Maple Motorcycle Jeans’ products.

Double stitch construction ensured that their jeans would last through years of wear, even if you were a hardcore rider who went out every day on your bike!

Branded brass buttons added another layer of protection against wear and tear as well as an extra touch of classiness to the product line. The high-quality denim used in these pants is something that is rarely seen nowadays.

Their trousers also provided coverage of the hips, knees, and thighs for maximum protection from road rash or other injuries sustained during a fall off your bike.

All in all, the brand’s products were designed to make sure that you were as safe as possible while riding while also making sure that there was no compromise on comfort. That is why they were so famous.

No motorcycle denim brand did both things at once, and this is probably the biggest reason why Maple Motorcycle Jeans stood out from the competition. The shutting down was really a huge loss for bikers.

Who Is Dave Fairbairn?

The founder of Maple Motorcycle Jeans, Dave Fairbairn, is a highly respected entrepreneur in the motorcycle clothing industry.

He founded Maple Motorcycle Jeans in 2011, and since then, it has grown to become a highly respected brand in the motorcycle industry.

Fairbairn is an excellent marketer; he brought a new approach to denim by focusing on durability rather than just comfort and style —and it worked!

His company grew rapidly and quickly. He is currently under the employ of Cutso, another highly popular garment brand. And guess what, he is the founder of it too!

Why Are Dedicated Motorcycle Jeans Important?

Motorcycle riders are always at risk of falling or getting into an accident, and there is a higher chance of them sustaining life-threatening injuries.

To protect them, protective gear exists to help reduce the impact effects when falling. Motorcycle jeans also fall into this category.

Motorcycle jeans are designed for motorcycle riders who want to be safe on their bikes. With the right pants, you can reduce the amount of damage caused by accidents. This helps prevent serious injuries as well as pain and discomfort.

If you love riding motorcycles, then it is important that you wear motorcycle jeans while doing so. They provide better protection against accidents than regular jeans do, which means they are worth investing in if you want to stay safe while riding your bike!

How Did Maple Motorcycle Jeans Stand Out?

Maple Motorcycle Jeans were very durable, but they also had many other unique traits that made them stand out.

They were the most stylish motorcycle jeans in the world, with no stitch marks where they sewed Kevlar in. Yes, there was Kevlar!

They looked like regular jeans, something the competition could not catch up on—so good that they could even be worn on a normal day when not biking.

The brand’s jean design was finalized after rigorous testing, which meant that every single product in its line-up had already been tested to its limits.

It’s hard to find a single piece of garment that can offer style, comfort, and durability. But Maple Motorcycle Jeans managed to do just that.

And that is why the brand stood, and this is why they were highly regarded in the motorcycle world. Their quality was so good that people could trust them blindly.

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The acquisition of Maple Motorcycle Jeans by Beast Riders is an exciting move for us. Beast Riders bring an impressive track record of success, and Maple’s denim is already a favorite among motorcyclists.

We’re excited to see how both brands’ names can work together to help bikers all around the globe.

We hope we were clear about our decision to acquire this great name, and we hope that you are excited about what we have planned for the future.

Stay tuned, as Beast Riders has a lot of new projects in their pipeline. Our blog will be updated with new developments to inform and update all of our beloved readers before the world knows.