Tire Pressure Recommendation For Harley Davidson

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When it comes to tire pressure, you must know that it is highly influenced by the temperature of where you are riding your motorcycle.

This is mainly because when traveling on a hot-tempered road, the tension in the motorbike tire tends to rise. And as a result, the recommended pressure for each motorcycle varies depending on the temperature.

So, what is the tire pressure recommendation for Harley Davidson motorcycle, you may ask? It is said that when the weather is cold, the suggested standard tire pressure for a Harley Davidson motorbike is 36 psi in the front, and 40 psi is said to be for the rear side.

However, in a hot area, values can be as low as 32 psi for the front tire and as high as 36 psi for the back tire. The temperature matters a lot when choosing the right tire pressure.

You need to know that the tire pressure might also depend on the Harley Davidson bike you have and ride. To find out more, it will be best for you to read until the end.

So without delay, let’s get into it!

How Much Air Pressure Should Your Harley Davidson Have?

Learn what tire pressure should I run in my Harley

The air pressure your motorcycle needs will entirely depend on the Harley Davidson motorcycle you ride. It is worth mentioning to determine the accurate tire pressure for your motorbike model.

It will be best for you to search for the sticker or a logo on the shocker, which will state the appropriate pressure for your Harley Davidson model.

It’s important to be knowledgeable about this because the PSI pressure indicates there is a precise temperature. The temperature level mentioned there would be appropriate for either cold or hot weather.

If your Harley Davidson bike suggested tire pressure is for cold weather when the weather surrounding you is warm, consider inflating your tire pressure around 4 PSI lower than the suggested tire pressure.

Moreover, if your Harley Davidson’s front tire is advised to be 36 psi, whereas the rear tire is suggested to be 40 psi in cold weather, you must inflate the tires to 32 pressure for the front tire as well as 36 psi for the rear tire.

This would be the opposite case when the weather is hot. Do keep in mind that if the recommended tire pressure is for a warm climate, but the weather outside is cold; try inflating your tire with an additional 4 PSI.

For instance, if 32 PSI is allowed for the front tire whereas 36 PSI is said for the rear tire on the Harley Davidson prototype, and the rubber is cold, you can inflate the tire higher than 36 PSI for the front tire and but for a rear tire, it can be more until 40 PSI.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles And Their Recommended Tire Pressures Chart

Here I’ll list a few Harley Davidson models and their recommended tire pressures so you can get a better idea of the situation. If you possess one of the models listed, you can easily follow the instructions.

Model: Front: Rear:
Harley Davidson Iron 883 XL883N 36 PSI 42 PSI
Harley Davidson 1200 Roadster XL1200CX 36 PSI 42 PSI
Harley Davidson Forty-Eight XL1200X 36 PSI 40 PSI
Harley Davidson SuperLow XL883L 36 PSI 42 PSI
Harley Davidson 1200 Custom XL1200C 36 PSI 40 PSI
Harley Davidson Iron 1200 XL1200NS 30 PSI 40 PSI
Harley Davidson SuperLow 1200T XL1200T 36 PSI 42 PSI
Harley Davidson Forty-Eight Special XL1200XS 36 PSI 40 PSI

Can A Tire Explode At Certain Pressure?

The tire that the Harley Davidson Motorcycle is employing and the present temperature and pressure level all play a big role.

If the temperature changes dramatically and your Harley Davidson Motorcycle tires have a dangerous PSI level, the possibility of a tire exploding will rise.

If you are concerned about tire pressure, please contact a Harley Davidson Motorcycle seller close to you.

They will simply suggest the ideal tire pressure for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle model, and this is the simplest and most reliable approach to get the accurate level of tire pressure for your Harley Davidson model from a reliable authority.

Is Low Tire Pressure Good For Your Motorcycle?

Since tire pressure has a straightforward impact on the motorcycle’s handling qualities, stunt motorcyclists frequently under-inflate their tires.

It is highly recommended for stunt riders and wheelie enthusiasts, but do keep in mind that it mainly depends on the weight of the motorcycle. They usually keep their motorcycle tire PSI between 15 and 25.

It is also worth mentioning that the somewhat lower PSI enables a more pleasant wheelie trip, but do keep in mind that it is not suggested for daily riding and longer hauls.

Safety Tips For Harley Davidson Tires

Harley Davidson Insurance is required to safeguard the rider and the motorcycle.

Because only a small area of the motorcycle’s tires engages it to the road, they must be kept in good working order for maximum performance and safety on the road.

So with that being said, here is Harley Davidson tire care. Make sure to read the tips that are recommended down below.

1. Check The Tire Pressure Frequently

Many riders are unaware of the need to check tire pressure. It is known to be the most basic safety insurance to take.

“One of the most crucial tire-maintenance activities a rider can undertake is checking tire pressure”, said Steve Bindi, an H-D Product Portfolio Manager.

Tires that are appropriately inflated last longer, have sufficient braking, have better gas mileage, have more grip, and have a lower chance of destruction and failure.

Remember that when the tires are cold, professionals advise examining the pressure before every ride. To ensure reliable readings, utilize gauges built mainly for motorcycles.

2. Do Not Put An Extra Load On The motorcycle

Unnecessary motorcycle loading can lead to tire breakdown and inability to control. According to Motorcycle USA, every four PSI that a tire is under-inflated loses more than or around 80 lbs of weight carrying ability.

Before embarking on the journey, double-check that the number of passengers, appliances, and baggage does not surpass the load barrier.

3. Replace The Old Or Damaged Tires

Cuts, nails, and various other sharp and pointed elements commonly become lodged in tires while traveling on the road. As a result, tire pressure may be impacted, resulting in greater tire wear.

Keep in mind that worn and damaged tires cause bad performance, traction failure, and control loss, which can put your and many others’ lives in danger on the road.

Contact an authorized Harley Davidson dealer right once to avoid more destruction if there is any obvious harm.

4. Make Sure To Purchase Accurate Tires

According to Motorcycle USA, it is said that Harley-Davidson has teamed up with Dunlop as well as Michelin to manufacture Harley-Davidson co-branded tires that are entirely manufactured and tested, as well as authorized to ensure the best execution.

These specialized tires are critical to the Harley Davidson Motorcycle’s performance and longevity and should be used regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Is An Over-Inflated PSI Level?

In most circumstances, over-inflation is evaluated when the tire pressure is 6 PSI higher than Harley Davidson’s approved tire pressure.

Q2. Why Does The Pressure In My Tires Change As The Temperature Rises?

The law of equilibrium states that pressure or tension is directly proportional to the temperature level. This implies that as the temperature increases, the pressure also increases.

Q3. What Is The PSI Level That Is Considered Dangerous?

If the existing tire pressure is greater than 7 to 8 PSI above the suggested tire pressure for the Harley Davidson Motorcycles, then that PSI level is deemed unsafe.

Q4. Why Do I Pump Tires At A Lower Pressure Than The Recommended In Hot Weather?

Pressure varies with temperature, as you may know by now. As a result, anytime the temperature increases, so does the pressure.

So, if the tire pressure is 36 PSI for the Harley Davidson Motorcycle and the weather randomly increases, the 36 PSI tire pressure may bounce up to 40 PSI.


I hope you’ve learned everything there is to know about tire pressure recommendation for Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Keep in mind that the information in this post was compiled using a combination of studies and research to offer you a thorough overview and all of the information you require in one convenient setting.

Tire pressure varies for many reasons, and if you want accurate pressure, it is best to check your Harley Davidson motorcycle model, the type of tires you have, the temperature around you, and much more.

If there are still some things you are unsure about, then it will be best for you to consult a specialist or a dealer of Harley Davidson so you can get all your answers and make a careful decision.

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