How To Lock My Helmet To My Motorcycle

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It is inconvenient when you have to take your helmet around. It does make a safety concern because it can be stolen pretty easily and is a much-wanted accessory that is expensive to buy.

Over the years, many techniques have been invented to secure the helmet and the motorcycle. Though some have been fairly effective, some have become the standard for locking helmets.

It is better to have your helmet well secured with your motorcycle, so how to lock helmet to motorcycle?

The techniques are fairly simple. You can lock your helmet with:

  1. Helmet Lock
  2. Anchors And Chain Locks
  3. Gun Lock
  4. Cable Locks
  5. Articulated Locks
  6. Chain Locks
  7. Use A Padlock

You may have reasons to keep your helmet with you, but it becomes hectic to have it in one hand. Sometimes you may even lose it if in a hurry.

Various people have their preferences which make plenty of techniques effective. However, rather than just tying your helmet to the motorcycle like one would to a bike, it is better to use the helmet locks, which are small, handy, and light-weighted.

These locks are low on price and are sturdy little locks that are hard to unpin and even break. Also, the locks depend on the types of helmets that are bought.

When To Use Helmet Locks

Can you lock your helmet to your motorcycle? Let's find out how

Usually, people forget many safety concerns regarding leaving out expensive accessories. It is not used at home because it is fairly safe when inside your premises.

The helmet lock is advised to be used on many occasions, such as:

  1. When you park your motorcycle in a public parking lot.
  2. When you have to go inside a store, leave your motorcycle unattended.
  3. Going to a friend’s place in a public place, you never know what situation may arise.
  4. Any situation which requires some extra security protocols. Such as going to a meeting or a restaurant.
  5. Using a public parking area.
  6. When you cannot take your helmet inside to the place, you visit.
  7. Or when carrying the helmet around becomes tiring.

Locations For Locking Helmets

Once you understand your motorcycle and the type of helmet you own, it will be easily known where you can lock your helmet too. A locking location should be sturdy and tight enough for securing the helmet.

Here are a few locations you can lock your helmet:

  • One of the most common locations is the handlebars. It needs a little more care than other locations because it needs to be;
  • Properly secured, or else it can slide off.
  • Secure your helmet. Another location for securing your helmet is the passenger pegs.
  • Make sure to park at a safe spot, lock your motorcycle and then lock it to your peg.
  • One of the safest spots for securing your helmet is the seat. Many motorcycles have openable seats and storage areas.
  • You can place our helmet inside and close the latch on it. They will be secured from any dogs and robbers.
  • The mirror is also a good spot. It takes a lot of strength for anyone to pull the entire mirror out to get the helmet off. Just make sure to lock it properly.

The above techniques are just a few to practice for safety. You can add a few more for yourself.

Options For Locking Your Helmet To Your Motorcycle

Many things can be used for locking the helmet to the motorcycle. It is important to understand what material has the strength to provide better security.

Here are a few ways you can secure your helmet.

1. Helmet Lock

When you use your chin strap to lock your helmet to the motorcycle, be clear about what could happen.

It only needs a knife to cut it and take your helmet. It is better to get a small, sturdy metal helmet lock that is sturdy and reliable.

In every way, it is anti-theft. The best feature about this helmet lock is small, available almost everywhere, and is better than a chin strap.

2. Anchors And Chain Locks

One of the most sturdy and reliable locks is the chain lock or the anchors. They are usually used when parking a motorcycle in a garage or public parking.

These locks are popular because of their weight and circumference, one of the best protecting gears of the motorcycle and the helmet.

Your motorcycle and your helmet will be secured with a 1.2-meter long lock with a diameter of almost 14mm. All you need to do is loop the lock through the helmet and lock it in place.

3. Gun Lock

Though it might sound odd, many gun locks are not even used. Also, they are easy of the size of the chin strap opening where it can be secured to the body of the motorcycle.

It is a good and reliable option, but the gun locks are not stronger than the helmet locks. But they are still better options.

4. Cable Locks

The regular bicycle cable locks are a good option as well. These cables are plastic coated with metal wires inside that can be locked with a key.

These cables are thick, have reliable security, and are easily available at a very low price. Though they are made for bicycles, they can easily fit the helmet and be looped around the body of the motorcycle.

5. Articulated Locks

A little more flexible option is the articulated lock. It is resilient but still very flexible for locking your helmet to a tire or the body of the motorcycle.

It has metal anchors which support anti-theft movements when parked in public parking. These locks are silicon-covered thick metal cables that can be locked with different combinations and used in different areas.

The best part about these locks is that they do not scratch the helmet or the motorcycle and are not as expensive as the other heavy-duty choices of locks available.

6. Chain Locks

Even though it is not a very reliable source of securing your helmet and can ruin the helmet’s exterior, this lock can be broken easily with a little force. The chain is metal and can be locked exactly like a bicycle cable.

7. Use A Padlock

Among all the locks mentioned in the sections above, the most reliable and practical lock for helmets is the padlock. It is not only reliable but also very economical helmet locking gear.

Many companies now manufacture motorcycles that already have a built-in padlock, but some don’t. If your motorcycle lacks the basic protective gear, there is no need to worry.

can either get a simple metal padlock unlocked with a key or get the newer editions where you can lock with various combinations.

Practically, the key lock is not a good idea because you can always lose the key and get into serious trouble. At the same time, the combination is just in your head!

We all have been using padlocks for various security purposes, and now there is also an option for helmets. You can avail these padlocks from a supermarket and in the accurate size.

Here is a simple way to perfectly secure your helmet:

  1. Select the size and type of the padlock. You most probably want to go for a smaller one in size, which is easy to carry and has a metal padlock.
  2. Select if you want the key lock or a combination lock. It is always up to you. Some of the best available padlocks are:
    a) Kryptonite 000884 keeper 5s.
    b) Big Pantha motorcycle padlock.
    c) The club UTL810.
    d) Kryptonite Newyork.
    These are some of the best high-end Padlocks, but you can easily get choices that will fit your budget.
  3. Before using your padlock, make sure the area you choose to park is secure. Usually, parks and paid parking are always better protection-wise.
  4. After removing your helmet, locate the area where you would like to lock your helmet, such as the handlebar, the mirror, the seat peg, or even the back of the motorcycle.
  5. Loop your padlock through your helmet around the select area and press the lock until you hear a click. If you have a key for it, you can unlock it with the key, but if you have a combination, you will have to dial in the combination for it to unlock.

Why Do You Need A Motorcycle Helmet Lock?

When you invest emotionally and logically in a piece of gear for your service, it only is logical to take care of it.

In simple words, it is for your good. Motorcycle gear and especially helmets are not cheap. They always cost you a few hundred bucks.

The motorcycle helmet locks make it easy to place your helmets on your motorcycles without the fear of them being stolen or forgetting them somewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is There A Way To Lock The Helmet To A Motorcycle?

Yes, there are plenty of ways to lock your helmet to your motorcycle. You can use your chin straps, but they are not secure.

You can lock them inside your seat, which is the safest way. Other techniques include bicycle cable locks, chain locks, and even helmet locks.

Q2. How Can I Lock My Motorcycle Helmet With A Strap On?

It is not suggested to use the chin strap for securing your helmet. The best way to go about it is to secure it inside your motorcycle and lock the helmet inside.

Other techniques are:

  1. Using the gun lock.
  2. Using helmet lock.
  3. Using bicycle cables.

Q3. How Do I Keep My Bike Helmet From Being Stolen?

If you have an expensive helmet for your rides, it is important to get a good quality lock for it as well. You cannot just keep holding your helmet as well.

Keeping your helmet inside the seat storage area for better security would be better. If your bike does not have a seat compartment, you can always use other practices such as:

  1. Use a helmet lock to your handlebar.
  2. You can even lock it to the seat peg and even the body of the motorcycle.
  3. You can secure the helmet with a gun lock and even chain locks.
  4. A better way to secure your helmet is to lock it with a bicycle cable.


Helmets are safety gear, and they should be kept handy. The helmets are used for long commutes and short distances.

There are many types of helmets available for the type of rides you aim at. Different methods can secure each helmet.

It is not just for holding your helmet but also secures your motorcycle. So the answer to the question is how to lock the helmet to a motorcycle?

The answer is you can choose whatever method you like, but using a helmet lock is still a better technique.

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