Top 10 Best Motorcycles For Short Women Riders

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Height may be a concern for many women when riding a motorbike. But the reality is that you can never be too short to ride a motorcycle.

All you need is a comfortable position to ride a motorcycle. If you still believe you are short for a regular motorcycle, all you can do is figure out what other options are out there.

If you are wondering about best motorcycle for short women then here is the list:

  1. Honda MSX125 Grom
  2. Ducati Supersport 950
  3. Kawasaki ZZ-R1400
  4. Suzuki SV650
  5. Harley Davidson Street Glide Special
  6. Indian Scout Sixty
  7. BMW R1250RT
  8. Triumph Street Twin
  9. BMW F900XR
  10. Triumph Tiger 900 GT

If you are wondering what is short for a motorcycle, it is not a simple question. Many women have longer limbs but a shorter torso to drive around easily.

Women with shorter limbs have a little tough time adjusting to a motorcycle. The height that is less than 5’7 is generally seen as short, but they can easily ride a motorcycle, and a height below 5’4 is too short for motorcycles that require a certain type of motorcycle.

The Motorcycle Terminology For Being Short

Wondering what is a good motorcycle for a small female? Read my in-depth guide to find the answer

It is not just the height of the person or the motorcycle’s seat that differs, but there are many other things apart from how feet you are to determine if the person is too short for the motorcycle.

As mentioned above, 5’7 is considered somewhat short for motorcycle riders, and any height below 5’4 is too short and requires either seat accessories or a different type of motorcycle.

Here are a few things that can add a difference to your choice of motorcycle if you are somewhere below 5’7.

  1. The height of the motorcycle is calculated from the ground to the top of the seat.
  2. Weight of motorcycle and the person, calculating how much height can be deducted.
  3. Weight distribution feature of the motorcycle.
  4. The width of the seat can help in distributing the weight evenly. A wider seat will be a hassle for short women.
  5. Steering head angle, which determines the seating position.
  6. Positioning of the handlebar, how far it is.
  7. The height of the seat peg.

The points mentioned above are just personal observations made by a female motorcyclist who wants to help their fellow gender.

Understanding Your Choices

As women need options to choose from, the motorcycle industry has plenty of styles and designs that can be considered before making a final decision.

It should be understood that over the years, motorcycles have been developed into fully functional vehicles that work just as better as any car would.

This section of the article deals with different motorcycles and their purpose. Some bikes are by default taller than others, while most are adjustable.


One of the most popular choices of motorcycles as it can be used for a daily commute, for longer distances, and even for other adventure purposes.

For example, the Yamaha SR400. Usually found in 125cc to 1000cc, has a luggage area, passenger seat, and a little different seat style.


This one also known as a chopper, one of the many motorcycles manufactured by Harley Davidson. Usually found in 1000cc or above, depending on the style and model. It has a low seat and a very laid-back ride.

Sports Bike

This is a light weighted and agile bike with higher speed. These bikes are usually taller, having high-end parts and features, with seats a little higher than normal motorcycle seat placing. For example, Suzuki GSXR600.


This one is a luxury for all bikers. The touring bikes are designed to cross the country and are put to the test. They have a capacity of 10,000 miles. They have a little lower tipping front and a jacked-up back seat.

With multiple features and comfortable rides, these bikes are usually taken on longer routes, especially on the highways. For example, the Honda Goldwing.

Sport Touring

These are available in the market as a hybrid of Sport and Touring motorcycles with bigger luggage space and sturdy engines. They have hauling gear, which is extra and is used on longer trips.

These motorcycles have taller seats, and short people will have to be tip towing while sitting. For example, Concours 14 ABS.

Dual Sports

This is a very aggressive motorcycle for off-roading with an off-road suspension system. The seats are a little higher and require to be adjusted accordingly.

It has a greater speed and a better off-roading experience. It has a limited luggage option and is not a good option for longer rides. For example, KTM 1090 Adventure R.


A scooter is a motorcycle-looking motor vehicle which is available in 50cc to 500cc. It is a good and practical option for students and their daily commute.

It has a low seat and a leg place area. They have a recharging capacity as well, making them highly fuel-efficient. For example, the Honda Ruckus.


This one is an electric sub-category of scooter that is available in 50cc or less. It is easily recharged and is used for making small nontraffic commutes. It is a safer choice than a motorcycle and practical for schools and universities. For example, Titan 50.


The off-road motorcycle is a right light vehicle that is tall and is made to be driven in areas with dirt and bushes.

It helps keep the mud stains and turns away from your feet and clothes. For example, KLX110. A perfect weekend ride.

It is fair to say that most motorcycles are designed for average height people. These motorcycles have adjusting seats, making it easy for short women to ride on them.

What Motorcycle Should Short Women Get?

Over the years, motorcycles have changed shapes, heights, engines, and even names. In this era, the evolving process does not stop, but the best thing about the modern era is acknowledging women being empowered.

Here are some of the best motorcycles for short women because height is not something to be left out!

1. Honda MSX125 Grom

The Honda MSX125 Grom was designed to be a low seat motorcycle for novice riders and learners. This Motorcycle is a good bargain for short women.

It is not only a lightweight motor vehicle but has good features as well:

  • Ultra-low saddle height.
  • Commuter CB125F.
  • Single-cylinder engine.
  • The seat height is 176mm.
  • Easy to ride and comfortable.
  • Quite and sturdy.

It is a feminine bike compared to others, as the word used for this motorcycle is cute.

2. Ducati Supersport 950

The bike is made for short women, and leaning over this compact bike makes it more in control. Many tall riders do not prefer this bike.

Having other specifications, this bike is available in many sharp colors. The back end is a little high, making it sportier.

  • 1000cc superbike.
  • Produces around 200bhp.
  • It is highly sophisticated and has electric aid.
  • The seat height is 840mm.
  • It has LED headlights.
  • It has fine handling Italian chassis.

Having an intimidating motorcycle and yet just the right size is what every woman should have.

3. Kawasaki ZZ-R1400

Despite being short, Kawasaki ZZR1400 is a very underestimated hyperbike that should be made a must-have for all women.

The motorcycle is characterized as a motor vehicle for short people with low saddled seats and an easily approachable handlebar.

This compact motorcycle is not just small and ridable but gives good reasons to be bought.

  • A genuinely heavy weighted motorcycle.
  • 190mph rocketship.
  • 180bhp plus super engine.
  • Low slung and classic design.
  • Bulky girth.

It is a very sporty choice for a motorcycle. It is one of the best bikes to purchase for short riders.

4. Suzuki SV650

This motorcycle offers a conventional ride and style, one of the naked series with a few tweaked changes. It is a sturdy bike with a low seat and is easy to ride.

Short riders who are a pro at riding the motorcycle will enjoy this motorcycle with a jacked-up back seat and good steady speed.

Another reason for this desirable naked series bike is:

  • Saddled low seats.
  • Jacked up last seat and suspension.
  • Good for aggressive riding.
  • Monoshock rears.
  • V-twin motors.
  • Slim design and fancy drive.
  • Middle weighted.

The conventional motorcycle is slightly different as compared to other similar motorcycles. Women with a shorter stature are recommended this motorcycle.

5. Harley Davidson Street Glide Special

The bagger style is a touring motorcycle-influenced bike made for short females who love the adventure. It has a sporty look but a low saddle seat, making it easy to ride on a longer route.

The ride is comfortable and does not need frequent stops. Though it is not a sport or an adventure motorcycle, it is still the best one for the same use.

  • Comfortable seat and baggage area for longer tours.
  • Plenty of room for 2nd passenger.
  • Light-weight and lower center of gravity.
  • Easy to ride and control at a higher speed.

There is no fooling with Harley Davidson. These bikes are guaranteed and amazing in every way.

6. Indian Scout Sixty

In other words, this is a chopped-down motorcycle, which has saddled low seats and has a very laid-back ride. For a motorcycle, it is a fairly smooth ride.

This motorcycle is designed for short women. The style and manufacture are slim and sleek for women to easily manage the ride.

Other specifications include:

  • Slim V engine.
  • A laid back cruiser.
  • Ultra-low seat.
  • The seat height is 755mm.
  • Friendly style and easy to use.
  • Modern and made for women.

This feminine motorcycle is manufactured for clear reasons. The motorcycle is made specifically for women of all heights.

7. BMW R1250RT

It is a rather chunky motorcycle that is a tourer type and is known for its comfortable ride for two.

It is not a lightweight motor vehicle but a low seated machine that is practical for two on a longer ride. They are known as the best touring bikes.

  • Heavyweight motorcycle with a low center of gravity.
  • Slim V engines.
  • High Horsepower producing engine.
  • Wind shield and mildly low tipping front.
  • Slim design and sleek manufacturing.

A heavy-weight motorcycle that is amazing for shorter females because no one should be left out of the fun.

8. Triumph Street Twin

This motorcycle is not just about the style but has an amazing ride to it. This is one of the classic styles made very popular in the 1970s, which started in the 60s.

It is usually used as a day-to-day bike for a short-distance commute, but who is to say you cannot take it out for a run on the highway.

  • Stylish and sturdy ride.
  • Comfortable seats and a sleek design.
  • Reliable engine.
  • Low saddles seats.
  • Easy to reach handlebars.

There might be other motorcycles offing much better specifications now, but old is gold. This motorcycle will never go out of fashion and will always be the best choice of all motorcyclists.

9. BMW F900XR

This all-rounder motorcycle was launched in 2020 and has been one of the best motorcycles in the market.

It is not just because the company makes it desirable, but the overall look and the easily controlled and comfortable ride make it ever desirable.

The motorcycle is a German design for short chaps and ladies. To be precise, there is much more to the motorcycle as well.

  • Improved braking with Brembo brakes and suspension system.
  • Higher horsepower and torque, 105hpb.
  • Best cruising motorcycle for longer distances.
  • Large engine.
  • Road oriented chassis.
  • Colorful TFT screen.

You do not have to be short for this bike. It is an all-rounder for a reason, a treat for ladies and men. It serves all equally.

10. Triumph Tiger 900 GT

It might look like a humungous bike, but BMW made it clear for the competitors with this amazing bike.

The adventurer motorcycle has large tires and a low seat that balances it out for short women who loves a roaring motorcycle.

Getting a sturdy helmet on may be wise as this bike is up a real adventure and does not make frequent stops.

  • Accessible low seat.
  • The width of the seat is 790mm, and a 770 mm suspension with a lowering kit.
  • A slim, sleek saddle.
  • Light twin-cylinder engine with a 94bhp.
  • An adventure series motorcycle.

The motorcycle mentioned above is for ladies who love themselves a little raw adventure and are not afraid to go after it.

While many of you might think about which one to get, all of these motorcycles are amazing, and you just need to start somewhere before knowing which your motorcycle is and what your style of riding is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Motorcycle Is The Best For A 5 Feet Girl?

A 5 feet girl will be considered as short because any height below 5’4 is very short and needs to think about the choices of motorcycles they have.

It would be better for such a heightened person to look for a slim motorcycle that is easy to handle between the legs and makes room for flat paddling.

The best motorcycle for a girl with 5 feet would be BMW F900XR. You may even find other similar motorcycles depending on your budget, as Suzuki gives BMW a clear competition.

Q2. What Motorcycle Would Be Perfect For A Girl With A Height Of 5’3?

The height of 5′ 3 is considered short in the motorcycle world. Similarly, any height below 5’4 is too short but worry not.

The industry makes bikes with a low seat by default. The best motorcycle for such a little woman would be Indian Scouty Sixty.

It is easy to sit on and has a comfortable positioning of the handlebar and a saddle seat. It might feel like something unsatisfying but give it a try. Another better option is the Kawasaki, a burly ride for all tall and short alike.

Q3. What Is The Easiest Motorcycle For Women To Ride?

There is no easy and hard for women riding a bike. A motorcycle is either ridden or not. There is no in-between. You can either be a novice or an expert. The way a man rides a bike is exactly how a woman would.

So the answer to this question is no bike is hard to ride, while some bikes are made for beginners and novices to learn to ride on, such as the Honda MSX125 Grom.

It has a V-cylinder engine and a slim body which is easy to handle as a new learner. It might be easy to drive as compared to others.

A person who has not ridden a bike before should start with a moped and then switch to a scooter making the transition easier.

Q4. Can I Be Too Short To Ride A Bike?

No, there is no such thing as being too short for a bike. All you need is a position that helps you comfortably ride a bike. If you are not able to flat paddle, it is still fine. It just means your seat is higher for your torso.

Just adjust the seats. You’ll be good to go. At the same time, some women are intimidated by large motorcycles. It is always an option to get a low saddled seat motorcycle.


Motorcycles are of different types and styles. It is no such thing as a motorcycle being too feminine or too manly. Motorcycles are made for all genders to enjoy.

While there might be some features limiting to some, such as the height of the seat or the total size of the motorcycle can be a limiting factor for short women. But there are multiple options to choose from.

With many motorcycles being launched every year, there and many low seat options for short women. If asked what is the best motorcycle for short women?

The answer is all low seated bikes or any of these little women like riding. All you need is to adjust accordingly and start riding.

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