How To Get A Motorcycle License In Indiana

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Are you wondering if you need a motorcycle license in Indiana or not? Motorcycle licenses are super important when it comes to riding a motorcycle in any state.

They’re how you can ride your motorcycle on public roads, and they’re also how you can prove that you’re good enough to ride a motorcycle.

One question I mostly get is how to get a motorcycle license in Indiana. Well, the process consists of several steps. You must complete appropriate tests, pass skill exams, and get your license.

I can assure you that the process is not as straightforward as it looks here. There are many steps to the process, which will be discussed properly in this article.

I suggest you sit down and read through everything because every piece of information here is extremely vital. By the end of it, you will be confident enough to get a new license without any hiccups.

Let’s get started!

Motorcycle License Requirements In Indiana

What is the process for getting a motorcycle license in Indiana? Read my guide

The steps to get a motorcycle license in Indiana are not as important if you are not aware of the requirements.

There are many things to note, so you can know how to apply. Yes, the application procedure can change. Let’s see what the differentiating factor is.

Knowing Your Age

As expected, age is the differentiating factor when applying for a motorcycle license in Indiana.

Like many others, the state classifies applicants into two distinct categories: minors and adults. You must know which one you are in, so let’s look.

Age Under 18

The minimum age to apply for a license in Indiana is 16 years. People who fall under this category are minors and need to follow steps slightly different from those for adults.

  • The first thing they need to do is hold a valid driver’s license. You need to research how to get one if you don’t have one already.
  • Next up, you must complete a safety course authorized by the state of Indiana.
  • If minors don’t want to give a test, they can go the other route by performing tests.
  • They must complete written knowledge tests and skill exams to prove they are ready for riding on the road.
  • People under 18 also need guardians to sign an Agreement of Financial Liability. This is not optional.

After this is done, they can visit a BMV to get a stamped permit, permitting them to ride on the roads of Indiana.

Age 18 Above

There is little difference between the steps that need to be taken by minors and adults. Although it may already be clear, I will not be leaving you high and dry to assume what you need to do.

Adults have the option to complete a safety course provided by a Ride Safe Indiana provider.

This course covers all basic and advanced techniques that will allow people to learn how to ride a motorcycle and deal with different situations on the road.

Completing and presenting a certificate of completing this course will also help people to skip the knowledge and skills tests.

On the other hand, they can go the quicker route and perform both tests. If you are confident in your ability to do so, then I suggest choosing this path.

You need to complete a knowledge and skills test, after which you will be eligible to receive a motorcycle permit.

If you are transferring from out of state and already have a motorcycle license, you only need to complete a knowledge test.

Types Of Motorcycle Licenses

Indiana has one type of motorcycle license, which allows you to operate all two- and three-wheeled motorcycles.

Other states have two licenses: one for two-wheeled motorcycles and another for three-wheeled motorcycles.

Indiana does not require a separate license for three-wheeled motorcycles, so if you want to ride one, you do not need to take an additional class or pay extra fees.

How To Apply For Your Indiana Motorcycle License

The reason you clicked on this article in this section. Here I will be explaining every single step that will be needed to be done to receive a license in the state of Indiana.

Step 1: Get A Driver’s License

As expected, the first step to getting a motorcycle license in Indiana is to get a driver’s license. The process of getting a driver’s license is not too difficult.

The steps do get one are:

  1. Apply for an instruction permit.
  2. Bring all documentation such as social security number.
  3. Pass vision and knowledge tests.
  4. Pay the $9 permit fee.

After keeping the permit for 180 days, you can apply for a driver’s license. You will have to bring required documents and also pass a skill test. Then you will finally be able to get a driver’s license.

Step 2: Testing For Your Motorcycle License

So, you are finally ready to get a motorcycle license for riding in the state of Indiana but are unsure of what tests you need to get done.

Well, that is a worry of the past as I am going to explain everything below:

1. Motorcycle Written Test

The first main, and perhaps the hardest, obstacle in this course is the written test.

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) motorcycle written test is designed to determine whether you have the knowledge and skills required to operate a motorcycle safely.

To pass the test, you must correctly answer at least 21 out of 25 questions.

You must study hard to pass it, as it can get difficult. But proper learning will lead to you clearing the test in no time.

2. Motorcycle Road Test

Your Motorcycle Road Test in Indiana consists of several elements which will allow your examiner to assess how good you are on a motorcycle.

The examiner will first observe your safety during this test by looking at how you control your motorcycle and look ahead, and listening for cues and instructions on how to safely turn, merge and stop on the road.

The examiner will then have you demonstrate that you can perform different riding maneuvers and evaluate your ability to safely handle emergency stopping, cornering, and changing lanes under varying conditions.

Step 3: Paying Required Fees

The fee to obtain a motorcycle permit is $9.00, and the fee to renew your motorcycle license or add a motorcycle endorsement is $21.00.

If you add a motorcycle endorsement to your motor vehicle license, there will be an additional $15.00 fee. The fee for a motorcycle license plate is $25.35.

These are all the charges that must be cleared before you are issued a motorcycle license in the state of Indiana.

This is not a lot but still not the cheapest state to get a license in. For example, in Illinois, you need to pay a total of $20 only until you get your license in the state.

Ways To Get A Motorcycle Endorsement In IN

You might already be aware of what an endorsement is. It is a stamp on your driving license, which allows you to ride motorcycles. The state of Indiana issues these only, instead of giving dedicated motorcycle licenses.

Let’s see how you can get one.

Step 1: Pass Tests

Given that you already have a driving license, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared for the tests that will be given to you.

The first one is a knowledge test, which consists of 25 questions. You need to answer at least 21 of them correctly before you move on to the next stage.

The next stage is the skills test. Here an instructor will test just how good you are in riding a motorcycle. Different situations will be put in front of you, to test you.

There will be no vision test as it is already done during when getting a driving license.

Step 2: Submit Important Documents

After the tests are complete and you have passed, you are required to submit your documents. This is important to get the process done as soon as possible.

After doing this and paying all the fees, all you need to do is to wait for your license to arrive at your given address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Will It Take To Get A Motorcycle License In Indiana?

You can expect to receive your new license within a month. It will be delivered to you at the provided address, so you don’t need to visit a BMV office again.

If, for some reason, you don’t receive your license within this time frame, you need to contact the authorities as soon as possible to make sure that it has not been misdelivered.

Q2. How Much Will It Cost To Get A Motorcycle License In Indiana?

To get a motorcycle permit, you need to pay $9. Next up, you need $21 as a new application fee. Finally, you need to get the endorsement on your driving license.

Q3. Should I Have A License To Ride A Motorcycle In Indiana?

Yes, all residents above the age of 16 and who wish to ride a motorcycle in Indiana need a license. There is no exception; you could very well be fined or even imprisoned by the state if you are not careful.

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Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of this guide. Now, you know how to get a motorcycle license in Indiana. You may feel anxious about taking your test, but don’t worry—you’ve got this.

The most important thing is that you go in with confidence and knowledge. You’ve already done the hard part: studying for your test and learning about how one can get a motorcycle license in the state.

Now all you need to do is put those skills into action on the day of your tests. You will hopefully pass with flying colors. Good luck, and enjoy riding your ride in peace!

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