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Getting authentic information as quickly as possible, especially for motorcycles, has always been an issue, but makes this a thing of the past.

By providing tips, tricks, and content of all types, our site can provide the best resources on motorcycles in general. This site strives to become your trusted source for all bike-related information.

Our website aims to aid fellow bikers in finding authentic information needed as easily as possible. This is also the approach that has also taken when it comes to its content.

Now that is part of, together, the two of us can provide the stellar content you deserve.

Our recent acquisition is that of Bikes India, another one-stop resource for everything related to Indian bikes.

This has allowed us to connect with the users of Bikes India and provide them with integral information that will keep them safe.

Being dedicated to their craft, I believe Bikes India can do much better under my wing as a part of Beast Riders than it would have otherwise.

What Was Bikes India About? was a modest effort to collect, store and make available the information on every bike and scooter that has ever been sold in India on a single platform.

It contained technical specifications, ex-showroom prices, release dates, and expert and user reviews of nearly every bike, whether available or discontinued.

The website’s target audience was every bike lover and connoisseur.

It was an immensely cooperative site that encouraged its users to give their opinions and experiences about their current, past, and dream motorcycle so that others would benefit from it.

The organization was always open to new ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism. This made it easy for us to take steps in acquiring the website.

While my website generally deals in motorcycles, Bikes India had everything covered.

With this acquisition, their efforts should be on motorcycles alone which will keep them in line with my vision as well as have them able to put more effort into a smaller pool of content.

This may go against their mission to cover all two-wheeled vehicles, but that is the cost of being a part of something much greater!

“Royal Enfield Taurus Diesel” Review: One Of The Popular Post From BikesIndia

Bikes India has always been on top regarding new and exclusive bikes that are unique in various aspects.

While they cover all sorts of bikes, their most popular article was that of the Royal Enfield Taurus. This was the only bike in the country which ran on diesel and was sold commercially.

It had a 325cc Lombardini Diesel engine coupled with Royal Enfield’s good old right-hand side placed 4-speed gearbox and Royal Enfield’s signature neutral finder.

The bike was launched in 1993 and had a maximum power of 6.9PS, only made possible by those mentioned above air-cooled, 4-stroke, 325cc diesel engine.

The bike was chain driven with four-speed gears and a manual transmission. The bike’s front suspension was Telescopic Forks, and the rear was Spring Loaded Hydraulic Shock Absorber.

This bike had a wheelbase of 137.2 cm, a ground clearance of 17 cm, and a fuel capacity of 15 Liters. The cherry on top was that the bike could be started electrically and by a kick.

If you wanted even the smallest bit of information about the Royal Enfield Taurus Diesel, then your best bet was to read the article written by Bikes India.

This is just a small summary of what the article had to offer. I hope to provide the same level of content now that Beast Riders have acquired them.

What Else Could You Read On Bikes India?

The number of resources you could read on the Bikes India website was seemingly endless.

They had a near-limitless supply of topics to choose from and covered a wide range of them.

The above section highlighted one of their most popular articles. It reached this popularity simply because of how detailed it was in all of its specifications of that particular bike.

Not everyone will be interested in that bike, however, which is the reason why Bikes India has the same level of content covering a wide assortment of motorcycles and bikes.

This makes it extremely easy to read up on the bike you are looking for.

Ever struggled to carry out a fix or task on your motorcycle? At some point, I can easily say that all of us have been there.

Bikes India has also covered a variety of different methods, strategies, and various tips and tricks on how you can carry out certain tasks, such as fixing bolt smart charger clips.

If you do not carry out any maintenance on your bike yourself or just want to browse the news of the latest happening in the world of motorcycles and bikes, Bikes India would also have you covered there.

Product Reviews And News

Here are Beast Riders; I have also extensively reviewed various products you can have on your motorcycle.

While recently, I have mostly been talking about the industry knowledge you need to gain, there was a time when product assessment guides were all the rage.

This is also something that Bikes India knew how to do as well. Not only were they able to rate and assess all the various products that were making buzz on the market, but they were also able to talk extensively about bikes and motorcycles.

While giving out specification guides like the one I highlighted above, Bikes India also gave in-depth reviews of the bikes themselves.

Additionally, they would cover the latest happenings of that motorcycle/bike and even put out theory guides on whether or not certain aspects of them could hold up.

These articles bring the community together, which is why I am excited to have Bikes India become a part of Beast Riders.

Content For All That Covers All

The issue with many sites is that they usually stick to one niche and expand upon it.

Not only can this prevent them from reaching a wider audience, but it also limits how much work they can put into their blogs as their content area is low.

Bikes India did not have this problem as they kept their content coverage high and made sure to talk about everything.

They had entire sections dedicated to different brands and whole pages with articles about specific bikes.

This meant that regardless of whether you had an adventure bike made by Honda or a classic Harley Davidson, Bikes India was on the case.

In many aspects, this is quite similar to Beast Riders as well. The blogs put out are made sure to cover a wide audience, and many different blogs are often published to cater to an entirely different audience.

This means that regardless of your interests, an article is waiting for you on Beast Riders. It is this huge similarity that makes me excited to see to get Bikes India under the Beast Riders’ wing.

Not only will this lead to another huge increase in content, but it will make sure that the content is not limited to one specific audience.

How Can Beast Riders’ Team Help You?

The content here at Beast Riders extensively covers various aspects.

Whether you want industry knowledge or simply figure out a particular topic, Beast Riders probably have an article that is perfectly suited for your needs.

Our blogs get almost daily updates and our topics range across everything you can think about when it comes to motorcycles.

Whether you are struggling to get a license in a specific state or have the question, “How big are motorcycle gas tanks?” you will get your answer and more, all from the extensively amazing content posted on the Beast Riders Blog!

Additionally, the blog covers issues and content that is perfectly suited for all Americans, regardless of whether you are in a particular state or not.

This is because our content pipeline will talk about issues and go about them state-by-state, meaning each state gets its article!

It is our goal to make sure that you can ride your motorcycle as efficiently and safely as possible, which is why Beast Riders have various posts similar to the ones below:

If you do not know the answer to any of these questions or you have a similar question to the ones above, you are recommended to check out


Having your Favorite site be discontinued and become a part of another site can be disheartening, but you should know that the original site still lives on.

Only it does so by expanding the content and bolstering the content of the site it goes into. It is safe to say that Bikes India is a huge acquirement for Beast Riders, and I am personally extremely excited to have this underway.

Now that is a part of, you should expect even more quality content, which is currently in the works and will be posted on our blog.

So keep your eye out for new and interesting articles and content shortly!