Do You Have To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet In Wyoming?

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The police have a right to pull you over, but they need probable cause. When it comes to motorcycle helmets, this is usually because you were not wearing them or because they were not up to par.

This can be frustrating for motorcycle riders, especially considering many do not know the state’s laws. Once you ask the question, “Do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Wyoming?” you will realize some easy-to-digest information.

Wyoming is a state that does not allow minors to drive motorcycles without a helmet. The age where people are considered adults is 18. This means that so long as you are 18, you are not required to wear a helmet in Wyoming.

Besides this, you need to learn a lot of specifications if you want to avoid run-ins with the police. To help you with this, I will review all of them set in Wyoming. That being said, be sure to read this article in its entirety.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws And Rules In Wyoming

Are there motorcycle helmet laws in Wyoming? Read my guide to find the answer

If you want to know the gist of the law, you should be able to learn it quite easily. Anyone that is below the age 18 is required by the law to wear helmets while riding a motorcycle.

If you are above the specified age, you can opt not to wear one. This attempts to persuade young and aspiring motorcycle riders to equip helmets before riding on their bike.

That being said, it seems fair that adults can drive without a helmet, and minors should wear one. Once they grow up to be 18 or above, they can stop if they want.

This will be completely legal as they are above the legal requirement. One thing to note is that these laws apply to public laws. If you are on private property, then you are free to not wear a helmet.

Motorcycle Helmet Requirements In WY

Any helmet you wear needs to be standard if you want to wear it in Wyoming. This standard is quite simple.

Your helmet needs to follow the rules set by the American National Standards Institute. This does not just end at helmets.

To include variants such as open-face helmets, the state has also taken care to introduce eye protection laws as well. You will need to follow both of these to avoid getting pulled over.

The best thing you can do is wear a full-faced helmet that is DOT Approved. It should be within the standards of the law and follow eye protection laws.

If you do not want to wear a full-face helmet, you must make arrangements for face shields or glasses. These two must follow eye protection standards.

Penalties/Legal Consequences

Unfortunately, the state of Wyoming has not done much to facilitate the people on the knowledge of fines. You typically get fined for not having a motorcycle helmet on your head while driving your motorcycle.

The government of the state has not stated this fine. The most that you can gather is that it depends on the municipality. It is not set by any means.

You could not have a helmet, the same as another person, and be fined a completely different amount. The government should resolve issues like this.

The people should not be kept out of the loop. There should be set fines for not wearing motorcycle helmets, or they should at least be in a range.

Negligence is also a major claim that many insurance companies will claim. They will say that you were negligent in your safety by not having a motorcycle helmet.

Using this statement, they will try to reduce your insurance money or deny it completely. This is just another reason why motorcycle helmets are a crucial piece of equipment.

Should The Age Requirement For Motorcycle Helmets In Wyoming Be Increased?

This is rather a controversial take on an already despised rule. A lot of people do not like being told what to do. Claims about restricting people’s rights come right after.

The United States is supposed to be the land of the free, so why do people have to wear a motorcycle helmet until a certain age?

This is mostly because they are either too young to make adult decisions or have no regard for their safety.

Due to this, many people believe that having to wear helmets till the age of 18 is more than enough. Beyond this, they should not have to wear one at all.

This take is something many other states might disagree on. This can be seen by the fact that instead of 18, they force people to wear helmets until age 21.

While you could make a case for both sides, the question is, is the current age requirement good enough? Do people benefit from using motorcycle helmets up to 21 instead of 18?

Without official statistics, we will never truly know. We can deduce that fatal motorcycle accidents between the ages of 18 to 21 will go down drastically if this change is made.

This is a good thing considering motorcycle accidents can get messy and get you in court. If that is the case, you will need a good lawyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is It Ok To Wear An Open Face Helmet In Wyoming?

Yes. You can wear an open-face helmet. This is perfectly legal in Wyoming as long as the helmet follows the state’s standards.

If your helmet can maintain those standards and you wear proper eye protection, you should not get in trouble with the police.

Q2. How Much Is The Fine For Not Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet In Wyoming?

You will be shocked to hear that the state of Wyoming has not elaborated on a fine for not driving with a motorcycle helmet.

Of course, you will have to pay a fine, but it will depend largely on the municipality. At a minimum, you can get off scot-free, but your fine can also be very large.

Q3. When Did Motorcycle Helmet Become Law In Wyoming?

Most states introduced their motorcycle helmet laws in 1966. Many states would step away from these rules later down the line.

Wyoming rejected universal helmet laws and switched to its current scheme in 1983. These laws have been mostly the same and have not seen major changes.

Q4. Should Passengers Wear A Helmet In Wyoming?

Anyone traveling on a motorcycle must ride with a helmet as long as they are under 18. This means that passengers will also have to follow this particular rule.

You can get pulled over and fined if you do not follow this rule as a motorcycle passenger.

Q5. Are Moped Drivers Required To Wear A Helmet In Wyoming?

Owning a moped provides a different feel than a motorcycle but ultimately faces the same restrictions. Mopeds have to follow motorcycle rules that Wyoming has set.

Failure to do so can get you into trouble with the police, who can, without hesitation, slap you with a big fine.


Wyoming has some rather interesting laws related to motorcycle helmets. These laws are very similar to other states in preventing minors from riding without an equipped helmet.

Other than that, they allow adults to ride while not wearing a helmet, which leads many people to ask do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Wyoming. At this point, you should be an expert on all the motorcycle laws set by this state.

You should be able to perfectly drive your motorcycle without drawing any unwanted attention from the police. This should prevent you from getting pulled over randomly.

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