How To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair

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Riding a motorcycle is the finest conceivable element for bike enthusiasts. You can experience freedom throughout the journey with your hair open. However, employing a motorcycle’s complete gear is vital.

A helmet is an essential aspect of motorcycle riding since it ensures riders’ safety. You cannot ride without a helmet.

This frequently causes many issues for riders who wear helmets. The majority of motorcyclists frequently argue about hair harm or hair loss due to wearing a helmet.

This might raise the question of how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair? There are certain things you can try yourself and see if you are comfortable with them or not.

Here are some ideas you can try:

  1. Ponytail
  2. Low Buns
  3. Hair Sock
  4. Bandana
  5. Scarf
  6. Braid Your Hair
  7. Use A Modular Helmet
  8. Try A Doo-Rag
  9. Add layers
  10. Keep The Hair Moisturized
  11. Trim The Hair
  12. Tuck Hair Inside The Helmet
  13. Bikers Cap

These ideas will help make your ride a lot more comfortable and exciting. Make sure to read this article until the end, as I will be explaining all of these ideas in further detail so you can have a clear understanding.

You should also check the frequently asked questions as it answers some important yet curious questions.

How To Wear Hair Under Motorcycle Helmet

Wondering what should you do with long hair under your motorcycle helmet? Then read my guide

Your lengthy hair must not blow around while riding a motorcycle. It must be conserved to feel relaxed under your helmet while traveling and still looks excellent at the end.

Let’s look at some ways to maintain your long hair in shape while wearing a helmet.

1. Ponytail

Helmets are rigid. Because the objective is to safeguard the user, neither can be created.

But isn’t it true that hair arrangement can be altered? It would be great if you attempted to create a ponytail because it is pretty professional and appealing.

Your hair would be less messed up if you wore it in a straight ponytail. Your hair would be as safe as before you put the helmet on as soon as you removed it.

Some helmets also contain a hole in the back for a ponytail. These helmets are extremely practical and ideal for everyday usage.

2. Low Buns

One aspect should be evident to you: your hair can only be salvaged by adopting diverse styling techniques. Low buns are another option for keeping your hair looking the same.

You might be wondering how buns form in the back of your head, and the tight buns conserve your hair straight when you wear the helmet and prevent it from getting screwed up.

3. Hair Sock

A hair sock, sometimes known as a ‘loc-soc,’ is essential for motorcyclists with long hair.

This practical long tubular sock, which comes in various colors, is popular among those with dreadlocks. They’re great for controlling hair under motorbike helmets and keeping dreadlocks in place.

4. Bandana

A biker’s bandana is a great method to protect your hair back, and you can wear it after you take off your helmet, so you won’t have trouble with your bangs after a long ride.

There are many different colors and styles to choose from, so you can easily match your clothing or add a touch of glam with some rhinestones.

If you wear your hair off your face, a scarf that suits low over your forehead can help prevent noticeable red tension lines from the helmet.

5. Scarf

Headscarves are the finest way to keep your hair from getting bumbled. Headscarves cover the entire head and allow you to preserve your subjective style while wearing them.

You can wear the helmet over your headscarf, and your hair will not be damaged during your journey. Headscarves can be used as a protective layer to avoid risks such as oily hair and exaggerated hair fall.

6. Braid Your Hair

Under the helmet, braiding your long hair is a great look. Braiding hair is beneficial because it conserves the hair along its length and avoids jumbling and disarray in windy situations.

Wearing a braided helmet for a frizzy ride is quite simple. Reasonable crossing over, striking out under, or traversing for a side braid are all options for braiding your hair.

The collar style and band technique determine the length of your shirt or motorbike jacket. Simply repeat this process throughout your journey until you arrive at your objective.

7. Use A Modular Helmet

If you have long hair and run your motorcycle repeatedly, a modular helmet may be worth the money.

This helmet’s design provides the necessary protection, but it also provides greater flexibility when putting it on and off than other helmets.

If you have thick, long hair, widening the aperture when putting on and taking off the helmet will prevent your hair from flattening out.

8. Try A Doo-Rag

Raci-Babi provides a great selection of doo-rags to maintain your long hair out of your direction and comfortable under your helmet.

They are more fashionable than traditional hairnets and are simple to apply. The best part is that they dissuade helmet itch.

9. Add Layers

If your long hair seems flat and flattened when you take off your motorbike helmet, try layering it. That doesn’t imply you have to cut everything off; rather, you can just add some shorter sections.

Because a motorcycle helmet pushes down on the prime of the head and pulls hair towards the neck, you can keep the all-around length by adding some layers to the sides, but your hair may appear thicker even after a long time wearing one.

10. Keep The Hair Moisturized

Moisturizing your hair regularly will help it retain its strength. This will aid in the reduction of knots and the prevention of breakage.

You should moisturize them before wearing a helmet to consolidate them, and staying calm will also assist your head stay cool and perform efficiently.

Your hail will be less likely to smash and split from the roots and will thus last longer.

11. Trim The Hair

Trimming long hair is difficult for someone who enjoys it and wants to maintain it that way.

This is why you should think about it for your protection. You must maintain your head cool if you want to live a long life and remain aware while riding a bike.

On the other hand, long hair makes wearing a motorbike helmet a challenge. As a result, it is proven and advised that you trim your hair every year for roughly 10 inches for healthy hair development.

However, as indicated by the skin and hair professional, you do not have to be disheartened. It will also help your hair grow faster, allowing it to return to its former glory.

12. Tuck Hair Inside The Helmet

The tucking of long hair beneath the helmet is the second remedy for long hair under the helmet.

It’s ideal for women who have medium-length yet long hair. They can wear their long hair up inside the helmet to maintain it safely.

Simply turn your head upside down and lean directly over when wearing the helmet. This allows them to place their hair under the helmet without roughed up or jumbled.

13. Bikers Cap

A biker’s cap can keep long hairs safe under the helmet in cooler temperatures. It not only binds your hairs but also keeps them warm in cold weather.

Simply tie your long hair behind your neck and wear the hat under the helmet.

If you’re wearing a peck, it should be on the backside. Important Reminder: Always protect your hair from the elements.

Over your lengthy hair, never wear a filthy helmet. If the interior of your helmet is damp from sweat, wash and dry it before putting it on your head.

Never wear the helmet over messed-up or tangled hairs; instead, keep them in a decent place before donning the helmet.

It is not a decent impression to apply style cosmetics such as hairspray, gel, and a mousse on extended strands before wearing the helmet.

Benefits Of Wearing A Helmet With Long Hair

The Department of Transportation mandates that at slight half an inch of your hair be tucked away in the preponderance of motorcycle helmets.

While it’s possibly more for safety than anything else, there are some advantages to riding without a helmet.

Less weight on your head protects your neck and spine, decent airflow keeps you cool, and if you do end up flipping the bike or getting into an accident, you’ll be glad to understand that your locks are secure not tangled.

If you’re thinking about shaving off all your gorgeous locks, imagine how wildlife would be without them. While helmets sell out every year during Spring Break season, not everyone is fortunate enough to ride.

Motorcycle accidents are a significant business, and if you don’t take the appropriate protection before getting on the road, you might end up with terrible suffering that could cost you your life.

Aside from wearing defensive riding gear, everyone should all wear a protective helmet when we embark on our motorcycles.

While some riders dislike wearing motorcycle helmets because they can make them hot, unpleasant as well as even claustrophobic, the advantages of wearing one far exceed any disadvantages.

Long hair has its own set of issues when wearing a motorcycle helmet, which is why the DOT recommends tucking in at least half an inch of hair.

Some motorcycles have particular extension senses for pulling your ponytail through the back entrance, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll want to go for a shorter haircut.

Wearing longer hairstyles on your head while riding your bike is a simple way to get trapped in the wind stream and relinquish the supervision of your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Do I Do With Long Hair When Riding A Motorcycle?

Short haircuts look best under a motorcycle helmet, and long hair should be put in a bun or wrapped in a soft cotton-breathing fabric.

Q2. How Do I Make My Hair Look Good Under A Motorcycle Helmet?

Wear a knit skullcap as well as a head sock. Your hair, on the other hand, can be readily maintained. Completely style your hair, and then put on a head sock or skullcap to keep it in location.


Well, I hope now you know how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair. You must keep in mind that long hair is attractive, but it might be difficult to manage when riding. There are, nonetheless, solutions to prevent these issues.

These include the use of specially designed helmets as well as the alteration of hair formation, which I have mentioned in this article to make it easier for you.

I hope you found this information useful and try any of these ideas to see which one is best suitable for you and go for a ride with ease and comfort.

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