How To Get A Motorcycle License In Alaska

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Law enforcement and the local government make sure, or at least they try to, that everyone legally drives any vehicle in the state of Alaska. The reason for this is to ensure everyone who is on the road knows what they are doing.

There are quite a few things that need to be considered when looking for how to get a motorcycle license in Alaska. There are a lot of nuances to understand before you apply for one.

In short, you will need to apply for the right category of motorcycle license. This will be based on your age and the type of motorcycle you are driving.

To get a general idea, the information above should be enough. However, this is a long process, and a few more nuances are involved. I will explain these in this article, so make sure you read till the end.

Motorcycle License Requirements In Alaska

Learn what do you need to get a motorcycle license in Alaska

This is where I will explain about everything that is involved in getting a motorcycle license in Alaska.

I will go in-depth from the license type to the process involved in applying, for, and receiving one.

Knowing Your Age

Motorcycle licenses in the state of Alaska are categorized into three main categories. These are the M1, M2, and M3 licenses.

The type which will be right for you depends on your age. The legal driving age in Alaska is 18 years old. However, this state allows youngsters to drive as learners as well.

Let’s take a look at this ahead!

Age Under 18

People under 18, specifically those under 16, can only get an M2 license. Here’s what you would need to bring:

  • Documents for identification or citizenship.
  • Your residency.
  • A completed application form.
  • Certification for passing the safety course and the knowledge exam.
  • Application fees.
  • Test fees.

Age 18 Above

If you are above the age of 18, you can get the M1 and M2 licenses. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Documents for identification or citizenship.
  • Certification for passing the safety course and the knowledge exam.
  • Your residency.
  • The application form.
  • Application fees.
  • Test fees.

Types Of Motorcycle Licenses

As mentioned before, there are three types of motorcycle licenses that you can apply for in the state of Alaska.

These are based on factors like your age and which category your motorcycle belongs to. Here are the details regarding these different types and there is also the MC instruction permit.

Let me explain these below:

MC Instruction Permit

People under the age of 18 must drive with this instruction permit for at least six months before applying for their type of license.

When driving with an MC instruction permit, you will need to be accompanied by someone who is a license holder to be able to drive.

Type 1: M1 Motorcycle License

Once you are above 18, you can apply for the M1 motorcycle license. This license is for all motorcycles whose engine power is over 50cc and two-wheel vehicles.

Type 2: M2 Motorcycle license

The M2 motorcycle license is the only one you can apply for if you are under 18. As mentioned before, you must have spent six months driving as a learner under licensed supervision.

This license applies to both three and two-wheeled motorcycle vehicles.

Type 3: M3 motorcycle License

This motorcycle license is valid for motorcycle vehicles that have an engine with over 50cc of power and run on three wheels. Again, to apply for this license, you will need to be over the age of 18.

How To Apply For Your Alaska Motorcycle License

If you want some guidance as to how you can apply for your motorcycle license in Alaska, then make sure to read this part of the article.

Step 1: Get a Driver’s License

  • To get a driver’s license in Alaska, you must be at least 18. However, if you are applying under the supervision of your parents, you can apply earlier.
  • You will need to apply for an instruction permit if you are between 14 and 16 years of age.
  • If you are between 16 and 18, then you will have to go for a provisional license.
  • You must go to your local DMV and apply for a driver’s license to get license.
  • There you must submit a D1 form which you can get in advance.
  • You must also additionally submit a form of your real license. You should also bring documents to prove your birth date, Social security number, and current residence.
  • You will then proceed to take; a vision test, a written test, a road test, and an alcohol/drug test.
  • Once you pass all these tests, you will get a temporary license. Your real license will be mailed to you at your place of residence.

Step 2: Testing For Your Motorcycle License

Depending on your choice of motorcycle license, you will be asked to do a series of tests. You will have to pass these tests if you want to get your preferred license.

Here is what you can expect from all of these tests:

1. Written Motorcycle Knowledge Test

  • This test will question your knowledge of the information found in the state’s motorcycle operator manual.
  • This test will consist of 20 questions; you must score at least 80% or answer 16 questions correctly to pass.
  • Once you pass this test, you can move on to the road test.
  • You will be required to give this test for all three motorcycle licenses.

2. Vision Test

  • Another test that you will have to give regardless of which license you are applying for is the vision test.
  • To pass this test, you need to have at least 20/40 vision.
  • If you are using any sort of corrective lenses, then you have to wear them while driving.

3. Written Knowledge Test

  • This test is only applicable if you are getting an M2 license.
  • Similar to the motorcycle knowledge test, you will be asked a set of questions and have to answer a specific amount to pass the test.
  • Once you have passed all the written knowledge and vision tests, you can proceed to the road test.

4. Motorcycle Road Test

  • This test should be quite simple to carry out.
  • Here, you will have to demonstrate your skill and prowess in driving a motorcycle in a controlled course.
  • Your maneuverability and braking will be tested, along with how safely you can ride your motorcycle.
  • Once you pass this test, you will be eligible for a motorcycle driving license in Alaska.

Step 3: Collecting Your Paperwork

  • Now that your tests have been completed, you should collect any important documents and paperwork you have provided to the office.
  • If you have provided copies of the documents, you do not need to collect them. However, it is better not to let personal information float like this.
  • You should also collect your temporary license while you are at it.

Step 4: Go To Your Local Driver’s License Office

  • Once you have passed all the tests, you can visit the office to get your temporary license.
  • You will also have to pay the fees for the tests you have taken.
  • These fees will depend on the number of tests you have taken, which directly correlates to your license type.

Ways To Get A Motorcycle Endorsement In AK

For people who already have a driver’s license, the state of Alaska allows for such people to get a motorcycle endorsement.

This means that your driver’s license will now be enough for you to be able to legally drive a motorcycle in Alaska.

Step 1: Visit The Division Of Motor Vehicles

To receive this endorsement, you will have to visit the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of Alaska.

There you will have to first get your driver’s license verified. You also need to be over the age of 18 to apply for this endorsement independently.

Step 2: Parental Consent Form

Those under the age of 18 will have to submit a parental consent form, which is form number 433M. Along with this, they also need to have completed their six months as learners.

Step 3: Pay The Fees

Next, you have to pay the fees for the endorsement and appear for the tests. The details for said tests are the same ones you just read in this article.

Once you have passed these tests, you will be eligible to receive the motorcycle endorsement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Will It Take To Get A Motorcycle License In Alaska?

The time you have to wait greatly depends on your age. As someone who is under the age of 18, you will have to spend at least six months driving with a learner’s permit.

After that, the time for receiving the license will be how long it takes you to pass the tests.

Q2. How Much Will It Cost To Get A Motorcycle License In Alaska?

The overall cost of a motorcycle license is $20. This is the same for getting it renewed as well. However, if you plan on sending the renewal fee over mail, it will cost you $21 instead.

Q3. Should I Have A License To Ride A Motorcycle In Alaska?

You need to have an M-class license if you want to drive your motorcycle in the state of Alaska. This was, however, not always the case, and it was only recently that the state implemented the law.

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To keep drivers and pedestrians safe on the road, the government has to make sure that the people driving are doing so properly and know the rules of the road.

This mastery of their vehicle can be seen clearly with the ownership of a legal license. Having this license will signify that you know what you are doing when operating a motorcycle.

Now that you have read this article, you should know the ins and outs of how to get a motorcycle license in Alaska. This should make your life easier as now you should know what you have to do to get a license in this state.

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