How Many Axles Does A Motorcycle Have?

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As you ride or plan to ride a motorcycle, you may develop an interest in learning more about the bike you’re operating, leading you to quickly begin to investigate various automotive components to see how they work.

As a result, you may have questions about various elements and components of the motorcycle, which is a good thing because you have the proper knowledge about the vehicle you are riding on.

Now you may ask the question, how many axles does a motorcycle have? You must know that a motorcycle only has two wheels, which also means that it has two axles.

In this article, you will learn everything about a motorcycle with its two axles, so be sure to read until the end. I have also included a frequently asked questions section, so be sure to read that.

How Many Axles Are There In A Motorcycle?

Do motorcycles have axles? If so then how many

A motorcycle, specifically, has only two axles and each wheel. You should also know that only two axles are found on some vehicles.

Cars and trucks, as well as heavier vehicles, are among them. A vehicle’s various axles may be designed differently.

It is worth mentioning that when a motorbike has three axles, it is referred to as a trike, sidecar, or even called a three-wheeler.

Besides, it is worth pointing out that the number of wheels on the motorcycle might sometimes determine how many axles are needed.

For example, it will mainly have two axles if it has two wheels. You must know that each axle is connected to the wheel.

Why Do Motorcycles Need Two Axles?

Before I start, you need to know what axles truly are on a motorcycle. Well, axles are really important elements for a motorcycle.

Axles are mainly used and placed in the middle shaft of the motorcycle to help the wheels rotate efficiently and smoothly.

The axle joins the front telescoping fork, the front wheel, the swingarm, and the rear wheel, most commonly.

You must know that axles on motorcycles support the bike’s weight while allowing the wheels to swivel willingly while being secure.

Some people even simply say that an axle is just a single wheel. However, it is also worth mentioning that if the wheels are parallel, they estimate as a single axle, just like in a typical four-wheeled vehicle.

Do Motorcycles Have Three Wheels And Axles?

Three-wheeled motorcycles, often known as trikes, have been in the market for decades.

However, they are presently enjoying resurgence in popularity, with companies like Harley-Davidson, Can-Am, Polaris, and Honda joining the fray.

You must also know that a trike is equipped with two axles, just like a regular motorcycle. Two axle bearings are situated on both sides of the axle shaft to which it links to the structure of the trike axle.

Motorcycle Axle Sizes

Here I will be listening down some motorcycle brands and their axle size chart so you can have a better idea about them. It will also help you purchase the right axles, so read carefully.

However, you must remember that the measuring might not be the same. The purpose is to provide you with a clear idea of what you should be looking for.

You can continue your search or confirm your motorcycle dealer to confirm the sizes.

Motorcycle Rear Axle Diameters

15mm: 17mm: 20mm: 25mm:
Suzuki RM500 83 (left) Yamaha DT250 74-79 Suzuki TM250 72-75 (Left) Yamaha TX650 74 (Left)
Suzuki TY350 Trials 85-86 (left) Yamaha IT250 77-81 Honda CR250 M 73-76 (Left) Honda VF1000 R 84-85 (Right)
Honda CB250 Nighthawk 91-92 Yamaha MX250 73-75 Honda CR250 R 78-80 (Right) Honda CB450 65-74 (Left)
Honda CM250 Custom 82-84 Honda CN250 86-87 & 82-87 Helix (right) Suzuki TS250 71-81 (Left) Honda CB550 K ALL (Left)
Virago 83-85 Yamaha YZ250 75-80 Suzuki TS400 72-77 (Left) Suzuki LS650 P T/V 96-97 (Right)
Virago XV535 Yamaha YZ360 74-75 Honda CR250 R 81 (Left) N/A
Virago all 87-98 Yamaha SR250 80-82 Honda MT250 74-76 (Left) N/A

Motorcycle Front Axle Diameters

10mm: 12mm: 15mm: 17mm: 20mm: 25mm:
Kawasaki KX80 C1 81 (left) Honda CN250 Helix 86-87 & 92-96 Honda XL250 R 82-87 Suzuki RM125 87-95 Honda VT600 Shadow 88-97 Kawasaki ZX750 ZX-7
Kawasaki KM100 A1-A7 76-81 (right) Honda CR80 83-02 Honda XR250 L 91-96 Suzuki RM250 87-95 Honda CB400 F 89-90 Kawasaki ZX1100 D ZX-11 93-97
Kawasaki KD100 M1-M4 76-79 (right) Honda XR80 R 85-98 Honda CR125 R 79-84 Honda CR125 R 85-94 Honda NT650 Hawk 88-91 Kawasaki ZX900 B ZX-9R 94-97
Kawasaki KE100 B 82-97 (right) Honda Z50 A/R 68-97 Honda CR250 R 78-84 Honda XR650 L 93-97 Honda Hurricane 89-90 Kawasaki ZX-7R
Kawasaki KX80 E2/E3 84-85 (right) Honda CBX250 H 87 Honda CL250 S 78-81 Honda XR400 R 96-97 Honda CBR600 SE 96 Kawasaki ZX-7RR 91-96
N/A Honda CT90 91-96 Honda XR250 79-80 Honda CR500 R 85-94 Honda CBR600 F Hurricane 91-96 N/A

What Does A Single Axle And Multi Axle Mean?

A multi-axle bus will have four or even more rear wheels rather than simply 2 in an ordinary bus.

When looking at a standard bus from one side, whether you are looking at it from the left or right side, you will only be able to see one front wheel and one rear wheel, indicating that there is simply one axle at each end.

What Are The Important Parts Of The Motorcycle?

Here are some important parts of the motorcycle that must be well taken care of. If you want to have the best riding experience, you need to know about all the motorcycle parts.

  • Wheels
  • Engine system
  • The frame of the motorcycle
  • Tank
  • Suspension system
  • Handlebars
  • Exhaust system
  • Mufflers
  • Swingarm
  • Front fork
  • Fairings

If you want a pleasant experience on the motorcycle, then make sure to keep these components up to date as they are the main ingredients in making the performance worthwhile.

How Many Wheels Does An Axle Have?

Well, axles do not have wheels; however, to help you understand better, the arrangement created by two discs, or cylinders, of distinct diameters, attached such that they revolve together around the identical axis, is referred to as a wheel as well as axle machine.

The axle is the thin rod that must be spun, whereas the wheel is the larger element that is stabilized to the axle and to which the rider applies force while riding the motorcycle.

Types Of Axles

There are mainly three types of axles that are used on various vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors, trailers, and so much more.

The three main axles are the following:

  • Front Axle: It is placed in the front of a vehicle and is liable for aiding with steering as well as refining shocks from the rough road surfaces.
  • Rear Axles: These are those that rotate with the vehicle’s wheels. They also appear as two halves which are known as half shafts. They also labor to distribute power to the driving wheels.
  • Stub Axles: These axles are mainly connected to the automobile’s front axles. You must know that kingpins are used to attach and secure in place with the front axles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is An Axle On A Motorbike?

A motorcycle has two wheels that also consist of two axles. You must know that there is mainly one wheel on each axle on either side.

Axles are used to help rotate the wheels efficiently, and they even help support the weight of the motorcycle.

Q2. Is A Motorcycle A 2 Axle Vehicle?

Yes, a motorcycle is a 2 axle vehicle. This is because it has two wheels and one axle on each wheel.

Q3. What Should I Put On My Motorcycle Axle?

You should most certainly put grease on your motorcycle axle. It is best to use a light coating of white lithium grease. It will help the shaft and prevent it from invading the bearings.

Q4. What Are Motorcycle Axles Made Of?

Most motorcycle axles are stated to be made with SAE grade 41xx steel which is referred to as chrome-molybdenum steel, or SAE grade 10xx steel which is referred to as carbon steel.


Well, this is all there is to know about the question; how many axles does a motorcycle have. You can simply figure it out yourself by looking at the motorcycle from the side and seeing the wheels it has.

Although the axles don’t seem like they are that important to focus on, you should know that learning about all of the components of the motorcycle is essential before you start riding.

Axles also play a major role in the performance of your motorcycle. Without them, your wheels would not be able to work properly at all. Be sure to check them every time before riding for your safety on the road.

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