6 Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

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A helmet is something everyone should wear when riding their bikes. It protects the face and the head, and it has proven to be quite effective when unfortunate incidents occur.

The thing is, there is a small minority of people who don’t like to have their faces covered with a helmet.

Well, I have the perfect solution for you. This article will be focusing on the best open face motorcycle helmet that money can buy.

You should read through this article in its entirety. There is also an included buying guide that will help in clearing some confusion.

6 Top Rated Open-Face Motorcycle Helmets Comparisons


BELL Custom 500 Helmet

BELL Custom 500 Helmet

Daytona Helmets 3/4 Shell Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Daytona Helmets 3/4 Shell Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

YEMA Helmet Motorcycle Open Face Helmet YEMA Helmet Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

LS2 Helmets Open Face Spitfire Helmet LS2 Helmets Open Face Spitfire Helmet


MMG Open Face Pilot Style Helmet

MMG Open Face Pilot Style Helmet

Royal M139 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Royal M139 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet


1. BELL Custom 500 Helmet

Arriving first and taking a huge lead over all competitors is the custom 500 helmet from the brand Bell. The manufacturer has been known to making some amazing products, and this one is proof of that. Wait till you read about its offerings. The company has been in the helmet game for over 60 years.

So, it is pretty safe to say that they are veterans in the arena. The helmet is available in all sorts of sizes, ranging from extra small to double XXL. So, if you choose to buy it, you won’t have any issues regarding the size.

Unlike most manufacturers out there that use plastic as the main material for their helmets, Bell has used fibreglass composite that is extremely safe and durable. Not only that, but there are five shells and five layers of EPS foam, which will help cushion your head better in case you fall off.

Even the interior of this motorcycle helmet is made for comfort, and it has been created using genuine leather to be easily washable. You don’t have to worry about bacteria being forming due to extended usage.

The best thing about this helmet is that it has aftermarket shields available. So, you are buying a 2 for 1 helmet for the price of one. You should opt for this one because the carbon variant of the same helmet does not allow for shield attachment.

Buyers complained that the size of the helmets was quite odd. Although users measured their head circumferences before ordering, the helmets that arrived were too tight. The manufacturer should look into this issue as it causes a lot of discomfort to users.
  • Uses a fibreglass composite
  • 5 shells and 5 EPS foam layers
  • Genuine leather interior
  • Can buy aftermarket shields
  • Helmet dimensions incorrect

Although Bell has been known to make some excellent helmets, some units have the wrong dimensions means that there is a quality control issue on their hands. They must fix it up as there is nothing important than the safety of their users.

2. Daytona Helmets 3/4 Shell Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Daytona is another amazing brand that makes some solid helmets. You should go for Daytona if you are looking for different options while not compromising durability and safety. The manufacturer has made this helmet available in many different colors, seven to be exact. You can the one you like.

Before you ask, yes, there are sizes available, starting from XX Small and up to XXL. The brand knows how to put customizability in the hands of consumers. Whether you drive a moped, a cruiser, a scooter or a motorcycle, this helmet is perfect for all uses. The additional color choice gives your drive a bit of a flare.

This helmet is DOT approved, and it meets and exceeds all guidelines and safety standards. Plus, it is the smallest open face helmet you can find that has also been legally cleared. The manufacturer guarantees impact protection, thanks to the nylon strap retention and the unique quick-release system.

There are three shells, which is lesser than the previous helmet, but it also uses seven padding to even things out. So, you can rest assured that the helmet does not compromise your safety in case things go sideways.

The company is aware of the issues that many bikes face. They have used a moisture absorbing fabric that will reduce sweat and keep your head cool. This is perfect for use in warm weather, and you will not have to worry about taking the helmet off just because it gets too hot.

Users complained that the helmet is too easy to scratch up, and this claim was supported by another user who informed us that the helmet was scratched during shipping. The company should have used a better layer to make sure that the helmet’s look is maintained, even after aggressive usage.
  • Different color sizes
  • Smallest DOT approved helmet on the market
  • Excellent impact protection
  • Three shells and seven padding
  • Moisture absorbing fabric used
  • Easily scratchable

A more durable layer of material should have been used on this helmet. Although the company did not compromise on the safety aspect, it should have focused on other things.

3. YEMA Helmet Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

Coming in a very close third position is this helmet from the YEMA Helmet Store. The company has an impressive line-up of helmets, and this one shows how good its products can get. Plus, this helmet has the highest number of ratings out of all the helmets on this article, with them being close to 1300. It is a popular option.

Let’s see what makes it so good. The helmet is available in two different colors, black and white. Both look pretty good, and you can choose the one that you prefer. There are many sizes available, too, so you won’t have to worry about the helmet being too small or too large.

Another great thing about this helmet is that it comes with a face shield in the box. Although Daytona offered these shields as a separate accessory, including them in the box is a great thing.

So, you will not have to worry about safety while also not worrying about that claustrophobic feeling. The flow-through ventilation design is fully adjustable, which is something very few companies offer.

As many of us bike in the summers, sweat is produced that settles in the helmet’s inner linings. Well, the manufacturer thought of that and included removable pads that are easily washable. So, worrying about bacteria and germs is a thing of the past.

The final thing I would like to include is that this helmet is DOT approved. It is evident by the title I gave to the product, but it is an exceptional performer.

Unfortunately, the build quality of the helmet is not up to par. An unfortunate user fell off his bike with this helmet on, and the helmet broke into pieces. Although this product is cheap, the company should not compromise on the safety aspect.
  • Face shield included in the box
  • Adjustable flow-through ventilation system
  • Removable and washable inner linings
  • DOT approved
  • Poor build quality

It falls on a personal opinion if you like the build of this helmet or not. Most buyers were more than content with this open face helmet, but you should still not set your expectations too high.

4. LS2 Helmets Open Face Spitfire Helmet

Another manufacturer that makes some crazy helmets is LS2. That statement can be verified by the fact that the product has over 300 positive ratings, hence proving that users also love it. You should see what it has to offer, and it should definitely be on your consideration list.

The main reason for me choosing this helmet to be on this list is because of its different look. It is rounder than another open face helmet I have written about above. It is available in different themes, which is different and better than choosing simple colors.

You will definitely be turning heads with this helmet on your daily rides. The helmet has a built-in sun-shield. It has two adjustable positions. You can go for closed or open. Just like the previous helmet, the manufacturer has made the interior lining removable.

It can be washed so it can be kept clean and bacteria-free at all times. The padding is hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about any allergies acting up. It has also been laser cut, so the fit will be precise and perfect.

This LS2 helmet is DOT approved. You don’t have to worry about there being any sacrifices regarding safety. It also features a metal latch that is quite secure. The chin strap is also DOT approved and can be opened with gloves on. This is convenient for people who drive in the winter and don’t want to take their gloves off every time there is a need for removing the helmet.

Users complained that the visor broke off after very short usage. This is completely unacceptable. The company should look into these reported problems and fix them as soon as possible. Other than that, there were no reported problems by the users.
  • DOT approved
  • Different available themes
  • Hypoallergenic removable padding
  • Built-in sun shield
  • Visor breaks off easily

Although LS2 has created an excellent product, it should improve on the build quality of the visor to make sure it will last as long as the helmet. Other than that, it is a great product which will definitely be appreciated by you, should you choose to buy it.

5. MMG Open Face Pilot Style Helmet

This fifth product is perhaps one of the best-looking helmets on the market and even on this list. MMG Helmets is a company I am not familiar with, but their product line-up has made sure that I will never forget about them. The helmet is available in seven different color options.

From simple black to burgundy, you have the choice in your hands to choose the helmet that you desire. Like many other products on this list, this helmet is DOT approved and is street legal. You will not run into any issues with the authorities. For assurance, original stickers and tags are included with the helmet.

The helmet also has a clear windshield, which is perfect for those who like to ride at high speeds. The visor also has a wide field of view, which helps in making sure that there is no blind spot. Before you ask, the visor has a flip-up design, so you don’t have to keep it on at all times.

Moreover, the visor also has been built with anti-scratch technology, which will keep it in pristine shape at all times. The inner padding of this helmet is quite comfortable and soft. You can wear the helmet on long rides and won’t feel the need to take it off due to discomfort.

The manufacturer, as a kind gesture, has included a care bag in the box of this helmet. You can put the helmet in it when you don’t want to use it, making sure it won’t get scratched up accidentally.

Safety-wise, this helmet is not the best option that you can get. The company has used Styrofoam and plastic, which are not good for safety. I would recommend this option only if you want to go for the looks.
  • Flip-up visor design
  • Comfortable inner padding
  • Anti-scratch technology
  • Different color options
  • It uses Styrofoam and plastic

The manufacturer has used subpar materials that will not help in the safety in any regard. As I stated, the helmet has been designed to look good, but functionality-wise, it is not that good. If you want safety, then you should check out the other options in this article.

6. Royal M139 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

The article has finally arrived at the sixth and final product of this list. Royal is yet another company that makes decent helmet. They are definitely not the prettiest ones out there, but they get the job done.

Although this helmet has scored the last place on this article, it is definitely not the least. It must be remembered that the helmet was chosen from hundreds of available options.

The helmet is available in three sizes and four colors only. They are small, medium, large. The color options are matte black, glossy black, white and gold. Although the choice range is not that extensive, it is better than having to choose no color at all. The helmet, just like almost all others on this list, is DOT approved.

I am starting to suspect that getting this approval may not be that difficult. Regardless, it is made from ABS plastic, which is certainly not the safest material for helmets. The visor has a scratch-resistant design, which is something many of you would like to have on a helmet.

Furthermore, the M139 helmet also has inner linings, all of which are removable. The number of linings is three, so you will definitely not have any complaints about the comfort. The fabric used absorbs moisture quickly, so you can stay sweat-free during long journeys. It is also washed resistant, so you can keep it clean and germ-free at all times.

Buyers complained that the sizing was inaccurate. Some ordered medium and received ones that were too small, and sometimes the opposite was the case. It looks like there is a quality control problem in the company that must be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Different color options
  • DOT approved
  • ABS shell
  • Wrong sizes sent

If the manufacturer really wants to compete with big names like Daytona, then it should make sure that the products it sends do not have any issues. Although buyers got their refunds, it is still something that should be fixed as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is An Open Face Helmet Safe?

The answer can be divided into two parts, yes and no. As the front of the face is not protected, in the case of a frontal smash, the results can be fatal.

Other than that, the helmet is generally considered safe. Again, this depends on the type of materials used in the helmet, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Q2: What Is The Safest Open Face Motorcycle Helmet?

My answer is the same as the conclusion; the Bell Touring Custom 500 is the safest option for you out there.

Although it is not as popular as options from companies like Daytona, it is better in many regards. You should definitely choose it if you are looking for a product that does not compromise safety at all.

Q3: Is An Open Face Helmet Legal In The USA?

Yes, it is! Or else I would not have been writing this article stating the best ones on the market.

Although they are legal, if you dig a little deeper, these helmets provide the absolute minimum coverage required from a helmet.

So, they are definitely not the safest options out there, but you will not run into any issues with the authorities if you choose to buy one.


Is an open-face helmet good? Which one is the most reliable one

Choosing the best open face motorcycle helmet is not an easy task. The fact that almost any helmet can be DOT approved makes the choosing process more difficult.

You need to search for a product that does not sacrifice in the safety department because that is what helmets are for.

If you want my recommendation, I would 100% recommend the number one product, the Bell Touring Custom 500 helmet. It has excellent safety and is available in different options.

If you want looks, then the product from MMG Helmets is for you. You should think more about safety because the looks won’t help if there is an unfortunate incident.

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