6 Best Full Face Helmets For Harley Riders

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It’s very rare to see Harley riders looking for full face helmets. Usually, open face or half face helmets are much preferred as style is given more importance than safety.

But if you prefer your security over aesthetics, then I have some of the best full face helmet for Harley riders listed out below.

All open face helmets have different specifications and features; in terms of security, all helmets have different workings, so it’s important to search out the best full-face helmets for a more secure right, and honesty full fill the idea of style along the way, read the list below to get a vivid idea.

6 Top Rated Harley Full Face Helmets Reviews


Bell Qualifier Street Helmet

Bell Qualifier Street Helmet

GDM DK-140 Motorcycle Helmet GDM DK-140 Motorcycle Helmet

ScorpionEXO Covert Open Face Helmet ScorpionEXO Covert Open Face Helmet

Conquer Snell SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet Conquer Snell SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

Biltwell Tracker Gringo DOT Certified Full Face Helmet Biltwell Tracker Gringo DOT Certified Full Face Helmet

TRIANGLE Motorcycle Full Face Helmet TRIANGLE Motorcycle Full Face Helmet


1. Bell Qualifier Street Helmet

First up on this list is the bell qualifier full-face helmet; right of the bat, the style and specs of this helmet are very much sleek and stylish while also providing a securing factor. The fitting sizes are also different and come in many different colors, so a wide variety of styles to choose from. One the major sleek quality the helmet has its dual visor; the shield glass is fog-resistant.

So no matter what weather you drive your motorbike in, the anti-fogging factor will eliminate any moisture causing factors. Moreover, the helmet also has vent caps that keep the airflow inside the helmet constant so the driver can have a cool and tidy drive throughout.

The shield glass of this helmet is UV resistant, which means it blocks any sort of sun rays from peeking through and affecting the eyes and skin.

Another amazing factor is that the helmet is long-lasting, and the outer shell is scratch-resistant. This will keep the helmet scratch-free and sturdy; the outer shell is made of polycarbonate, which gives it not only inner padding protection but also outer shell sturdiness.

The helmet also has an adjustable and quick release strap system, so in case of an emergency, this product can come in handy.

Due to the use of polycarbonate, the helmet is very lightweight and very comfortable, which is the next best thing, after having a secure fit. The lock system on this helmet is a D-ring, which keeps the helmet firm and in place during speedy run drivers, and provides a secure fit which is what a rider needs on the road. It is also DOT approved hence legally certified to keep you safe on-road and even off it.

As for the interior specs, comfortable padded cheek pads and head ones are secured in place to provide a comfy fit and safety; you can easily remove, replace and wash these pads. The helmet also comes with a warranty for five years, which gives it a great investment plan.

So if you’re looking for a long-lasting, modern, sleek style, aesthetically pleasing, and great spec helmet, then this is the smartest investment for you. Provides full face helmet protection and overall a perfect pick.

The chin strap is said to break easily and detach, which is a huge sit back; the locking system of the helmet is said to be very poorly made.
  • Comfortable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Full face protection
  • The lock system isn’t durable

Overall a top pick for all Harley drivers and will last you a long time. Moreover, the specs and looks are top-notch and worth the money will highly recommend it.

2. GDM DK-140 Motorcycle Helmet

Are you looking for a safe and secure full-face helmet that will provide you comfort and safety all in one, with great specs than I have the GDM DK-140 full-face helmet for all the Harley riders. The helmet is made of Polly-alloy material which makes it very durable and strong; not only that, it is very comfortable and sits right on the head; fitting wise the helmet is very stiff and easy.

The inner lining and padding of the helmet are made with good quality fabric, which not only provides comfort but also lasts a long time; moreover, the padding is easily removable and can be washed regularly, the fit will not be harmed by this and nor will the fabric used get scratchy which is such a good feature.

Another great spec of this full-face helmet is how it can be used to drive the Harley under any weather, as the material used is super sturdy and does not get damaged easily.

So if you’re looking for a long-term investment, this helmet is perfect for you. The helmet also comes with a UV-protected shield glass, which is very helpful for some with a skin problem, and can’t deal with the sun rays all that well.

Another aspect that is worth mentioning is that it also has a dual visor attached to the helmet that protects the eyesight; overall, this helmet is very suitable for people with specific priorities to look over while buying a full-face helmet as the unique feature of this helmet sets it apart from the other helmets.

Unlike other helmets, this one comes with a five cap vent system, which is a lot and will keep the helmet fresh and cool while the rider is driving. The vents keep the hot air away from the interior parts of the helmet and keep cool air flowing in and out. This is very much needed. Driving in the hot weather with a helmet can get very sweaty and moisture filling.

Moreover, the helmet is slopped and has a point chin look; it is circular and round and comes in many shapes and colors, you can even customize the helmet as you like, so the aesthetic of the helmet can be the rider’s choice.

The shield glass can also be replaced to your choice, which gives it a great modification factor. The helmet also comes in many shapes and sizes and fits everyone differently according to their head size.

Many buyers have complained that the visor gets loose while driving, which is very bothersome, and no matter how much you tweak it on the spot to fix it, it does not work.

Moreover, a quote-on-quote factor that a customer mentioned was that the strap doesn’t stay fastened with the button, comes undone, and eventually wiggles loose during their ride, which is also a big concern.

  • Has vent caps
  • UV resistant
  • Customizable
  • The dual visor is of cheap quality
  • Straps come loose

If you’re looking for a cheap and affordable alternative to other classic full-face helmets, these are a great pick; moreover, if you have a sweating problem, these helmets come with a 5 vent system, so suffocation and sweating during hot weather won’t be an issue, would highly recommend this helmet.

3. ScorpionEXO Covert Open Face Helmet

Next up, I have the scorpion covert full-face helmet for the Harley riders; this is another great spec helmet. This helmet has a very star wars era feel to it with a structured outer shell that gives over an aesthetic many Harley riders look for. If you’re looking for a helmet that will prioritize safety over anything that this helmet is a great pick.

Now a feature that sets this helmet apart from others is that it can pass as both a half-face and full-face helmet, the screw of the rear comfort sleeve and make it a half-face A 3/4 open face/half face helmet.

So why this is a great spec is because Harley riders usually prefer the modification of the full face helmet, but with an open face design, so this helmet provides them just that with even greater features and style. The shield glass is tinted, which protects the eyes and block the sun rays from directly hitting the eyes.

The visor is also of good quality and provides the rider with a great vision even during night times; the helmet is also fully lined with padding on the inside, which provides comfort on top of everything else; the specs are amazing and worth the price. The helmet also comes in different colors and sizes, so it fits all aesthetics.

Moreover, the inner padding is made of Kwikwick antimicrobial fabric; this fabric is easily washable and will allow air from the vents to easily pass through, providing a cool and tidy experience.

The helmet is DOT approved in terms of safety and is pretty lightweight, so it can be easily carried, stored, and provides a comfortable on-road riding experience which makes it worth every penny spent or invested.

Finally, the helmet does not have speaker cuts for Bluetooth devices to sit in comfortably; moreover, it allows water during the rainy season if you ever do happen to drive in the rain.
  • This one is quite stylish
  • Highly Secure
  • It can also be turned into a half-face helmet with an open face feature
  • No cuts for speakers
  • Allows rainwater in

The open-face sector gives the helmet a unique touch. Moreover, it’s a great pick for all those sleek, stylish riders out there that want to drive in class but also prioritize their safety; a great pick.

4. Conquer Snell SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

No matter what bike you ride, Conquer Snell SA2020 works well with all rides and provides comfort and security to all riders; the helmet has an inner lining of approximately three millimeters. This keeps the interior nice and fitting and comfortable. The outer shell is also made of sturdy material that keeps it safe from any harm which makes it a last a lot longer.

If you’re looking for a long term investment plan for your helmet then this one will provide you just that with great specs and features. The helmet also claims to be heat resistant which means that during a rough crash that causes the vehicle to light on fire, the helmet will protect the head from any injuries or burns.

The helmet is also super lightweight; the outer shell is made of fiberglass, which we all know is a lightweight material. The interior lining and padding can be detached, which helps keep the helmet clean; the cleaning process is what keeps the helmet brand new and comfortable for a long time. The inner padding can also be washed easily.

Furthermore, this helmet has vent caps as well, which as mentioned before, keeps the constant air flowing throughout the helmet, prevents sweating and suffocation. The helmet is Snell certified in terms of security.

This proves that the helmet is sturdy and durable and can take the weight of heavy traveling. For Harley riders, this full-face helmet is worth the price and will keep the rider safe, secure and provide key comfort.

The helmet is air-tight in terms of communication; you can’t easily un-strap the helmet and communicate.
  • Durable and comfy
  • Fire-resistant
  • Snell approved
  • Airtight

I will highly recommend it to people who like going over the speed limit on a risky approach on the road; this helmet will keep you safe and secure no matter the scenario.

5. Biltwell Tracker Gringo DOT Certified Full Face Helmet

Biltwell Tracker Gringo has a very retro old style biker helmet feel and looks to it; the design of the helmet is plain and classic round shape. This circular helmet is perfect for all those common lovers. This 1960s style helmet only has five little clips scattered around the eye shield area; this gives the helmet a customizing touch.

You can easily add your choice of glass or plastic eye shield or skip that altogether and wear glasses, and this is a unique feature and gives the helmet a different touch. The outer shell of the helmet is made of ABS plastic which is not only lightweight but also comfortable on the head, and the fit of the helmet is very secure as well.

The outer shell is also very durable, and worth every penny spent, and will protect the rider during any intense crash or accident.

The inner padding can be easily replaced and washed; along with that, the chin strap has diamond-shaped stitching made of mold urethane, which gives it a very 1950-60s touch, sleek and classic. The helmet is DOT approved as well, which gives it a legal security pass.

It weighs around 3 pounds, has super lights, and can be easily stored away with no added weight; it also has a quick D strap ring system. The helmet is extremely adorable and can be long-lasting if not used too roughly.

A drawback that has come up many times is that the helmet does not block out the surrounding noise; hence during high speeding, the constant echo of wind in your years will be uncomfortable.
  • DOT proved in terms of safety
  • Easy to clip on and off
  • It has a sleek 90s look
  • Does not have noise-canceling features

This helmet is perfect for all the retro 90s kids looking for a good classic, high-quality, great spec helmet will recommend.

6. TRIANGLE Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

So for the last product, I have the biohazard full-face matte dual visor helmet; this helmet is unisex and can be worn by both girls and boys. The outer shell is made of ABS material which makes it lightweight, sturdy, and durable during crashes. The inner lining of the helmet is made of EPS liners which sucks in any moisture and prevents suffocation.

Moreover, the rider can easily drive with this helmet without having to worry about sweating, and this helmet is also great for people who suffer from asthma. The inner padding can be replaced easily in case it gets too old and used. It can even be washed often if needed without the pads getting worn out.

In case of tight-fitting and uncomfortable sizing, you can easily remove the inner padding to create more room or attach thinner ones; although this decreases the protection factor but increases the comfort level of the helmet.

The dual visor attached provides clear and clean vision on the road and prevents any fogging. This helmet is DOT approved; it weighs as light as 3.3 lbs. and has a quick detach strap system.

The helmet is said to be less strong and durable, and the material used is cheaper than the normal one.
  • ABS shell used for outer shied
  • Easy detach strap system
  • Not as durable
  • Cheap quality

Moreover, if you’re looking for a more feminine style helmet, this one is perfect for you; it will last you a couple of years with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can A Full-Face Harley Davidson Helmet Break My Neck?

No, helmets are meant to be worn for protection of the neck above; moreover, in case of a certain crash resulting in neck injuries, that’s a whole different factor; breaking your neck while wearing a full-face helmet is near impossible as the helmet protects your neck.

Q2: How Do I Size A Full-Face Harley Davidson Helmet?

Depending on your head measurement, you can easily pick out a helmet that fits your head size. To get the right size, it’s better to try on a couple of options to see which ones fit the best. You can find that out by pre-measuring your head and then buying a helmet according to the measures.

Q3: How Do I Check If My Harley Davidson Helmet Is Safe?

All the above-mentioned helmets are legally approved to be safe; moreover, when you’re buying a helmet, check beforehand the features of the helmet and if the inner and outer material and the lining are up to date and will provide you safety.


Learn what full-face helmets are the most popular if you rider a Harley Davidson

I would highly recommend the above mentioned helmets for all Harley Davidson riders, who are looking for affordable, good quality, and easy-to-use full-face helmets. All the above-mentioned full face helmets have been proved to protect you during any mishaps fully.

I listed out some of the best full face helmet for Harley riders, and I would recommend the Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet; the full face helmet has all the needed features and specs that a rider will need on-road and sometimes even off-road.

You can easily purchase it online. Don’t waste your time on any more research and get yourself a full face helmet right now.

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