7 Best Dirt Bike Helmet Reviews

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It is common knowledge that a helmet is worn to keep the rider’s head protected at the time of riding, specifically used for when riding in the dirt.

Hence, for this purpose, I’ve accumulated together a list of some of the best dirt bike helmets renowned for their look, build and general specification with some being special specifications.

Each helmet discussed below is unique, and the best at what it is used for, but the need for choosing the best arises when a person puts their requirements and wishes on the table as one or two things are not always suitable to satisfy every customer.

So without further extending this discussion, I shall list below a few products out of which there will without a doubt be a product available that better fits your requirements, keep on reading and researching.

7 Top Rated Dirt Bike Helmets Comparisons


6D Helmets ATR-2 Helmet

6D Helmets ATR-2 Helmet

Alpinestars Unisex-Adult S.Tech S-M8 Triple Helmet Alpinestars Unisex-Adult S.Tech S-M8 Triple Helmet

Shoei VFX-EVO Zinger Helmet Shoei VFX-EVO Zinger Helmet


Fox Racing V1 Core Motocross Helmet

Fox Racing V1 Core Motocross Helmet

BELL Moto-9 Flex Dirt Helmet BELL Moto-9 Flex Dirt Helmet

Troy Lee Designs MIPS Speed Helmet Troy Lee Designs MIPS Speed Helmet

Bell MX-9 MIPS Equipped Motorcycle Helmet Bell MX-9 MIPS Equipped Motorcycle Helmet


1. 6D Helmets ATR-2 Helmet

To start off with the best of the best I have the 6d atr-2 dirt bike helmets at the very top of my list the reason for this being that this helmet provides top-notch security and head protection. With irreplaceable interior and cheek pads that protect the face on both sides. This helmet comes in three different size options, small, extra small and large.

First ever helmet by this company was manufactured in November of 2020 and has been certified to meet the DOT security needs. Riders are most likely to prioritize comfort when it comes to riding for this reason the inside of this helmet is make of expanded polystyrene. This one comes with a material that is expandable and does not damage the skin in any way.

This helmet contains ODS technology which stands for Omni-directional suspension with which any amount of force applied is handled well by the rider wearing the helmet and it does not affect the riding in any negative ways at all.

It weighs around one thousand four hundred and eighty grams and comes with a warranty of three years. Not only this but discarding the fact that this specific brand has not been in the market for too long I stress you to focus on the specifications and working mechanism of the products.

The only drawback that comes to mind is that since this new brand is not esteemed enough yet, mentioning it first might seem like a risk to those interested in mainstream products. Hence, a little research needs to be made to ensure this product is as I say it is.
  • Extremely comfortable for riding
  • Highly protective
  • Contains ODS technology
  • A new brand requires more customer recognition

Considering the main factors of how this helmet provides top-notch security and protectiveness, as well as the ODS technology that elevates the functionality of the helmet with the warranty of a few years, one cannot deny the fact that this is a perfect product for a rider.

2. Alpinestars Unisex-Adult S.Tech S-M8 Triple Helmet

Next, I have for you the Alpinestars Unisex-Adult S-M8 dirt bike helmets whose brand is also not too long-running in the business, but it esteemed enough for me to mention one of its best products in my article, they’ve been in business since the last four years and have been on their A-game ever since.

The specifications or rather I’d say specialties of this one are unmatchable they include, it is a carbon compounded helmet that keeps the air directed away from your face, it has sixteen ports from where the air can enter and a total of five exhaust outlets.

When the rider is riding at full speed this helmet increases the comfort level thus, elevating the riding experience. It is padded from the inside, having two protective cheek pads, it weighs around twelve hundred and sixty grams.

Moreover, the material from which the interior of the helmet is made is anti-bacterial; the company provides a thirty days return back policy which is not very common among companies to do this anymore but comes as an asset for the customer.

A minor setback that mostly goes unnoticed is the fact that the visor performance of this helmet is not very standard, as the pull-down and pull-up option is not very effective, but since the helmet has so many other qualities and already provides such top-notch protection, this one goes unbothered and not talked about often at all.
  • It comes as a lightweight helmet
  • Highly comfortable to ride with
  • Cheek pad protection with anti-bacterial material
  • Thirty-day return back policy
  • Carbon compounded helmet material
  • Visor performance is not the best

As everything has been said and discussed above if one is still willing to ignore all these qualities and look for a different helmet, then keep reading below for more but not recommending this product highly will be considered a crime because of its features.

Such as the fact that it is lightweight, protective, and comfortable, provides interior protection and a proper return back policy what more could one ask for from a helmet?

3. Shoei VFX-EVO Zinger Helmet

This brand that I am going to talk about in third place is known for not making any compromises on its gear being protective enough for the customer or rider.

This is the Shoei VFX-WR EVO helmet; it has an attractive look to it and comes in white color as the base, and a design of red on top but is also available in seven different color schemes and weighs about sixteen hundred and thirty-three grams.

Compared to the last item by this brand, this one has broken all records because of its high-quality safety design, and customers have loved it; due to the brand name and the item itself, this company has been at the level best of their game in the market.

The peak on this helmet is fully functional and provides high-class security for the T-zone or the front of the face, specifically the nose.

The mouthpiece of this product has a mesh design for better production and out-sources the sound of the rider. The best feature of this helmet regarding the security is that it provides the rider with an emergency quick-release system short-termed as “EQRS”.

Moreover, in case of an accident when the rider should not move their head so much as to avoid further damage this system comes in handy as the quick-release options allow for the helmet to ease off the face of the rider and come right off without the need for a jolt or push or even a shove action.

A drawback discovered so far by the customers or riders is that if one wants to fix a Bluetooth headset under the helmet, then this product is a no show because of the high-class security that it provides to the head and face of the rider there is not much space available to fit in anything else.
  • Provides the best security among all helmets in the market
  • New and improved peak/visor
  • Improved high-quality mouthpiece and goggles
  • Provides EQRS for emergency situations
  • Bluetooth headset cannot be used with this helmet

Having discussed this helmet so fondly, someone like me is even interested to see what a rider might experience during the ride of this life with this helmet and its many outstanding features. All riders, be they beginners or pros, should give this product a shot if not already aware.

4. Fox Racing V1 Core Motocross Helmet

Although this company has been in business since the nineteen hundreds, I am only going to be talking about their first edition model, the FOX Racing Powersports-Helmets V1. The reason being that this attractive helmet has a large number of specifications; all positive related to it.

For example rather, considering only the design aspect of this helmet, it comes in eight different styles. The best part is that for a helmet that isn’t even too expensive, this one provides many features plus guaranteed safety. This helmet provides a cleaner look in terms of appearance, and all its different parts look harmonized attached to the helmet.

The most prominent feature about this helmet is that it has a motocross safety feature. It weighs about twelve hundred and twenty-two grams, and the company offers a year of warranty. Motocross riding is not difficult, but neither is it so easy that one can master it quickly or be able to ride often.

Lastly, if an accident occurs during such riding, this helmet provides safety because in cases similar to this, once a person falls off the vehicle with the helmet on it is most likely they will fall to either side with their head tilted to the side as well hence, why this feature is so important.

Lastly, the only problem encountered by users is that a beginner-level rider will not feel comfortable in this type of helmet, nor does it fit the needs of regular riders; this helmet is designed strictly and specifically for one purpose, and without that purpose, it is useless for general riding.
  • Available in eight different styles or designs
  • Best for motocross racing
  • Fluid design
  • Provides high-level safety during riding
  • Uncomfortable for beginner riders or general-purpose riders

When looking for a helmet specifically for motocross racing or riding, this is the best choice to make because this helmet is specifically designed for extreme off-road sports, and not to forget that despite being in dusty and sandy areas, this helmet filters the debris making the riding experience even better.

5. BELL Moto-9 Flex Dirt Helmet

At the fifth place I have another motocross helmet known as the Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex dirt bike helmet. When it comes to extreme sports helmets, if they do not provide high-level security, they are useless; hence, why I present to you another good quality product that is guaranteed to get you addicted.

This helmet weighs fifteen hundred and forty-two grams, provides an adaptive fit, meaning it protects the face and head, including the surrounding area effectively; the interior of this helmet is so well-made, with the best materials, and not to forget it is completely washable and dryable.

The peak or visor on this one also provide good quality sound production or sound output; it does not allow any dirt and debris to enter the mouth of the person, all the sweat is caught by the interior padding of the forehead and cheeks of the helmet, making for it be washed easily and reused when required comfortably.

Furthermore, this product arrives with a warranty of five years, they’ve been in business since the nineteen hundred and the fifties to be exact, and as the name of the product itself suggests, the helmet also provides a carbon flex meaning the inside of the helmet is triple-layered giving added security to the rider.

It is also available in eight separate design and color options, as well as all size options available to best fit the rider’s head size.

The only mentionable drawback in relation to this helmet is that, unlike the other motocross helmet mentioned above, it does not come with a quick-release option that can be helpful in case of an accident while riding or a bumping emergency.
  • Good quality visor
  • High-security providence
  • Five-year warranty
  • Available in eight different designs
  • It does not come with the quick-release option in case of an emergency

Having everything said and done, I recommend this product due to its durability and sturdiness when it comes to speedy off-road races or even just a healthy ride in general, its clean and sophisticated fiery look and security make it all the more special for a rider.

6. Troy Lee Designs MIPS Speed Helmet

Designed by the famously infamous Troy Lee, next up I have the Troy Lee SE4 factory Carbon dirt bike helmet; he started his designing process in the late sixties and has been one of the best in the business ever since.

His designing process had evolved over the years and completely changed for the better in 2016 when he redesigned most of the items on his design list, making it unique and superior to most in the market.

The carbon build of this product makes it lightweight and easy to put on, have on, and even carry around. Any sort of mid, high or low smack is easily handled by the product of this brand. This helmet comes with an interior security design as well as the quick-release option making it a two in one handsome option.

As mentioned about the change in design from this designer, he has completely changed the placement of the visor, goggles, and the material and layering of the cheek pads. The peak or visor now fits the mouth at the perfect spot for sound ventilation and better breathing technique.

Furthermore, the goggles rest on the eyes perfectly, making the road up ahead a clear view for the rider. The guards on this product catch any sweat making the appearance of the road a clear view for the rider ridding him of any hindrances. It weighs about thirteen hundred and fifty-two grams, provides more than twenty ventilation ports, and comes with a warranty of a year.

Finally, the only setback coming in from customers regarding this product is that the material of the liner inside can start feeling a little scratchy overtime on the face, but most customers consider this less of an issue and more of an over the time investment that can be fixed or updated later on in life.
  • Quick-release option is available
  • Outstanding new design
  • Lightweight carbon build
  • Better peak and goggle placement
  • Inner can feel scratchy on the face over time

To conclude this is the type of product that makes someone stand out in the crowd, all well-experienced customers are very fond of these products for all the right reasons.

7. Bell MX-9 MIPS Equipped Motorcycle Helmet

Last but certainly not least, I have the Bell Unisex-Adult Off-road dirt bike helmet. This brand is known for its high-quality products.

This helmet is absolutely lightweight and comes with a hefty thirty-two design options to choose from; if that does not satisfy a customer, I know the specifics of this helmet will. The brand offers a reasonable warranty depending upon the time of purchase.

One special quality of this helmet is that it has vents to keep cool air stored and aid the face when needed. The air ventilation system of this product is outclassed, which causes no fogging on the goggles.

The vents closer to the peak or visor along with the vents close to the goggles keep the face cool and the sweat on the face maintained in accordance with the interior padding of the helmet which also provides high-quality protection to the face and head.

This helmet also comes with an inner lining material that is easy to wash and dry in the sun because the inner is made with high-quality material. A feature is available where the visor or peak and be removed to be cleaned, washed, and most importantly, while riding to catch a clear glance at what is going on outside in the racing grounds.

The same goes for goggles. It is also removable for the same purpose. With its attractive-looking design and top-notch quality exterior that has not been introduced in the helmets mentioned so far, this helmet is special because it keeps the rider protected, looking good, and feeling fresh all at the same time.

The drawback most known about this one is that this is not the best helmet option for those with optical issues, or to put it simply, for those that wear prescription glasses other than this, there is nothing stopping this helmet from being among the best.
  • Removable goggles
  • Removable visor
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive looking design
  • 32 design options
  • Not suitable for glasses wearers

This product has all the features necessary for a dirt bike helmet to work as fully functional and comes in so many design options that one could not even try and miss an opportunity as such; with added security, this helmet choice is one of the best moves to make for a rider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Do I Choose A Dirt Bike Helmet?

In order to choose the perfect dirt bike helmet for yourself, you must first have enough knowledge to purchase a product as such on your own; if you do not, then I suggest you either read this entire article or do research of your own, look at the specifications of the helmet, different sites where it might be available and whether it is best suited for the kind of race you’re in then choose and buy the one that fits these requirements best.

Q2: What Size Dirt Bike Helmet Do I Need?

The perfect size dirt bike helmet is one where obviously it provides the highest level of attachment to your face and head to a point where it feels protected, not strangled or choked.

In order to choose such a helmet, think about trying out two options, see which one has a slightly tighter fit, choose that one as it will expand or the interior will shrink over time.

Q3: Why Does My Dirt Bike Helmet Look So Big?

A dirt bike helmet is purposely designed to look big and bold because of the different attachments that come with it, like the visor, goggles, air vents, etc.

All these factors add to the build of the helmet, making it look bigger and bolder compared to a normal helmet; what matters is whether it fits better to the face or not.

Q4: Why Do Dirt Bike Helmets Have A Long Chin?

These helmets come with long chin designs because of built-in visors, and some even contain air vents that go in the same space, if not then the vicinity of the same area.

These visors provide a way for air and added protection for the bottom half and jaw of the rider’s face.


Let's pick the right dirt bike helmet for the money

To bring this discussion to an end from my side, a good dirt bike helmet provides just the right amount of protection and protective gear. If not, then it cannot be called a dirt bike helmet.

It will be similar to just any other regular helmet if it does not come with its special features like the long-chain design containing the visor, the tight insides and the extra security measures necessary.

Anyone looking for the best dirt bike helmet options can access this article and read through to choose among some of the best, and to add a personal note, I recommend the 6d atr-2 dirt bike helmets due to their highly protective and extremely comfortable design.

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