7 Best Beginner Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

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Motorcycle helmets or any helmet, in general, are very important for on-road riding and off-road adventures. The helmets protect your head from any serious injury and can be a lifesaver in times of need. The industry is filled with helmets, but choosing the right one can be tricky.

Severe accidents have a peak chance of occurring if you’re a newbie who has just started riding, so it’s important to choose the right type of helmet for your head type and to make sure it sits comfortably on your head.

Lucky for you, I’m saving you all the boring research and listing out some of the best beginners motorcycle helmets lets dive right in.

7 Top Rated Beginner Motorcycle Helmets Comparisons


Shoei Men's Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Men’s Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

BELL Moto-9 MIPS MX/Off-Road Helmet BELL Moto-9 MIPS MX/Off-Road Helmet

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet With Flag Graphic Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet With Flag Graphic

O'Neal Sierra II Mens Full-Face Slingshot Helmet O’Neal Sierra II Mens Full-Face Slingshot Helmet

HJC Unisex Adult is-MAX II Wine Modular Helmet HJC Unisex Adult is-MAX II Wine Modular Helmet


ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet

HJC Star Wars Unisex-Adult Full Face CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Helmet HJC Star Wars Unisex-Adult Full Face CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Helmet


1. Shoei Men’s Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The best in the market right now, the Shoei men’s Rf-1200 full-face motorcycle helmet is made of expanded polystyrene material. The overall features and design of this helmet are lightweight and easy on the head, and it provides comfort. The helmet has ventilation caps that allow the air to flow through constantly; this prevents sweating and suffocation.

Their inner lining is a dual-layer, which provides extra protection—padding around the top head area and both sides to prevent any injuries. The design of this helmet is a very professional one, the main color comes in all black, with clear glass over the eyes for protection, and the helmet is stretched in a tip towards the chin area, which provides extra security.

Moreover, the back of the helmet is sleek-looking. The safety rating is Snell and DOT certified, so you won’t have to give a single thought to injuries as your safety is fully guaranteed. Especially for beginners, it’s important to choose a helmet that is fully certified in the safety criteria.

Another great feature about this helmet is that the inner lining, padding, and headliner are fully removable and can be washed, which is a great factor for hygiene lovers. The specs of these helmets are quick, which is a pro for a quick grab-and-go helmet, perfect for late runners. The construction work is excellent, and you get the product worth the price you pay for the helmet.

A complaint that most commonly comes up is the size of the helmet isn’t accurate, and you might need to test a few to get the right fit. Moreover, people complained they had to send the helmet back as the size chart is not accurate.
  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Provides extra security
  • Washable padding
  • The size chart isn’t accurate and causes problems

When you do end up finding the right size, eventually, these helmets are perfect and a smart investment for beginners, don’t waste your time on any other helmet and get yourself this one ASAP.

2. BELL Moto-9 MIPS MX/Off-Road Helmet

The bell moto-9 MIPS helmet is one of the best helmets in the market right now with its great and high-quality features, specs, and overall performance. This off-road helmet keeps the driver safe, it’s lightweight and very comfortable on the head, and the design of the helmet is unique and eye-catching. These are off-road motorcycle helmets for beginners, a pointy chin tip with padded lining, and a mat black over the cap.

Such helmets don’t come with a glass protector for the eyes, so you can easily wear glasses. The helmet has a very professional design and feels to it. This helmet also has ventilation caps which are a must for riding; this way, all the sweating from the pressure of riding doesn’t suffocate the rider, and the ventilation caps installed in this helmet are very advanced and are made using dynamic flow modeling.

For protection, the helmet is fitted with interior padding that keeps the beginner safe and secure; as safety is a beginner’s number one priority while riding, rookies should always look for such helmets, and this product works best for such options.

As for the inner protection, the outer layer of the helmet is made of fiberglass with a carbon fiber combination, which makes it durable and strong. In case of an accident, the interior, as well as the exterior of the helmet, provides full protection to the rider.

Moreover, the helmet also has X-Static silver lining, which has proven to be very long-lasting, so if you’re looking to invest in a helmet for a long time, this one is the one for you. This product has removable cheek pads made of Magne-fusion magnetic pads, which are not only easily removable but can also be washed easily.

In case they get old you can easily replace them with the same material which is easily available in the market. DOT approved, so you already know it’s certified to protect you.

As eye-catching as the design of the helmet is, sadly, it can be easily scratched.
  • Easy to put in
  • Certified to protect the rider
  • Lightweight
  • It can easily be dented

This helmet comes in so many different colors and designs, you can even customize the outer look, but the material used in the making shows the visibility of any scratch, so the helmet might lose its charm over time, none the less a great pick for beginners.

3. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet With Flag Graphic

Now for all the risky adventure lovers, I have the Torc T14B Bluetooth integrated mako full-face helmet for beginners; a unique feature about this helmet is that it has built-in Bluetooth speakers as mentioned in the title, along with that it offers a built-in mic and speaker. Not only for music, but you can also listen to podcasts, call someone and communicate through the Bluetooth option of the helmet.

Unlike the other helmets, the padding used in this helmet is made of Dual-density EPS foam; this foam padding offers comfort and eases to the rider on the road and off the road. The main reason why a beginner needs a helmet for riding is for his safety and protection; this full-face helmet fitted with the dual-density foam provides just that at a higher rate; the pricing is affordable for all it offers, so it’s a great deal for those on a budget.

The overall design and feature of the helmet are very sleek, come in different patterns and a wide range of colors; there are three buttons on the right side of the helmet that allows the rider to pick and place calls easily, shuffle their music playlist or even ignore a call, this is indeed a very modern touch to a classic motorcycle helmet.

Another great feature about the helmet is that it comes with different eye panel glass to choose from, colors available are clear, black, and grey, great specs, and very reliable.

Another great specification worth mentioning is that the helmet offers a digital smart lock system; it’s referred to as “smooth lock” The inner pads and lining can be easily removed and washed, which will guarantee a long-time usage factor. The helmet is DOT and ECE approved in terms of protection and security; any injury to the head will be prevented by the high-quality padding used in the interior of the helmet.

Modern features, great specs, and unique features, and guarantees protection, this is certainly one of the best helmets for beginners, plus it is affordable to every class. The outer shield of the helmet is made in such a way that it does not show scratches as visibly as the last one did. Moreover, it is suitable for any environment, as the helmet is a full-face helmet, the glass prevents and fogging inside the helmet.

There have been several complaints about the size fitting being uncomfortably, also that the Bluetooth feature isn’t worth the hype and works poorly on the road due to all the noise. The helmet is also very heavy.
  • Has Bluetooth features
  • Affordable
  • High-quality exterior
  • Heavy

The smooth lock system with the extra protection guarantee is worth any price; you can easily relax on-road or off-road, listen to music and have the time of your life, get yours right now, and test it out for yourself. Highly recommend this to all the beginner racers out there.

4. O’Neal Sierra II Mens Full-Face Slingshot Helmet

For beginners, going for full-face helmets is a smarter choice and a smarter investment plan; full-face helmets keep the head protected while also protecting the front face; the O’Neal Sierra full-face slingshot helmet is the best choice if you love the cool rider look, with a functional-looking helmet design having a sleek and pro racer look than this helmet is perfect for you.

This helmet has both the look and features of dirt bike helmets but is highly reliable for beginners, it’s an oval shape design, and oval-shaped helmets are said to fit the best. The outer shell of the helmet is constructed using ABS, which makes the helmet durable and rigid. In case of a serious accident, this helmet is certified to protect the rider; this helmet is DOT and ECE approved, so they are legally certified for protection.

Aside from that, the helmet also comes with ventilation caps; during off-road adventures choosing a full-face helmet having a proper ventilation system is very important; this keeps the interior of the helmet fresh and allows the air to constantly flow through, providing the rider a breath of fresh air even with their face covered for safety.

The ventilation caps are situated on the top of the helmet, and upfront providing a 3-way ventilation system. The helmet is also comfortable and durable and fits perfectly well on the head. Another amazing and unique feature of this helmet is that it has moisture blocking fabric.

Due to sweating, your skin starts to get moist, which is uncomfortable; the small pores that are pre-built in the fabric suck away all the moisture, for long-distance traveling, this is very useful and cause no problem during the drive. Along with that, this helmet is also very affordable, so basically, anyone on a budget can afford it and can last a long time; it is lightweight and affordable. What more could one ask for.

The helmet does not come with a cut-out for the speakers, the size is fine, but the helmet is huge in terms of look.
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Provides extra security
  • No cut-out for speakers
  • Huge in size

A great pick for people who are looking for a cheap and affordable alternative to the other full-face helmets, moreover it offers just about the same quality on a lower budget which is perfect for almost anyone.

5. HJC Unisex Adult is-MAX II Wine Modular Helmet

Choosing the right helmet for when you are just starting is a bit difficult; you need a helmet that is compatible with all sorts of bikes, whether it’s a dirt bike, motorcycle for racing, street bike, or even an off-road mountain bike.

You need a helmet that works well with every ride and has features that are in sync with all rides, this is where the HJC modular motorcycle helmet for beginners comes in, and the helmet offers a wide variety of features and specs. The eyeglass for shielding is said to be UV resistant.

It comes in different colors, mostly you can choose the cover glass for your helmets during the customization process but not every helmet comes with this option; a good spec about this helmet is that it offers a pin lock face shield. Easy to install and does not require any sort of tool to remove and re-install a newer one.

The shell of the helmet is made of durable material called the polycarbonate composite shell; this protects the outer casing of the helmet and stays brand new for a long time. The helmet also comes with adjustable straps for the chin area so you can adjust it to your size and is very comfortable. The material it uses gives it a lightweight effect.

Hence it’s easy on the head and durable overall. Another great specification is that the inner padding can be easily replaced and removed and are safe enough to be washed; rider won’t have to worry about the dust factor during off-road adventures. The inner lining is infested with anti-bacterial factors, which gives you extra protection hygienically.

Now, as for the drawbacks, it has only two, it does not block out the surrounding noise; during a ride, the noisy environment can be disturbing.
  • Easy to clip on
  • UV resistant shield glass
  • Cheaper option
  • Do not block out noise

Overall a great choice for beginners; if you love a pop of color, this helmet is the one to go for; with every possible need, specs, and features a great pick; I would highly recommend it to people just starting.

6. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet

Have you ever heard of an open-face helmet with the same features and protective factors as a full-face helmet? Well, such a helmet exists, and it’s called the ILM motorcycle dual visor flip-up modular full-face helmet; it’s affordable, has a classy look, and is protective? The outer shell is made of ABS, which protects the head and even saves the helmet during a crash.

For a person who is looking for an open-face helmet but is just starting the journey, this helmet provides some of the best specs for protection; the flip-up modular design is perfect for the protection of the head and saves you money as it’s affordable. As it is an open-face helmet, the ventilation caps works even better; air flows through the helmet constantly, eliminating any moisture and preventing sweat.

The ventilation caps are situated on the top and both sides of the helmet; you can even close these caps if you wish to, as the open face factor provides enough ventilation. The helmet also has an inner and outer dual visor; both the visors can be removed and replaced without the need to remove either one completely.

Both the dual visors provide excellent vision to the driver as they are fog and sweat-resistant. If you’re on a budget, this helmet will be great as it’s affordable for everyone to buy and provides great specs and features. No compromise on the quality, but it comes at a low price that’s a score indeed.

People have complained many times that the screws holding the dual visor together are very wobbly and can come out when you’re off-road or even on-road driving.
  • Easy to purchase
  • Has adjustable straps
  • Washable inner padding
  • The screws for the visor aren’t very durable

Being affordable and providing such great specifications is a great steal; I would highly recommend it to beginners or a budget.

7. HJC Star Wars Unisex-Adult Full Face CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Helmet

My last pick is the HJC star wars motorcycle helmet; if you’re looking for a lightweight, durable UV-resistant full-face helmet for beginners, then keep reading. The specs and features of this helmet are top-notch, with a great vent system to keep the airflow constant. To seal the moisture, Nylex fabric is used as the inner lining.

This prevents sweating and any moisture that might get stuck in the fabric giving the rider a smooth and sweat-free ride experience. Moreover, the helmet is super comfortable. The inner cushion padding is soft and durable. In case of a mishap or sudden crash, the inner lining can provide complete safety to the head; safety should be every rider’s number one priority.

Furthermore, the helmet also comes with vent caps, which provide a constant flow of air; this prevents sweating from stress during a ride and brushes the face with cold and clean air. The shield glass for the eyes is UV resistant, so anyone with sun allergies and gets around buying this helmet.

The cheek and upper head padding is adjustable and be easily removed to be washed once in a while. The helmet comes at a very low cost, hence affordable to all classes. So if you’re on a tight budget, then this helmet is the way to go.

Although the helmet has so many great factors, one that really sets it aside is that it’s too heavy, which makes it a bit uncomfortable during an intense ride.
  • Washing inner padding
  • Has vent caps
  • Adjustable
  • Too heavy

Moreover, if you’re on a budget and don’t mind a little weight, this helmet is perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Do I Choose My First Motorcycle Helmet?

If you’re a beginner starting the journey, the list above is pretty helpful. One thing to always keep in check is that the helmet should be a full-face helmet.

This provides the rider with 100% security. All the above-mentioned products are certified legally to protect you. It’s better to do your research, to invest in a long-lasting helmet.

Q2: Should A Motorcycle Helmet Squeeze Your Cheeks?

No, in such a case, it most definitely means that the helmet is not your size. Moreover, it’s uncomfortable during a ride to have your cheeks fully suffocated.

When buying online, know in advance what your size is; going out to a shop to buy is easier as you can simply try on the helmet to see if it fits right or not.

Q3: How Do I Know My Helmet Shape?

Helmet shapes are oval, pointy, half tilted, etc. Choosing the right shape depends on your head size. For people with a small head, going for XS is not ideal, as a rider must have a little bit of extra room for ventilation and so on vice versa.

You can even lookup your head size to see what shape would fit you the best the internet can come in handy for such things as well.

Q4: How Heavy Should A Motorcycle Helmet Be?

Not heavy at all, in my opinion; the lighter, the better. During an intense one-on-one race, you don’t need a heavy helmet weight down on your head that is uncomfortable and not ideal under pressure.

Moreover, lightweight helmets not only provide a more comfortable fit, but they are also more secure and easy to slip on.

Q5: Do I Need A Full-Face Helmet Or Half-Face?

For a beginner, full-face helmets are the way to go; they provide complete protection of the head, have small mishaps during the beginning years are inevitable, so it’s always a smarter choice to choose safety over style.

Now, as the industry is evolving, you can get open face helmet with the same specs as the full-face helmet. I have one mentioned in my list too.


Pick the right helmet if you ride a motorcycle for the first time

For beginners, it’s also a great choice to choose safety overlooks; with that, I suggest choosing a full-face helmet over the half-face ones; the full-face helmets protect the head completely and are a better option for safety.

Moreover, choosing the right type of helmet can take you months; some don’t fit right, while some are too big. With this list, you can find the best pick.

I listed out some of the best beginners motorcycle helmets, and I would highly recommend the Shoei men’s Rf-1200 full-face motorcycle helmet, its lightweight, affordable, and overall a great pick for rookies who just started riding; you can use this helmet for off-road and on-road use, depending on whatever motorcycle you own this helmet will work perfectly. So don’t waste your time and money and buy this helmet right now for long-lasting use.

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