Are Cowboy Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding?

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Whether a novice or a seasoned pro, every rider understands the necessity of wearing the right motorcycle shoes because safety is the most important factor to consider when participating in this activity.

This is why it’s critical to wear the proper clothing and accessories, specially approved ones with all the necessary certifications to assure rider safety.

So if you are wondering are cowboy boots good for motorcycle riding? Well, on a motorcycle, cowboy boots are permissible.

However, on the other hand, they should not be worn while riding a motorcycle since they do not provide adequate safety and protection for your feet, ankles, and legs.

On a motorcycle, wearing cowboy boots might make using the gear and brake pegs extra complicated.

With that being said, it will be best for you to read this article to find out why cowboy boots are not safe and what other shoes you can try on a motorcycle.

Can You Ride A Motorcycle With Cowboy Boots?

Is wearing cowboy boots on a motorcycle a bad idea? Let's find out

There isn’t exactly a specific answer to this question. Some riders prefer riding their motorcycles with cowboy boots on, while others would not do it.

This mostly depends on their style preferences. However, it’s not a safe choice for some. But to be fair, riding with cowboy boots is not considered a safe choice.

Cowboy boots are not a suitable motorcycle boot option. You must know that cowboy boots have smooth leather bottoms that won’t give you the traction you’ll require to ride securely.

High-heeled cowboy boots made with leather soles are especially dangerous on a motorcycle because they make riding more difficult. In a mishap, cowboy boots will not provide adequate protection for the foot and the ankle.

Moreover, cowboy boots also lack the reinforced insurance found in different motorcycle boots and the traction resistance required in a casualty. Therefore, wearing them while riding is not a safe choice.

Is It Safe To Ride A Motorcycle In Cowboy Boots?

Cowboy boots are made to withstand the rigors of folks who spend a large portion of their days on their feet, walking, laboring, and riding horses. It is also worth mentioning that cowboy boots can protect from snake bites.

According to the report, keep in mind that lower limb injuries appear to be the most common category of wound among motorcycle riders who have crashed, 55.5 percent.

This is why it’s critical to wear the appropriate motorbike gear to stay safe.

In the case of cowboy boots, though, tilted and smooth heeled cowboy boots are commonly constructed with 1 to 2 inch high tilted and smooth heeled bases.

Cowboy boots are dangerous to wear when riding a motorcycle because they can slip and cause the rider to lose control.

In addition to that, cowboy boots with leather soles are particularly dangerous to ride a motorcycle in because they are extremely slippery.

It is also worth noting that leather soles are prone to slipping off the pegs and on the road.

One of the drawbacks of riding a motorcycle in cowboy boots is that the heel can make changing positions problematic and hazardous.

The heel can get caught on the peg or even slip in some situations. So you must know that cowboy boots with high heels, on the other hand, are normally a no-no.

Types Of Motorcycle Boots

Learning about different motorcycle boots will open options for you that are safe and comfortable to ride with on the motorcycle.

Here I will be listing some boots that you can purchase for yourself and see how fun they can make the journey.

So with that being said, let’s get into it!

1. Engineer/Harness Boots

A ring is affixed to the strap of this form of footwear. The ring delivers effect protection as well as a trendy appearance.

Engineer boots typically have a round toe, whereas harness boots typically have square toes. You must know that certain hybrid harness or cowboy boots are also suitable for horseback riding.

2. Shorty Motorcycle Boots

As the name implies, shorty boots are said to be short boots. They normally stand between 6 inches and 8 inches tall.

They resemble regular shoes and are frequently worn by riders who do not want to shift their shoes between riding and ordinary activities. Your ankle, however, should still be covered.

3. Tall Motorcycle Boots

On the other hand, tall boots are substantially taller, ranging from 14 inches to 20 inches. These are frequently worn over the legs of a pair of pants.

However, keep in mind that they must still appear below the knee, and you should ride with them only if you have a complete expanse of motion and can easily kneel your knee.

4. Motocross Boots

These boots are most commonly seen in motocross, although they can also be seen on other riders.

They are frequently available in more vibrant hues than conventional motorcycle boots. Because safety is a key emphasis, they tend to be a little larger.

5. Racing Boots

Racing boots are made to be exceptionally durable and protective because they are intended to be worn while riding sportbikes at increased speeds on rough pavement race circuits.

They can feel confined, and walking around in them can be difficult.

6. Touring Boots

Touring boots are among the extensively livable motorcycle boots on the market, and they can be used for everyday duties as well. They provide adequate protection, although not quite as much as racing boots.

7. Motorcycle Patrol Boots

Motorcycle boots of this style are typically 17 inches to 18 inches tall. However, bespoke heights can be acquired on occasion.

Motorcycle officers’ boots are usually always black and are part of their outfits. There are two types of motorcycle patrol boots: one with laces up and the one with no laces.

How To Pick The Right Motorcycle Boots

First and foremost, the nicest motorcycle boots must offer maximum safety while also taking into account the needs of the feet, ankles, as well as legs.

You must know that falling is a very ordinary occurrence on the track, as well as on the road, and it is critical to purchase only approved equipment with the UNI EN 13634 designation.

Friction resistance is another important factor to consider. Motorbike shoes can be divided into two categories.

The first is the type, which is defined by 5 seconds of friction resistance and is specifically built for usage on the road.

Shoes in the second group have a 12-second friction resistance period and are typically geared for track practice.

Furthermore, everyone is aware that the ankle is quite susceptible and can easily be distorted in the event of an accident. When purchasing boots, look for ones that include padding and an anti-torsion system.

However, because these devices might impair leg movement, pay awareness to the substances utilized, which should be of excellent personality to assure foot flexibility while simultaneously providing friction.

The sole is also a crucial component. Soft soles provide better grip but are more likely to wear out, whilst hard soles are more durable but provide less grip. In this field, your options are limited by your personal preferences.

Comfort is also important, the malleolus should have inside padding to perfectly house the moving foot when riding. Furthermore, keep in mind that motorcycle boots are intended to be worn for an extended amount of time.

Thus proper fit is crucial. Ankle boots, like taller boots, now give the same level of safety because they both have all of the necessary features to ensure maximum dependability.

Motorcycle Boots Features And Advantages

  • Motorcycle boots offer more safety and comfort than cowboy boots.
  • High knee motorcycle boots offer support for the ankle as well as the calf.
  • Technical shoes prevent the stress on osteoarticular apparatus, muscles as well as blood vessels.
  • Motorcycle boots are affordable.
  • You can find various types and styles of motorcycle boots and even customize them.
  • Classic motorcycle boots, as well as lighter sneakers, will provide extra safety and health for a long period.

Is Wearing Boots On Motorcycles A Must?

Motorcycle boots are a must-have when it comes to motorcycle riding.

Not only do you require tall, robust boots to protect your ankle joint when riding, but you also require a heavy substance that will not be damaged in the event of a disaster.

Many experienced riders can advise you how a decent pair of boots protected their foot as well as ankle or how accidents caused irreversible injury due to bad footwear selection.

So always make sure to ride with proper boots for motorcycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding?

You can ride a motorcycle wearing work boots. Many bikers, in fact, do so. Work boots, on the other hand, cannot match the status of comfort as well as the protection provided by appropriate motorcycle boots.

When riding a motorcycle while wearing steel-toe boots, safety, satisfaction, as well as comfort may be compromised.

Q2. What Kind Of Boots Are Good For Motorcycle Riding?

For the ordinary sportbike, naked, or cruiser rider, sport boots are said to be the ideal choice. These boots are made for speed, but they don’t go all the way down to the calf.

After you dismount, the higher boots make it difficult to walk about. I have also included the types of motorcycle boots in the article. You can read and find the perfect type and have the best riding experience.

Q3. Can I Ride A Motorcycle With Steel-Toe Boots?

Motorcycle boots with steel toes are not recommended. It is worth mentioning that steel toe boots will provide excellent friction resistance.

However, they often lack ankle support and a strengthened sole to ensure the foot from flexion as well as expansion. Steel toe boots are therefore less cautious than conventional motorcycle boots.

Q4. What Is Special About Motorcycle Boots?

Motorcycle boots strengthen assistance to the ankles for better control, and you will be happy to know that they will provide impact insurance in the circumstance that the body is deformed during a fall.

Regular shoes would most certainly fall off and uncover the feet, raising the danger of shattered bones as well as other catastrophic injuries.

Q5. What Should I Not Wear On A Motorcycle?

There is a list of things that you should not wear on a motorcycle because it can create a hazardous situation for you on the road.

So with that being said, you should not wear flip flops or sandals, tennis shoes, shorts as well as skirts, novelty helmets, tank tops, t-shirts as well as tube tops, and lastly, do not wear an all-black outfit on the motorcycle.


I hope this article provided you with a clear answer to the question of are cowboy boots good for motorcycle riding.

In summary, cowboy boots can be employed to ride motorbikes, but there are a few criteria to keep in mind: the soles must have a decent grip as well as be composed of rubber as well as synthetic material.

Now, if you do plan on riding with cowboy boots, then you must make sure that you are not using cowboy boots that have leather soles.

This is because they have poor traction control and will compromise the safety of you and others on the road. Safety should always be your priority, so make sure to choose safe boots that are also comfortable to ride with.

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