6 Best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets

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Safety is a top priority when on the road, and the good news is, there are so many high-quality helmets out there based on your favorite Star Wars characters, that is, if you’re a Star Wars fan, or if you know someone who is a fan then this might just be the perfect gift for them.

Some helmets are exact replicas of the ones in the movies; what more would you like? Although it is almost impossible for companies to compromise on quality while also using the Star Wars name, I have compiled a list of the best Star Wars Motorcycle helmet to bring you the best of the best helmets with the highest ratings.

6 Top Rated Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets Reviews


HJC Star Wars Unisex-Adult CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

HJC Star Wars Unisex-Adult CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

Star Wars The Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic X-Wing Pilot Helmet Star Wars The Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic X-Wing Pilot Helmet

Fox Racing V3 Boba Fett Limited Edition Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet Fox Racing V3 Boba Fett Limited Edition Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Kylo Ren Mens RPHA 11 Pro Street Motorcycle Helmet HJC Kylo Ren Mens RPHA 11 Pro Street Motorcycle Helmet


YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Racing Unisex-Adult Helmet

YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Racing Unisex-Adult Helmet

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adult Stormtrooper 2-Piece Helmet Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adult Stormtrooper 2-Piece Helmet


1. HJC Star Wars Unisex-Adult CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

The CS-R3 Trooper Helmet is not only my favorite, but everyone else’s as well. The item highly resembles the one in the movie, which is a very exciting feature. Not only this, it is oval-shaped to fit the biker’s head easily without straining them.

This full-face, DOT compliant, three-year warranty helmet has a polycarbonate composite shell, making it very lightweight and comfortable without compromising resistance.

It even has an up to the mark ventilation system, a micrometric chin strap, and space for glasses for those who wear them. There is an anti-scratch shield for the face, and another wonderful feature is the 95% UV Protective Coat hard coating. Now, if you forget to wear sunscreen, don’t worry, the helmet’s got you covered! The sun shield is even replaceable, so it’s your choice.

I have mentioned that the ventilation system is remarkable; it provides airflow from the front to the back of the helmet while keeping the heat and the humidity outside. Did I mention the sweat absorbent pads? They can be removed and washed separately, and the adjustment strap was designed to be useable when wearing gloves.

Cheek pads protect from any damage to your cheeks; while the two-step closure system cancels any unnecessary noise from the outside, you might find annoying. This helmet is a top one for comfort. Visuals-wise, it is a very stylish helmet, looking like the same one in the movie. For example, the gas filters are blue, and there is the Empire’s logo on the helmet.

The resistance and capability of absorbing huge shocks have been proved by testing, so if an unfortunate event does occur, you do know you are safe.

It has HJC’s Rapid Fire Replacement system, which means the visor can be easily removed and even replaced without the need for any tools. And lastly, for all the fabulous features it has, it comes at a relatively low price, so it is a very good buy.

The helmet’s shape, however, is shaped so that some people might find it relatively tight, something to look out for if you’re used to the wider helmet style, and I have to say, it also is not the most lightweight helmet out there.
  • Made of polycarbonate composite
  • Good ventilation system
  • Comfortable
  • Can absorb great shocks well
  • Relatively low price
  • It might be too tight for you

The helmet comes with many quality features, making it the most popular one out there; it is worth the money and for you to give it a try.

2. Star Wars The Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic X-Wing Pilot Helmet

Ever wanted to look like Poe Dameron while riding your bike? Well, you’re in the same boat as bikers like Julian Simon and George Navarro if you have your eyes on this stylish helmet, and therefore it is to know that this item is credible.

Poe Dameron is known be one of the best pilots in Star Wars; rocking the same X-wing headgear as him can make you feeling like a pro too if that’s your thing.

Their outer shell is made of advanced Kevlar compound and fiberglass, whereas the inner shell is made of double-layer EPS. The inside of the helmet’s fabric has fine silver weaving, making it durable. You can also take it off to clean it yourself. Moreover, the material is antibacterial.

The benefits to this are that no bad odor will build up inside your helmet as no bacteria or algae will be able to grow in there. The super cool fabric helps with comforting your head and prevents sweating.

With this, you can ride your bike for as long as you can in whatever weather you wish without feeling uncomfortable, also because it avoids any headaches or neck pains. The strap is also adjustable to fit your head perfectly.

In addition, it has a retractable polarizing visor that avoids ruining your vision and helps you enjoy a wide view, thus allowing you to enjoy your rides to the fullest.

This visor is drop-down and is adjustable to three different positions, to cover only the eyes, half the face or even the entire face if you wish, allowing you to customize your look however you want, and is built to provide UV protection and be fog resistant.

However, the primary function of the helmet is protection, which this helmet covers perfectly due to its advanced polycarbonate composite shell. All of this while also coming at a fairly reasonable price, that is, if compared with other helmets in its league.

The drawback to this product might be it being too tight for some users, especially if you have a big head; this might not fit you well. This helmet is also not DOT approved.
  • Durable
  • Antibacterial
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable visor
  • Comparatively lower price
  • It might be too tight
  • Not DOT approved

This helmet is a good pick if you want comfort, especially if you’re looking forward to riding your bike in harsh weather; not only will it help with all the heat-related problems but cancel fog as well, all while being a cool and stylish item belonging to Poe Dameron.

3. Fox Racing V3 Boba Fett Limited Edition Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

RPHA 11 pro helmet belongs to Boba Fett, a bounty hunter in Star Wars. This helmet copies the cover scheme and looks of his Mandalorian armor. For example, it even has scratch marks for a realistically similar look. The design is sleek and stylish. It is ECE and DOT certified and meets all the standards of FMVSS 218.

It has MIPS, a multi-directional impact protection system. Being multi-material, made from strong, premium materials, it is created for absorbing shock well. This is because it combines all the advantages of the materials it is made of together all in one helmet.

Made of carbon fiber, it is lightweight and has several air vents with such a technology to improve the airflow as much as possible. It weighs only 3.4 lbs, avoiding any back or neck pain you might experience. The sun visor has an antibacterial scratch face shield, and the fabric inside can be removed and washed.

The helmet is glove-friendly, it is wearable daily, and because it is so lightweight, you might not find an issue wearing it anywhere you go. Now you can show off your Mandalorian helmet everywhere you go.

There is an issue, though. The stylish design could be ruined because the fiberglass this helmet uses could be scratched, which could completely mess up the show of this beautiful helmet. Another big problem is that it is highly-priced, compared to the other helmets in the line.
  • Beautiful design
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Good ventilation system
  • Very lightweight
  • Could be scratched
  • Too highly-priced compared to others in the market

This is a great option if you want to buy it because of Boba Fett, the quality is not bad. However, the price is pretty high, especially when compared to other helmets in the market, which has awesome features while being low priced; this might lose the appeal. If, however, your Boba Fett fan spirit makes you want to buy it, it is a high-quality product worth the money.

4. HJC Kylo Ren Mens RPHA 11 Pro Street Motorcycle Helmet

Kylo Ren RPHA 11 Pro is made from advanced P.I.M plus shell; this stylish black product might just be what your bike rides have been missing. Because it has been created while keeping aerodynamics in regard, even at higher speeds, this will perform well. It has a shield dual lock system made for high speeds.

So now you can enjoy running your bike as fast as you want without a problem. Of course, be careful, though. Dials are located in each vent to adjust the airflow system. There is an additional vent at the forehead part. Did I mention the ventilation system is marvelous?

The crown pads and the cheek pads can be easily removed, and of course, washed, so keep your helmet fresh and clean, also because the interior is antibacterial, so now, no smell.

The cheek pads are also designed for better safety, keeping you better safe during accidents. The helmet uses a fiberglass composite shell made from fiberglass, carbon fiber and aramid. It even comes with a free anti-fog pin lock which can be changed from clear to smoke shield if you want it to. The breath guard and insert lens will help against fogging.

This helmet also comes in various sizes, so you can choose just the right fit for yourself. Containing an optimized eye-port, this is built to improve your visual experience while on your bike. It also is pretty lightweight when compared to others especially. It is an officially licensed Star Wars product and also DOT certified.

This helmet, however, you might find will not fit you well if you don’t pay attention to the size chart. To avoid any inconvenience, you should explore the size chart and choose the best fit for yourself.

If you don’t, you might create a problem for yourself. It also is an expensive item, not suitable if on a budget. Also, there are much better options price-wise.

  • Aerodynamics
  • Good adjustable airflow
  • Good visual experience
  • It comes in various sizes
  • DOT certified
  • It might not fit you well
  • Highly-priced

If you want to add this stylish new product to your Star Wars collection that not only looks good but serves its purpose efficiently, then what are you waiting for?

5. YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Racing Unisex-Adult Helmet

The YM 925 is an item suiting those with simpler tastes. A white and black descent looking helmet, while also being a Star Wars product, might actually be best for those fans who would like to express their fan spirit without making too loud a statement.

If you like the design, then check it out for sure because the quality is definitely worth the money. This racing helmet has an adjustable air ventilation system because of which you can allow yourself to stay fresh in the heat while blocking the ventilation during colder days.

It is even unisex; both men and women can rock this helmet. It meets the standards set forth by DOT and FMVSS – 218, or it might actually even be better than the minimum requirements.

It is aerodynamic and weighs 3.7 pounds. There is a flip-up function in this modular helmet. The visor is also anti-fog and has a wide, clear view to help you enjoy your bike ride in all sorts of weather.

This feature allows you to open your visor easily without any problem and not ruin the vision. I should mention here that it has double eye protection. The chin strap has been reinforced and has a quick release buckle; it is convenient to use because you can use it while wearing gloves as well. The liner and the cheek pads can be removed and also, definitely, be washed.

The adjustable ventilation system is a huge bonus because who knows how cold it might get? In that case, the ventilation is of no use, and you’ll need a helmet that can block the airflow to stop you from shivering and actually keep your head warm. The exterior of this helmet is durable and pretty strong, and safety should be the topmost priority of any helmet.

An important drawback to this product is the fact that the visor is not UV resistant. With most other helmets having this almost necessary feature, this YEMA helmet falls behind.

Another issue is created due to some additional components because they make the helmet a bit heavier. This can cause neck and back strain and is definitely not for long rides. I have to add as well that it is not suitable for daily use.

  • Adjustable ventilation system
  • DOT certified
  • Aerodynamic
  • Modular
  • Heavier than other helmets
  • Not for everyone or for common usage
  • Non UV resistant Visor

YEMA has created a simple but high-quality product; if only it were a bit lightweight, though, it would actually be perfect for comfort and enjoyment.

6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adult Stormtrooper 2-Piece Helmet

Another Storm Trooper item, this two-piece costume helmet that covers the head and face, is the exact replica of the Troopers’ helmets in the movie. It definitely is one of the most fun accessories to carry around.

The headgear is made of 100% Polyester, protecting against any sun damage. The anatomical construction means you don’t have to be looking for the right size and shape. t is a one size fits all helmet. It is 12” wide and 13.5” high.

Therefore, it is neither too loose nor too tight, so you will not get uncomfortable and feel dizzy. The liner can be easily removed, and it’s totally washable. It is obviously, necessary to keep it fresh and clean.

Mesh eyes give the eyes good protection. Star Wars Episode VII costume accessory has officially licensed this helmet; it is perfect for Halloween. The Storm Troopers wear the exact same ones in the movies.

The helmet, however, does not have any internal lining. The main problem is that this helmet is more of an accessory than a helmet.

Sure it is a Star Wars motorcycle helmet, but it does not provide any protection from shock, so you’re only supposed to wear it around for fun, and it really isn’t meant to accompany you on your bike rides.

  • Sun protection
  • Neither too loose nor too tight
  • Mesh eyes
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars costume accessory
  • No internal lining
  • It is a costume accessory and not a true helmet
  • Little safety

Buy this if you want it as an accessory, but if you really want something for the road, then this is not a good idea, and there are much better options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Long Is My Motorcycle Helmet Going To Last Me?

Although it depends individually, these helmets will last you between 3 – 5 years.

Q2: Are All Helmets Equally Safe?

Well, not actually. For example, open-faced helmets are not as safe as the others; they don’t have a chin bar.

A chin bar is an important feature to look for safety, and full-face helmets are the best at that job. Modular helmets might be safe but not as safe as the full-faced ones.

Q3: Can I Damage My Helmet If I Drop It?

These helmets are made to withstand high pressure and impact, so dropping your helmet will not damage it. Don’t worry; you will not need to replace it.

The only situation in which you would need replacement is if involved in an accident because of the extreme shock that will damage your helmet, and then you might need to replace it.

Q4: Why Are Motorcycle Helmets So Highly-Priced?

These helmets are meant to protect you on the road, so they have to meet important safety standards.

Meeting the standards mean the helmets use high quality, expensive materials, and to be up to the mark and actually protect against shocks in the best way possible, they have to be expensive. It is something that cannot be compromised.


Get the most popular Star Wars helmet by comparing my top lists

Disney will not let anyone licensed to use the Star Wars brand name and compromise on quality, be assured that all of these helmets are high quality.

My list compiles the best, most popular helmets with all their different designs and features, having a huge price range especially, you can choose whichever is right for you.

Although it might depend if you have a character preference, the CS R3 Strom Trooper Helmet would be my number one recommendation, not only because it has the best features, but also because of the popularity, and because of having a low price, it definitely is the best Star Wars motorcycle helmet.

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