6 Best Motorcycle Half Helmets Reviews

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The fact that there are so many myths around half helmets not safe, they are too loud. Not comfortable, don’t ever go on riding a motorcycle with a bare head in the wind; it’s like you’re on a suicide mission, and you intend to hurt yourself.

Best motorcycle half helmets nowadays offer a wide range of facilities in just a helmet, Bluetooth secured, want to listen to music? Not a problem, investing a little and getting the best experience ever out of your chose half helmet.

Let’s not waste a single minute and get straight into some of the best half helmets you can find on the market right now.

6 Top Rated Motorcycle Half Helmets Comparisons


Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Sena CAVALRY-CL-GB-XL Gloss Black X-Large Bluetooth Sena CAVALRY-CL-GB-XL Gloss Black X-Large Bluetooth

ScorpionEXO Covert Open Face Half Shell 3/4 Mode Motorcycle Helmet ScorpionEXO Covert Open Face Half Shell 3/4 Mode Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Rogue Half Size Motorcycle Helmet Bell Rogue Half Size Motorcycle Helmet


LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

Bell Scout Air Helmet Bell Scout Air Helmet


1. Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

First, we have the bell pit boss open face motorcycle helmet, the best in the market right now introduced by the bell, known for their amazing quality. So we know while purchasing the pit boss, we don’t have to worry about the questionable quality of the helmets.

It’s an open face helmet, it’s not as advanced, and is quite tricky, but it’s a grab and go helmet that doesn’t require much effort to put on. It has a matte black color range; the loyal customers swear by the pit boss and always use it on their riding adventures.

The pit boss is an adjustable helmet; it has a small nob at the back of the helmet, which you can use to position the helmet according to your liking; size-wise, this is a perfect option as it makes the helmet unisex and the adjustable nob can help fit any size.

Another great feature about the helmet is, you don’t need to wear goggles or glasses, but you still can if you wish too, it stays put on your head, and you can comfortably enjoy your trip, and the pit boss is usually everyone’s first choice.

Furthermore, the helmet’s weight is about 690G +/- 50G (SIZE M), which is the common size for buyers, and it’s perfect as it doesn’t feel too heavy on the head. The pit boss uses a removable neck curtain for cold-weather riding, so you can say it is made for both summers and winters.

Customers always complain about the pricing; it’s a bit expensive. The only drawback that has come up in the market, in the beginning, there was a sizing issue, but that’s resolved now.
  • Comfortable interior
  • Classy appearance with a vintage look
  • It fits perfectly for all sizes (unisex)
  • Relatively expensive than other helmets

Without a doubt, my first recommendation to the customers would be the bell pit boss helmet, definitely worth the investment, works well for everyone.

2. Sena CAVALRY-CL-GB-XL Gloss Black X-Large Bluetooth

Coming in second, we have the Sena-Cavalry-CL-GB-XL helmet introduced by Sena, also known for its amazing quality. This specific helmet is available in many sizes ranging from X-small to XX-large and all sizes in between, and their standard size being Medium.

It comes in the specific color of gloss black and is a wireless connectivity helmet that fits people who feel strangled with a wire around the neck or under the chin. Its wireless connectivity does not make it any less sturdy; in fact, the perfect size that fits the head can stay on without any uncomfortable movement.

The helmet is supported by the ears instead of a wire. The sena cavalry has a built-in Bluetooth system which is convenient for people with jobs who like to go for morning rides or even for people that can’t ride without music blasting in their ears. For this purpose, the sena is a great helmet to own.

The only drawback is the customer not knowing their head size and ordering the wrong one, which can be very inconvenient regarding the exchange process.

Hence, knowing the right size before buying an expensive product is necessary to not cause problems. In case of two sizes fitting similarly, it is recommended to buy the smaller one.

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Hands-free
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Bluetooth
  • Size confusion

People with riding experience looking for the perfect helmet that can fit their head and be able to play music or any audio without having to connect a wire should not just consider buying this product; instead, invest in it as it’s a long term useable item.

3. ScorpionEXO Covert Open Face Half Shell 3/4 Mode Motorcycle Helmet

Next up, we have my 3rd pick for this list, not the crowd favorite, but not everyone can handle the specs that the scorpion Exo convert helmets comes with; it has a very bold appearance, thus why many people don’t choose this as their first choice, but it’s very multi-purpose.

Another great feature about it is that it’s modified according to you. Don’t you like full-face helmets? Take off the sides. You have yourself a half shell helmet. Don’t you like the half shell look? Take off the front parts of the helmet now you have a half-face helmet; the modification feature in the helmet gives it a unique touch. Thus it attracts the eye, but it’s not very convenient.

Right now, it’s the best multi-purpose transformable helmet in the market; if you take out all the work you need to put in the helmet to bring it down to your liking, it’s a great pick for bold people.

It comes in 3 different colors, ranging from all sorts of sizes, the last one being XX-L. The Scorpion Exo convert helmet is designed with a unique formula; it also has a polycarbonate shell to lessen the impact making it durable.

Moreover, the helmet is known to be loud; call it a drawback, this specific helmet style is a bit too strong, it’s not very easy for beginners to handle; thus, it’s not recommended often by people.
  • Great specs can be modified
  • Very bold and has multi-purpose
  • Breathable material, also very comfortable
  • Has ventilation modifications as well
  • Bold, and not everyone can handle it, not for beginners

Will this be my first choice? No, but if you’re a bold person who loves a little adventure, this helmet is a great pick; the adjustability of the helmet makes it super unique and fun.

4. Bell Rogue Half Size Motorcycle Helmet

Fourth up we have is the bell rogue, also introduced by the bell. This helmet is expensive and only pleases a specific type of customer, and that is bike riders. The bell rogue has chin support at the front of the helmet, and the head is fully covered when wearing it, exposing only the T-zone area of the face when the helmet is on.

The standard size in this helmet is not medium; instead, it’s largely due to its build and different interior and exterior. It comes in the matte black color and is an attractive looking helmet. The chin support is attached to the helmet with clasps that click and fit the sides of the helmet.

Additionally, the bonus to this helmet is the cheek pads that make sure the face is fully guarded when riding a motorcycle. The cheek pads are removable and adjustable, making them comfortable enough to fit any face shape.

Even though the helmet is encouraged or recommended to be worn with motorcycles, many people buy it for safety and use it with normal bikes, mountain riding, or bike hiking. Its complete face and head closure can make any beginner feel safer while driving and boost confidence to learn comfortably and with ease.

Although the helmet can feel a bit strangling and clingy to the face initially, given the right amount of time and practice, any rider can easily get used to it and feel safer.
  • Provides more safety than usual helmets
  • Surrounds the face and head properly
  • Neat looking
  • Expensive

Any riders on the hustle to learn riding or beginners looking to buy gear should invest in this helmet; it can be an asset to anybody’ riding experience. Even experienced riders can also buy this helmet and judge the quality and durability of the item.

5. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

At number 5th, I put my favorite helmet; while I was researching it, I found out that this one is comparatively the lightest among all the helmets. The LS2 valiant modular helmet proves to be the most secure one out of the bunch.

The thick coating of foam in the helmet’s interior gives it nice support. It sits on the head just right; it exceeds the protective factors and proves to be the safest option to wear while riding.

Furthermore, following the helmet’s previous advantage, the helmet’s interior design has extra padding, ensuring that no hot pockets form inside the helmet. And the ventilation factor remains at its peak, no sweating, and you can comfortably ride your motorcycle feeling safe and happy.

One thing the customers love about the LS2 helmet is the chin strap that is so easy to put on and unclip a quick grab and a comfortable choice.

Its durable in both winters and summers; though most people like to ride their bikes in the summer season, some have complained that it does let rainwater in while they ride their bikes in the rainy weather, nothing serious but drawback indeed.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Offers extra protection
  • Has washable padding and a thick lining of foam inside the helmet
  • Allows rainwater in when riding in the rainy weather

A must recommend to your fellows who take riding a bit to non-seriously and don’t take cautionary measures, the helmet provides extra protection and is very safe and easy.

6. Bell Scout Air Helmet

The sixth and final item is the bell scout air helmet, also introduced by the company bell. This also comes in the matte black color and has the standard medium size but comes in all sizes.

This helmet is relatively inexpensive compared to all of the above-introduced helmets, but it’s the best at its job. It’s a standard looking helmet, fit for people of any age or gender. It has a comfier inner build and rests on the head easy also fits nicely.

It is the least uncomfortable helmet out of all the ones mentioned above but provides less protection than the other helmets. It is recommended for more casual use, like riding a bike around town or in the neighborhood around the block; parents can wear it when teaching their children how to ride a bike.

Moreover, it has a strap that keeps the chin in place and clasps the jaw to avoid any damage to the face; it also includes two snap speaks and cheek pads that keep the head and sides of the face relatively protected and secured while riding.

This is a perfect safety gear item to wear on a ride around town to ensure a safe journey. It’s comfortable, the interior is soft and protective, not making the person feel suffocated, but a major drop may lead to a few scratches, if not one around the face area, but the head will be protected.
  • Soft interior
  • Standard wear
  • Easy to get used to
  • Less protective
  • Not ideal for long term usage

This helmet is the perfect lightweight protection gear for any rider that does not like to wear heavy gear. It provides a clean tailored look and protects the forehead along with the sides of the face.

It even provides comfy space to be able to throw on a cool pair of shades and be protected and looking your best all at the same time. So, don’t think about it, buy it and get a taste for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does A Half Helmet Protect Me?

The general purpose of the half helmet is for protection, to protect you while you ride your motorcycles with full joy. These cover the area of the head where the brain sits.

So, in conclusion, the answer to the question is yes, the half helmet does protect you, and the padding inside the helmet saves you from serious injuries, as we know head injuries can cause sudden death.

Q2: How Does One Wear A Motorcycle Half Helmet?

Depending on the type of half helmet you chose, each one clips on differently, some have a nob at the back for adjustment, and some have a clip near the chin area for securing the helmet in place, the most common one is the clip near the chin area, it places the helmet right in its place and makes it comfortable and light on the head.

Q3: Should One Wear A Half Helmet?

If you ride motorcycles and love drifting off into the dark, then yes, you should definitely be wearing a half helmet for your protection.

Moreover, it’s super important if you’re a beginner and are now just getting started with riding. It gives you guaranteed protection near the head area.

Q4: How Tight Should A Half Helmet Be?

On average, it should sit comfortably on your head in a way it doesn’t suffocate you but isn’t falling off either, somewhere in the middle I would suggest, its best to know beforehand your exact size, you can even measure it at home with a measuring tape a rough estimate can help too, but it should give you a secure feeling without being uncomfortable.

Q5: How Do I Know If A Half Helmet Is Too Small?

The standard half helmet size would be medium, but it is highly recommended to check and know your size before purchasing the item online to avoid inconvenience.

To know whether the half helmet of your choice is the right size or not, pick two sizes that fit you relatively fine and then pick the smaller size because that particular size will expand and fit perfectly in the span of a month or just even an of couple wears.

Q6: Are Half Helmets Unsafe?

Quite satisfyingly and undeniably, the answer to this question is “NO!” the half helmets are designed to protect your head and make your riding experience more content.

These helmets are extremely reliable, and 90% of the time do not cause any minor injuries upon small accidents.

They protect the head and surrounding area safely. Riders can free mindedly purchase this item and add it to their rider’s safety gear without any hesitation.


Is half helmet any good? If so then which one is the most reliable

Choosing the best motorcycle half helmet is not easy, but it’s not rocket science either if you love it, you will get it.

Personally, I would recommend the bell pit boss open face motorcycle helmet; it’s the best in the market right now and number one on my list.

While researching, I learned a lot about the right type of half helmet. But while choosing the right type of half helmet, make sure it reaches your level of comfort and durability, as comfort is key even on the road, and I assure you 100% you will not find a better suggestion than this one, so don’t waste any time and get yours right now!

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