6 Best Low Profile Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

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Low profiles helmets are a lot more convenient for anyone looking to be safe but also fun and classy at the same time.

The false idea behind them not being sturdy or uncomfortable is wrong, and I have just the top list prepared for some of the best low profile motorcycle helmets.

These helmets come in all sorts of shapes, colors and with a wide variety of sizes. They are also lightweight with the open face feature.

You can even buy low profile motorcycle helmets in a full-face look. They all serve the same features. Let us discuss it further in the list below.

6 Top Rated Low Profile Motorcycle Helmets Comparisons


GMAX HH-65 Naked Motorcycle Street Half Helmet

GMAX HH-65 Naked Motorcycle Street Half Helmet

Outlaw T70 'Stealth' Advanced DOT Solid Gloss Black Half Motorcycle Helmet Outlaw T70 ‘Stealth’ Advanced DOT Solid Gloss Black Half Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Helmets Unisex-Adult's Solid Scout Air Cruiser Helmet Bell Helmets Unisex-Adult’s Solid Scout Air Cruiser Helmet

Daytona Helmets Novelty Eagle Dull Black Daytona Helmets Novelty Eagle Dull Black


Hot Rides Classic ATV UTV Scooter Beanie Scull Cap Novelty

Hot Rides Classic ATV UTV Scooter Beanie Scull Cap Novelty

Sena CAVALRY-CL-GB-XL Gloss Black X-Large Bluetooth Sena CAVALRY-CL-GB-XL Gloss Black X-Large Bluetooth


1. GMAX HH-65 Naked Motorcycle Street Half Helmet

First up on this fine list is the HH-65 helmet by GMAX. It’s one of the best low-profile motorcycle helmets in the market right now, with some of the most top-notch features, great specs, and overall comfort.

The outer shell of the helmet is made of polystyrene. This material is not only sturdy and durable it also has the effect of lasting a long time, during a sudden unexpected crash, but this one will also stay untouched and still give off the look of being classy and brand new.

You can feel safe while wearing this product. The outer shell provides a good protective factor and will keep your head safe and secure from any injuries. The helmet also comes with proper inner padding and lining. As the helmet is half facing, the neck area is exposed, and so is the front face, but the helmet does not compromise safety one bit.

Another cool feature about this one is how it comes with eyeglasses pre-attached. This way, when you’re driving in sandy, windy, or even rainy weather, you can see the road with the proper vision, which makes this helmet worth the purchase. Both the interior and exterior is made of polystyrene and have a dimension of 5x5x5 inches.

It comes in a single color, matte black with two cool designs, and weighs 1 pound in total. This one is DOT approved, which gives it a legal certificate to be safe and provide security to the driver. The helmet also comes with a quick and removable clip-on and off system perfect for emergencies.

Looking to stay in style and still feel protected and secure, this product is the best. With its top features, great modifications, and amazing quality, you will be 100% safe on the road.

Currently, everyone that has purchased this one has given amazing and top-class ratings. The helmet comes at the top because of its unbearable bond with perfection; it has no drawbacks.
  • Has a sturdy material of top quality
  • Easy to clip on and off
  • Stylish while also protective
  • As of recently, the helmet has no cons

It’s affordable, easy to use, top quality, and overall great features. What more could a customer look for? Don’t waste a single minute and get this helmet for your motorcycle adventures.

2. Outlaw T70 ‘Stealth’ Advanced DOT Solid Gloss Black Half Motorcycle Helmet

Looking for a more different style with a 60s soldier feel, I have the outlaw T70 stealth advance helmet for low profile, providing the rider a stylish, sleek feel with a great on-road experience. The outer shell is made of thermo-polymer alloy, giving the helmet a thick and sturdy feel with a more constructive look.

The inner lining of the helmet is immune to any sweat, the inner padding is built in a way that if you do decide to drive the motorcycle on a hot day with this product, you won’t need to worry about sweating. In contrast, on-road, the helmet provides a sweat-free experience with comfort.

It also has EPS multi-destiny liner, which makes the helmet very protective and strong so that you will be safe during a crash or so. Moreover, this is also another great safety factor that will ensure that the helmet is DOT approved, giving it a very confirming appeal in terms of safety. This design of the helmet is unique.

Moreover, it comes in an all-black classic color look, thick circular round head cap with a more lifted upfront roof that gives it a certain feel. The buckle is also easy to strap on and off. It weighs 1 pound super light and is sturdy with a dimension of 14x10x10 inches. It is glossy and very attractive. You will turn a few heads your way on the road while wearing this helmet.

There are a few complaints about how the helmet has an uneasy fit to certain sizes, the smallest size isn’t that small, and the large size isn’t practical either. Also, the buttons for the visor and shield are far apart, which also gives it an uncomfortable fit.
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and of high style
  • DOT approved
  • The sizing is weird
  • The visor buttons are too far apart hence uncomfortable fitting

If you do end up getting the right size, this product is worth every penny you spend. It has great specs with an amazing finish. You will feel a difference while driving.

3. Bell Helmets Unisex-Adult’s Solid Scout Air Cruiser Helmet

The specs and modification of this helmet make it unique and worth the buy. Bell scout air helmet for low profile is a great pick for everyone who loves the in-air helmet look.

The helmet is super lightweight, the shell of the helmet is made of Tri-Matrix, this material is what makes the helmet lightweight, and it’s very sturdy and provides block coverage to the head you won’t feel a single moment of hurt during a crash making this very secure for the driver.

Furthermore, the helmet is also dot approved, so your security is the number one priority while riding with this product. By the looks, the helmet has a very classy and stern look to it, comes in an all-black matte finish, the straps aren’t too thick and do not make the buckle too uncomfortable, and the helmet also has an inner ear loophole.

Being lightweight, the helmet is very comfortable, so even after a long drive, you won’t feel that your neck is in an uncomfortable strain. The strap is also adjustable, which makes it super convenient. Just like all the low profile helmets, this is also DOT approved, giving it a very secure and legal certification.

It weighs 2.7 pounds with a dimension of 13.07×10.63×8.19 inches. Usually, with half-face helmets, vents aren’t required. The inner padding of this helmet is completely soft and absorbs any level of sweat that forms so you can have a sweat-free driving journey.

Many customers stated that the sizing is always off. Getting an XL fits people who wear large size. Look wise; the helmet also got comments about being bulky and too thick looking on the head. Even though it’s lightweight, it’s huge, which gives it a weird fit.
  • Light in weight
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Comfortable straps
  • Immune to sweating and absorbable
  • Sizing is portrayed wrong
  • Too bulky

If you like a big helmet with a stylish look would high recommend you pick this one, this helmet is very sturdy and affordable, giving it a very comfortable fit. The inner liners are also very absorbent.

4. Daytona Helmets Novelty Eagle Dull Black

This product has a very modern and kingdom-type take, the outer shell of the Daytona helmet is made of polyester, which is, as we discussed, a very lightweight material making the helmet comfortable and hence lightweight.

If your main concern is looking for a low profile helmet, this helmet passes all the criteria 100%, the helmet also has very adjustable straps, so in case of emergencies, the helmet comes in clutch.

As we talked about the exterior, the interior is also lined fully. The inner padding protects your head from the hard outer shell, so on the road, when the path is bumpy or rocky, your head can be fully safe and comfortable. The helmet is also sweat-free. No, it does not have vents but what it does have is absorbent lining giving it a very modern touch.

The helmet is super affordable, which is not something we see in the market every day, popular and cheap. The helmet comes in a casing that keeps it protected while not in use, so you’re getting your money’s worth with this helmet.

It comes in 2 colors of the same criteria, the helmet can also have an additional front roof for some extra style if you don’t like the plain look, and the dimension is different depending on your size.

Even when you’re on the road at a relatively high speed, this product will sit stern and easy on your head, not moving even an inch. The straps are super flexible, so they can be arranged even on the road to loosen or tighten.

The helmet is not DOT certified, and another drawback is that the strap, when adjusted, flaps around in the sir while driving.
  • It comes with a string bag to store away when not in use
  • Super cheap and popular
  • Classy and lightweight
  • Not DOT certified
  • The loose straps, when adjusted, flap in the air

Moreover, if you’re looking for a stylish and easy-to-go affordable helmet for a low profile, this one can fit your preference. I would highly recommend it to everyone for how lightweight and comfortable it is on the road, which honestly is the main concern everyone has while riding a motorcycle.

5. Hot Rides Classic ATV UTV Scooter Beanie Scull Cap Novelty

The hot rides ATV UTV helmet is for when you want to drive freely and more chill, so if you’re looking for a low-profile helmet for a casual on-road driving day, then this will do the job for you.

The helmet has great specs for adjustment. It comes in a size that fits all (unisex), design-wise the helmet has a very bike riding helmet feel, and a quick slip-on strap with a circular half face helmet that has y shaped eye holes.

Such helmets are very carefree they have an open ear and neck era that gives them a very windy fact when riding. Wearing this one, you won’t have to worry about sweating or building up moisture at all.

The helmet has a very open back and front, so on the road; you can feel the wind in your face. The driving experience can be very refreshing with this helmet. Another amazing factor is that it comes with a string bag you can easily store your helmet in it for when you’re not using it.

This ensures that your helmet stays nice, clean, and brand new even when you’re not using it. The OSFM factor of the helmet saves everyone a lot of time. You won’t have to return the helmet multiple times trying to find your right size, saving you the hectic work and effort.

And as far as safety goes, this one provides you a casual, easy day out on your motorcycle, driving through your neighborhood protection, not on-road, off-road protection.

So if you’re looking for a more laid back chill low profile helmet, this one is perfect for you. The outer shell of the helmet is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, this material does provide you enough protection to save your head from any serious injury, but that’s only when the drive isn’t that long and speedy.

It has a dimension of 12.44 x 8.74 x 7.68 inches and weighs around 1.08 Pounds, super lightweight and very comfortable and fits on the head.

The helmet has a bunch of drawbacks as it’s not meant for heavy-duty driving, the inner lining is nonexistent, very thin, and provides no protection whatsoever, the strap attached to the chin is very short, and the quality isn’t that great either.
  • OSFM
  • Lightweight and meant for casual use
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • The inner padding is very thin and does not protect the head
  • The chin strap is also very short
  • Not DOT approved

If you’re looking for a laid back easy helmet with a low profile, this one is perfect for you. It is lightweight and super light, and airy on you will feel the wind on your scalp when you’re driving, giving you a refreshing experience.

6. Sena CAVALRY-CL-GB-XL Gloss Black X-Large Bluetooth

My last pick for this list is for all the modern, high class and comfort lovers who love an all-in-one product. The Sena cavalry Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is one of the best low profile motorcycle helmets in the market right now.

It has the unique feature of a built-in Bluetooth system, making it the most modern and advanced in its field. Just like any other good-quality low profile helmet, this one is also made of fiberglass.

Fiberglass is said to be lightweight, sturdy, and durable, which is perfect for all riders. It comes with a visor which not many low-profile helmets include.

This visor is easily removable, and it’s also aerodynamic, so no matter which way the wind blows, your helmet will stay sturdy and put on your head. The chin strap is a D-ring made of nylon which this also gives the helmet a unique feature as compared to the other low profile helmets.

It has a 4.1 Bluetooth system installed in it, which provides you with quick access to your phone’s volume system. You can easily connect your phone to your helmet and carefreely listen to music on the road.

The helmet comes in seven different sizes, which give you a wide variety to choose from and pick the perfect one for you, the color scheme is solid black, and you can spice it up by getting the glossy version or the matte version.

The helmet also has thick inner padding, so you will be protected from the outer shell to the inner lining. The helmet is on the more pricy sides, but every penny will be worth this helmet. It has a dimension of 11.81×9.84×11.81 inches and weighs in at 3.75 pounds which is a lot heavier than the other helmets mentioned but not as heavy for you.

The helmet requires to be charged fully to provide a long period of use. Even so, it will only last a couple of hours, so if you’re going on a long drive that is not ideal, you can hear music for the first 3 hours and complete silence for the rest of the journey.
  • Fits almost perfectly
  • Very comfortable
  • You can even receive phone calls with your Bluetooth attached to your phone
  • The charging of the helmets lasts for a short period
  • Not ideal for long drives

A great pick for people who like driving and listening to music, this one provides an all-in-one option, is very comfortable, protecting, and has a high-quality finish would highly recommend it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Microdot Helmets DOT Approved?

Yes, microdot helmets are DOT certified, as the name already has the word dot in it gives away that fact quite literally, products being dot approved gives them a sense of being secure and give the buyer a secure feeling of purchasing the item. But not all helmets are DOT approved. Some are meant for more casual use than heavy use.

Q2: What Does A Low-Profile Helmet Mean?

These helmets are to provide a less bulky version of the helmets with little to no padding. Low profile helmets are for everyday casual riding.

You can easily slip these on and go for a quick ride. They are immune to sweating as they are open face helmets. These helmets are not meant for safety but more for the fun and quick, safe ride.

Q3: Are All Motorcycle Helmet Shells The Same Size?

That depends on the company you buy from, actually, but the common answer is no. The sizing depends on the size you choose.

The shell is what’s fixed to fit the shape of your head perfectly. Some are even more thick and bulky than others. This gives them a size-up factor. The shell is resized to fit the buyer’s head.

Q4: How Do I Know My Low-Profile Helmet Size?

You can measure your head before buying. This can be easily done at home by either a measuring tape or taking a long string wrapping it around your head, and measuring the string instead for a more accurate result.

But if you feel this is too rough of a method, you can go down to a helmet shop and see for yourself which size fits you the best.


Find the most reliable shorty motorcycle helmets

So if you’re looking for a low profile helmet with great specs and even better quality, then the above list can be very helpful. I listed out some of the best low profile motorcycle helmets.

If you are on a budget, looking for a high-class and quality helmet, Bluetooth helmet, or whatever your preference might be, chances are this list will cover it all.

I would high recommend HH-65 Helmet. The helmet has great low profile specs, and as we all know, LPH isn’t meant for heavy-duty use, nor do they provide that much protection, but this helmet does all that while being low profile, giving it a very high-class modern look, don’t waste your time and invest in one right now.

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