7 Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

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A helmet must be worn every time you ride a bike. The idea is to protect your face and the head, and it proves to be quite valuable in case of any mishap. The problem is that a few people do not want to cover their faces and heads with a helmet. Well, I have brought a solution for you.

In this article, I am going to list the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmets available in the market. Read the article to find out which one is your best bet currently available in the market and I have done a buying guide for you to make a good decision.

7 Top Rated Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets Comparisons


BELL Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet

BELL Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet

AGV Sportmodular Stripes Helmet AGV Sportmodular Stripes Helmet

Daytona Helmets Carbon Fiber Slim Line Skull Cap Half Shell Helmet Daytona Helmets Carbon Fiber Slim Line Skull Cap Half Shell Helmet

BELL Race Star Flex DLX Helmet BELL Race Star Flex DLX Helmet

LS2 Helmets Arrow Carbon Fury Full Face Motorcycle Helmet LS2 Helmets Arrow Carbon Fury Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Simpson M30DS2 Helmet Simpson M30DS2 Helmet


1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet


1. BELL Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet

Bell Bullitt is a stylish full-face helmet weighing just about 2.8 pounds. The brand provides classic features mixing safety and old charm with comfort and modern attributes. The interior is made up of leather which is washable so that the helmet does not become smelly.

The outer shell is made of strong and sturdy carbon fiber, and this feature makes city riding easy and enjoyable. This product takes a big lead over its competitors due to its amazing quality backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Bell Bullitt comes with contoured cheek pads, and they have been integrated with speaker pockets. They have inspired the first full-face helmet, the Bell star. Now they have brought forward a retro-style product. It has a large range of choices and colors. People find it extremely comfortable half helmet.

There are many options in the shield to further customize the features of the product. It is a high score for safety. This company provides higher scratch resistance for the paint. Its material is stronger and lighter than other helmets. As a result, these products have a high price, higher than any other in the market.

Picking the right helmet is not easy, but this brand is one of the top class. The brand has provided front chin vents with metal mesh, and a deluxe helmet bag is included for extra comfort and convenience. Most companies use plastic as the main material for their product which is not safe or durable, and Bell has used dependable carbon fiber.

Although the helmet is extremely good looking, there is a big drawback: its price, so if you are a retro fan, this helmet will suit you. Also, if paying a bit high price doesn’t matter to you, it’s a great choice.
  • Three-layer carbon shell
  • Great leather interior
  • Speaker pockets
  • The only drawback is its high price

Bell Bullet gives a classic design while combining safety with comfort. It’s a pricey product but offers a stylish retro look. The sun shields are included, and it has an outstanding interior. Its price is high because of its anti-bacterial leather lining. It is available in many sizes.

2. AGV Sportmodular Stripes Helmet

AGV Sportmodular Helmet is another amazing brand that makes solid helmets. They have made it available in red and black color and one large universal size. Whether you ride a bike, a moped, a scooter, or an ATV, this helmet will work for you.

The double color choice gives you a bit of a flare. The helmet is DOT-approved, and it meets all safety standards. The company guarantees impact protection due to chin strap retention and a quick release system. It achieves great performance with the help of extremely lightweight construction as the AGV is one of the lightest carbon fiber helmets.

This incredible product is designed to offer a 190-degree horizontal view with super quietness and aero stability. The ventilation is good, and that’s why it is ideal for long-distance rides. A good feature that AGV offers is that its sun shield is removable easily and without the help of any tools. The colors they provide are black and grey.

Moreover, the AGV is ideal for long rides but is good in the city traffic also. You can communicate without taking the lid off, thanks to the full face shield flip-up system. The company is aware of the issues that many bikes face.

They have used a moisture-absorbing fabric that will reduce sweat and keep your head cool. This is perfect for use in hot weather, and you will not have to worry about taking the helmet off just because it gets too humid. The kit comes with a pin lock system.

The chin bar is difficult to lock when riding, so the company should pay attention to this issue. If the rider uses thick gloves, he may have difficulty operating the helmet, and these problems need to be fixed.
  • Lightweight
  • The vents work well
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Chin bar is hard to operate

Although this product is exceptional in every way, the issue of the locking system must be taken care of. Most of the customers complain about it. This product is extremely lightweight, but it has a difficult-to-operate chin bar. It controls the noise so that you can take your ride without any distractions.

3. Daytona Helmets Carbon Fiber Slim Line Skull Cap Half Shell Helmet

Daytona half helmet gives you an old-fashioned retro look combined with modern amenities like washable and removable inner lining, carbon fiber material, and cooling vents. It is a half–head helmet with great protection features and is designed to keep your head dry and cool even when the weather is hot or humid.

The helmet meets the Dot requirements, so you can be assured of total protection and safety. The manufacturer guarantees impact protection, and the style is good for those who like to wear half-shell style helmets. This helmet is fog-resistant that lets you see in misty or humid weather without blurriness.

The company has set their helmet with speakers, and they also provide cutouts in the liner for placing speakers. They are a leader in the helmet market, and you should go for Daytona if you are looking for different options while not compromising durability and safety.

Most people are fans of Daytona because they find it comfortable with great features and reasonable price but tight-fitting, so if you like a loose-fitting helmet, you should look elsewhere. If you are looking for a half-helmet with a wide range of sizes, then you are in the right place.

Daytona has a large size and color collection to suit all kinds of customers. You can adjust the position of the chin strap to avoid pinching. Daytona has put forward this model, which can easily be called the smallest half-helmet in the world to pass the Dot lab exam. Customers are crazy about this product.

There is a size issue with Daytona that many customers complain about. The company should fix the issue. Buyers complained that the sizing was inaccurate. Otherwise, everything is good about it.
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Good lining material
  • Dot certified
  • Sizes are quite small

Attention must be paid to sizes. If the manufacturer wants to compete with big names like a bell, it should ensure that the products it sends do not have any issues. Although buyers got their refunds, it is still something that should be fixed as soon as possible.

4. BELL Race Star Flex DLX Helmet

One of the Bell‘s most attractive and popular models in shape design and construction. Bell race star helmet has an impact liner with three layers designed to keep track of impact created from high speed. It has a mesh liner on the jaw and chin area.

This feature helps to keep you cool and lets fresh air in, and it also helps to make the product more suitable for intense heat or cold. It has magnetic cheek pads that can be removed and washed. Moreover, this helmet meets Dot and Snell standards. The fabric used absorbs moisture quickly, so you can stay sweat-free during long journeys.

It is also washed-resistant, so you can keep it clean and germ-free at all times. The color options are matte black, glossy black, white, and gold. Although the choice range is not that extensive, it is better than choosing no color at all. The helmet, just like almost all others on this list, is DOT approved. You need all types of protection that is possible when you hit the road on a motorcycle.

Bell is practically a leader in the market, but in this helmet, they are simply outclassed. Like most carbon fiber helmets, you can choose between matte and glossy colors. However, black color is always more attractive than other colors. A back exhaust vent on the top is great, and it brings high-speed airflow towards the back. It is amazingly lightweight with a great fitting.

Finally, the only drawback I could mention here is, if the company wants to be a leader in the market, it has to pay attention to modern gadgets like speakers and Bluetooth systems. Otherwise, this brand is great with impeccable features.
  • Good for cool weather conditions
  • Cheek pads with magnets
  • Good noise control
  • No space left for speakers

Buyers complained that the sizes are difficult to choose from. Some ordered medium and received ones that were too small, and sometimes the opposite was the case. There is a quality control problem in the company that must be fixed as soon as possible. The company should also keep some space for speakers.

5. LS2 Helmets Arrow Carbon Fury Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Another amazing product in the market is LS2 arrow, made up of carbon fiber. Its lining is made of half spandex material and half nylon and has a quick-release visor with a clear shield as well as a tinted one for your riding experience in the sun. The helmet is available in three sizes and four colors only.

They are small, medium, large, but the sizes are universal, so you need not worry about them. I want to tell you that the company has provided a pin lock with the helmet to make it easy for you to handle the chin bar, which is a good option, and they have put forward a face shield with a fog fighter for all types of weather conditions.

The helmet has a removable and washable liner for you to keep fresh all the time. The gear you use must keep you comfortable and safe because safety is always first no matter you go and what kind of helmet you use or even what kind of bike you use. LS2 brand engineers in Spain, the company has managed a top call product suitable for long rides and daily use.

Furthermore, this product has inner linings, all of which are removable. The number of linings is two, so you will certainly not have any complaints about the comfort. The fabric used absorbs moisture quickly, so you can stay perspiration-free during long rides. It is also bacteria-resistant, so you can keep it clean and germ-free at all times.

As I stated, the helmet has been designed to look good, but functionality wise, it is not that good. If you want quietness, then you should check out the other options in this article.
  • Visibility is good
  • Lining is comfortable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Complains of loud noise

This one is a full-face, high-performance model from LS2. The brand has developed the safest and most innovative product in the market. LS2 visors are made with 3D technology and are perfect in every way except loudness. You can get a perfect fit according to your size because of the EPS liner that matches the shape of a human head.

6. Simpson M30DS2 Helmet

Simpson M30 bandit is a great brand in the market with amazing features in the style of Bell. Dot-certified product, made with cutting edge technology, classic design, leaving you focused on your journey. These helmets are lined with a material called cool max to force away from the sweat. This keeps you cool and fresh all the time.

They also have a specialized pivot technology that permits you to stop the visor at any angle you want. This brand is available in all sizes from xsmall to xxlarge for you to make your choice. The brand provides replacement shields also, in tinted as well as clear shade. These helmets are definitely not the coolest ones, but they are full of modern features.

It has a simple look with a lightweight construction with a sleek design of 2.5 pounds. This makes it good for people who enjoy long rides for an hour at a time. This helmet gives you a tight fit at all angles, so it keeps you comfortable regardless of the area you are in. Simpson offers removable cheek pads, but you must wash them regularly to keep you and your helmet free of bacteria.

These also offer a flip-up visor design to give you comfort and style. You get a nice color and anti-scratch technology that is good when you drop your helmet or place it on some rough surface; your color will be intact. It is great for impact-absorbing, which helps in off-road rides like hilly areas or rocky roads.

The brand is great, and its features are also outstanding, but you cannot have many color options. If the Simpsons want to compete in the market with other high-end manufacturers, then it will have to pay attention to its color and size options.
  • Interior lining is washable
  • Good impact resistance
  • DOT Certified
  • Available in black color only

Color-wise, this helmet is not the best option that you can get. The company has used carbon fiber, which is excellent for safety. I would recommend this option only if you want to go for the good features but not a good color collection.

7. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

A great glossy finish, UV-protected helmet from 1storm, made from carbon fiber, is here. It comes in many sizes and brilliant colors for you to choose from. This product is not certified with an attractive and stylish design. Its look is so fashionable that you will like to wear it whenever you go on a ride.

1Storm helmets are very strong and keep you protected in rough conditions, and for this reason, they are big favorites in the helmet market. Whether you take long road journeys or a simple ride to your workplace, you can trust the LS2 helmet.

This stylish helmet offers a flip-up visor with a double lens system made by 1 Storm, making use of ultra-modern technology. The brand offers an inner tinted visor and outer clear shield for a day and night ride experience that is flawless and fearless. The outer shell of the helmet is made of carbon fiber and thermoplastic alloy.

This combination gives the customer high-end dependability, along with great shop resistance. It is extremely lightweight with removable and washable cheek pads to keep the bacteria away. You can customize some of its features, like adjusting the chin strap and the inner lining.

The customer must keep in mind that this helmet is a bit noisy, but if you choose the right size, this loudness can be controlled a bit.

The company needs to pay attention to this issue and fix it as soon as possible because a lot of customers complain about the problem of loudness at high speed and when you ride off-road.

  • 100% ultraviolet rays protection
  • Double color visor
  • A lot of colors to choose from
  • A bit too noisy for a high-class helmet

The company has used low-quality material in the vents. For this reason, the helmet is not able to control noise at high speed and on rough terrains. Otherwise, the product is fine with favorable customer feedback. Go for it if you like different colors and styles. But if you are not a fan of loudness, then choose some other helmet provided in my list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Exactly Is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber or graphite fiber is a lightweight material made of carbon atoms. It’s used to make modern, high-quality helmets with more strength and high chemical resistance along with heat tolerance.

Carbon fiber has low thermal expansion and can cost as little as $7 per pound. When compared to other materials, carbon fiber has great advantages.

Q2: The Making Of Carbon Fiber – How Are They Made?

These are made by weaving carbon thread into a material. The carbon filaments make up the shell of the helmet. It is durable and lightweight and made of polycarbonate, which is used in bulletproof glass.

Q3: How Long Do Carbon Fiber Helmets Last?

It is recommended that you use it within 3 to 5 years of manufacturing, even if your helmet is not damaged much. You need to replace it because the EPS cushioning will degrade over time, decreasing the level of safety it provides. If you drop it many times, its performance will be downgraded.


Find the most popular carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

Choosing the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet is not an easy job. The fact that almost any helmet can be DOT approved makes the choosing process more difficult. You need to search for a product that does not sacrifice in the safety department because that is what helmets are for.

If you want my recommendation, I would 100% recommend the number one product, the Bell Bullit carbon fiber helmet. It has excellent safety and is available in different options. Moreover, if you want style, then this product is for you. You should think more about safety because the style won’t help if there is an unfortunate incident.

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